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Owner Info for 805-760-8588

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Caller ID for (805) 760-8588:


(805) 760-**** Phone Numbers

Near Oxnard, California
Issued by At&t Local

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2001.

While 8057608588 was originally issued with the info above, the owner of the phone number (805) 760-8588 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

User Complaints for (805) 760-8588

Caller type: Unknown

Oh yea...still a w***e.
Still a disgusting tramp.
You can find her now on secret-love.com
Or City Vibe or mall rat

Last seen in San Diego...

Ugly a*s c**t

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   November 29, 2015

Caller type: Unknown

Guess the w***e got.a new number..thinking that will erase her diseased and vile lifestyle..authorities have it.and they know her whereabouts.
Hope the stupid b***h burns in h**l
Ugly a*s loser

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply]   February 28, 2015

Caller type: Unknown

Such a gross pig.
Why would anyone touch this let alone PAY for it.
She will pay the consequences of her sins.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   December 12, 2014

Caller name: Prostitute

Caller type: Unknown

Probably out turning tricks.

- Benjamin

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[Reply]   October 28, 2014

Caller type: Unknown

Pretty sure this is the Prostitue who's name is Nancy L Hill aka Christie Aka Avalon aka walking std.

This is no longer her number but she is easily found..and easier even to s***w apparently. Used up really..but what else can she do? Her place burned down around the corner. Over a year ago. Good. Well deserved. White trash.

A 60 year old w***e?
That charges money?
Honey, with thAt obviously used up t**t, you will have to pay them!

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   May 24, 2019

Caller type: Unknown


That may very well be true what you wrote but this person who had this number is not trustworthy. It doesn't surprise me if she has caused major pain for many people. She has for years. A sixty yr old hooker? Please!

She claims to be a feminist. There is nothing about selling yourself to perform a B******b and a quick s***w and calls it healing.that yells FEMINIST. It yells filth where I hail from.

The woman needs help. Lots of it.

- Madeline

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[Reply]   December 1, 2018

Caller type: Unknown

All that was written above seems to me to be true. To this day this pathetic woman is still trying desperately to sell her body.

No takers.

Really used goods is what he said.

So very sad

- MJ

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[Reply]   September 20, 2018

Caller name: Christie

Caller type: Unknown

Very very sad story all the way around. These "women" have no idea the kind of turmoil and pain and despair they leave in their wake. I can't for a moment think they couldn't because that would make them monsters.

But aren't people who perpetuate and condone the buying and selling of flesh and cheap tawdry s*x monsters? Call it what you want. You can put a dress on a pig.
It's STILL.a pig!

It's still prostitution .
And still illegal.
And still morally and spiritually bankrupt.

Pray for these cold black hearts.

And shame on them and all like them.

If they only experienced half the pain they bring about,they would surely straighten up and fly right.


- Lilly

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[Reply]   July 4, 2018

Caller type: Unknown

All the above comments on this person above is the result of a woman suffering from PTSD and has been for a number of years.
She has had to seek help for the residual effects certain actions have affected her. As a matter of fact, she is not responsible for all these comments and wants to make it clear that it will not happen again. She has been suffering for a long long time..and still gets triggered..but with help it's getting better. Just FYI.

- Chandra

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[Reply]   December 4, 2017

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