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Owner Info for (813) 899-1569

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Name: Ricardo Lopez
##### SW 108th Street Cir
Miami, FL 33186

##### N Sw 108 St
Miami, FL 33186

Name: Joseph E Noel
##### Palmettorun Cir
Lithia, FL 33547

#### E Grand Reserve Cir
Clearwater, FL 33759

Name: John A Arevalo
##### Barnaby Ln
Zephyrhills, FL 33543

##### Barnaby Ln
Zephyrhills, FL 33543

(813) 899-**** Phone Numbers

Near Tampa, FL
Issued by Verizon Florida Inc.

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 1994.

While 8138991569 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (813) 899-1569 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 34% of people reported it as "Unknown". You are the 140th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 126 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "L and J Bay Area, L J Bay Area".

User Complaints for 813-899-1569

Caller name: L&J Bay Area Holdings, Inc.

Have you been getting unwanted and harrassing calls from 813-899-1569? Be aware that there system is set up to verify your phone number. When you call back you are prompted to leave a message to be removed from their call list. This verifies your number as active! They then sell your number to other companies or telemarkers who hope to gain your business. Consider that Network Marketing (MLM), and work from home businesses are big these days. Everyone is trying to sell time shares, candles, coins, gold, silver, health supplements, etc. Be aware that these MLM are set up to on personal interactions... cold calling. Now there are many businesses like this that profile you and sell your info to people and business in an attempt to funnel customers to them and one that are interested in those products or serivces.

Let me help you all out as I work for a state agency. The company that has called me and is also harrassing you is...

(Source: Florida Secretary of State)
Detail by Entity Name
Florida Profit Corporation
Filing Information
Document Number P05000039967
FEI/EIN Number 542169743
Date Filed 03/08/2005 (this is the date the business filed to be incorporated)
State FL
Event Date Filed 05/12/2008
Event Effective Date NONE

Principal Address (Current Business Address)
9640 N 56TH ST
Changed 04/27/2009

Mailing Address (Current)
9640 N 56TH ST
Changed 04/27/2009

Registered Agent Name & Address
(The above address was Mr. Edward Denent's apartment address when he filed back in 2005. This is NOT his current address!)

Officer/Director Detail
Name & Address
Title PT (President & Treasurer)

Annual Reports
Report Year Filed Date
2009 04/27/2009
2010 04/22/2010
2011 04/22/2011

Now how do you go about finding out about a company? Well it is easy today with computers and the internet! Simply Google the number or if you have any info on the company then that's all you need! Next you need to Google or look up this company and find out what state they are in... if you don't already know. Once you have that, then search that state's Secretary of State (S.O.S.) website. Next you will find a place where you can search for business names, incorporation filings and such. Then click on it and there you go! Be aware that each state's site and info shown maybe different.

Okay so now you have all of this info at your finger tips and IT IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE... so what do you do with it? Good question! You have many options. You can write the company or principle agent a Cease and Desist letter and send it Certified Mail! This is imporant as you want a record! You can also file complaints with the BBB, the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communication Commission, as well as the Attorney General's office for each state they operate in as well as your home state. You can also contact you local public Prosecutor and have them write a letter to the person(s) or company. Or you can take the info and have a your attorney write them a Cease and Desist letter. If they fail to comply, then sue them!

Don't be sue happy people! When people go over board with legal suits like in the medical field for example, then courts put "caps" or limits on what you are able to obtain. That really hurts those who have a real claim.

Okay, so there you go people! Don't just leave a complaint here that blah blah blah company is calling and harrassing you! TAKE THE NEXT STEP... file complaints on them. When I file a complaint against a company, I flood them. I post their info here as I have doen here and them I file complaints with Angies List, the BBB, FTC, FCC, Attorney General, Chamber of Commerce. When you have lots of people do this, you get action real quick!

I hope this helps everyone!

- Mr. Consumer Protection

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[Reply] October 21, 2011

Caller name: L & J

There was another company that used to call and I dug into it and found Mr. Dement's name AND his his home phone. I called and left messages and once spoke wioth his daughter. I was reasonable and until now had not heard from them since. Now whedre did I put that number?

- Keith

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[Reply] March 23, 2012

Mr. Consumer protection that was an excellent post! Thank you!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] November 8, 2011

Caller name: Edward Dement

- Kelly

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[Reply] March 27, 2012

Caller name: hang up

calls and hangs up. When I call, line busy.
I am on a do not call list both cell and land line.

- allen chernack

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[Reply] March 29, 2012

Called my cellphone number but I did not answer because I don't answer calls I don't recognize. Caller did not leave a message. When I called back from a different number, they did not answer.

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] June 12, 2012

Have received several calls from thin number in the last three weeks. No message is left and when I return the call no one answers.

- John Gill

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[Reply] September 27, 2011
In response to: Jill Freeman

Caller name: Mr. consumer protection

Thank you for taking the time to enter your info, I don't know about anyone else, but because of these calls, I no longer answer the phone, my machine does, we can put a sign on our property that states "NO SOLICITORS" and they have to stay away or face trespass citations, but with the phone you are put on the "DO NOT CALL LIST" and still they call, I guess my next step is to go sat phone or no phone!!

- dave in Texas
United States

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[Reply] January 23, 2012

Caller name: L&J Bay Area Holdings

Repeated calls going on for months. Caller hangs up when call is answered. Very Annoying. They can't be reached to request Cease and Desist

- James Stewart

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[Reply] March 22, 2012
In response to: Mimi

Edward L Dement
(727) 797-3343

1822 Albright Dr

Clearwater, FL 33765-1401

- Devin

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[Reply] June 21, 2012

Caller name: ??

Being that we are on the DNC Registry, I figured I would start reporting all these annoying fools.

- CJ

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[Reply] August 15, 2012

First time we've received a call from this number.

They called our office asking for my boss. The caller ID name and number made it appear legitimate so I picked up. As soon as I said my boss wasn't in and asked her to leave a message...the woman just stopped talking.

Incredibly rude.

- May

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[Reply] August 22, 2012

this number called me during diner time - which from the get go is a bad start. Then they started to ask me who handles my investment porfolio. When I asked where they got my number from, the caller hang up. I called back and the line was busy. This is definitely a fraud of some sort

- Anonymous

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[Reply] September 21, 2011

Caller name: L&J Bay Area

Calls every day, sometimes twice a day, on my business line. I never pick up and they never leave a message. They're relentless. How many times do they have to get a machine before they give up?

- RonJ

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[Reply] July 17, 2012

don't call again

- Anonymous

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[Reply] May 16, 2013

Caller name: LJ Bay Area

This number continues to call my phone over and over at all time of the day.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 10, 2014

Caller name: L & J

Been receiving calls @ least twice a week from this number. All of my numbers are on the National do-not-call list. Thanks to the responses on this site, I found the home number of the person responsible.

Edward L Dement (727) 797-3343
1822 Albright Dr Clearwater,
FL 33765-1401

When I called to speak with Mr. Dement, he was extremely rude and told me that I didn't know the laws and that he could call whomever he wanted.

We should ALL call him and harass him BACK!!!

- Joe

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[Reply] September 27, 2012

One of the best things I've ever done is convert our home number to Google Voice, which allows you to block an *unlimited* quantity of numbers. Now when we receive a call like this from an unknown number (which goes straight to voice mail unless they identify themselves), we mark the number as blocked. If they call again, they will get that phone-company-ish "The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is no longer in service" message. Forever. We now have no fear of giving our "home" number out, as only our known contacts are going to reach us. You can also set up calling rules, so that incoming calls do custom things, depending on who's calling. I love it.

It is sad that other phone providers (such as Comcast digital voice, which we used to have) don't let you block an *unlimited* quantity of numbers. We live in the 21st century for crying out loud.

- Jim

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[Reply] July 28, 2012

I just called "(813) 985-3783" as that was the listed number of the person associated with this corporation. He picked up the phone and I asked him how he was doing. He said good! I asked if I could help him? He was confused. I then went on to explain that his corporation calls me daily and hangs up. His reply was that He doesn't take calls in the evening and that I should call the office phone number. I then explained to him that I just received a call from his office 10 minutes ago and it is now 6:20pm here. He ended the phone call. How rude!! I do believe I will make this into a speed dial number.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] October 17, 2012

Caller name: L and J Bay Area Holding

Third call I received from this number/company. No one is there when I answer the phone. They are a royal pain in the butt. Don't know who they are and don't have any business dealings with them. Want to know what ever happened to the NO CALL LIST. This company and many more like them are a nuisance and I don't want to be bothered by them any more. Want them to LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] March 12, 2014

They have called my cell phone once per week for the last 5 weeks. But since my cell phone is calls are handled by Google Voice, I didn't even know about it until I checked the "phone spam" folder on Google. Apparently Google is already routing these to spam for me. Sweet!

- Phil
North Carolina

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[Reply] June 15, 2012

I got this loser on the phone this evening after receiving repeated harassing phone calls and advised him to cease and desist contacting my my number, trolling and harassing me.

As 2-25-2013 the below contact number is the correct number for Edward L Dement. Take action do not let the harassment continued.

Edward L Dement (727) 797-3343 1822 Albright Dr Clearwater, FL 33765-1401
Read more at http://www.callercenter.com/813-899-1569.html#HXva2KuVy2V5yoO6.99

- Pissed off consumer

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[Reply] February 26, 2013


Heres a link to Edward Dements House!!!!!! no Joke!

call his number too: (727) 797-3343

not sure if thats still his number but that is his house

- Anonymous

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[Reply] November 2, 2012

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