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Phone number: 800-935-0714 The number is a Toll Free number

Around 72% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 9th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 18 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Johnny, Eric Rosen and Tyson watson"

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This is the number I was given to call back for HelpTech 24/7, a software operating company that deals with Windows Operating System. He claimed that when the computer was online and sending emails, it was downloading viruses / files unknown to the user.

The caller was identified as Dean Jones
Reported 3rd, Sep. 2013.

Took through a number of activities on PC that eventually noted a number of Administrative Events (errors and warnings). Then wanted access to system to learn more and let me know how to stop errors. Before granting access, I checked with GeekSquad who indicated the serices of command taken through generated what appeared to be the errors and this was part of a scam to get access to PC. Glad I called.

The caller was identified as Paul Walker
Reported 6th, Sep. 2013.

Received a call that my email had shown alerts to unwanted access. Wanted me to go through computer with him while on phone to detect problems. The man had an Indian (Middle East) accent but stated his name was Donald Bowman??? I told him I wanted to know what company he worked for and that I was busy and would have to call back later. He gave me the 1-800-935-0714 number. I did not call back thinking it was a scam!!

The caller was identified as Donald Bowman
Reported 7th, Sep. 2013.

Got call from someone who said he was with Windows, and noticed many errors and virus's on my computer. Said he would work with me on the phone and make sure everything was alrignt. I asked for call back # 800-935-0714 ID 121I told him I would call him back. I called my local ISP and informed them what was happening, they assured me that it was a scam. Gave them # on caller ID and call back #, I did not call them back, I have enough bad luck, don't need anymore. Next time I will call the FCC or Attorney Generals Office and make a complaint, not so sure I wont do it anyway.

The caller was identified as Donald
Reported 18th, Sep. 2013.

Wants to be allowed to have control of my computer from his location . . . yeah . . . that's gonna happen.

The caller was identified as HelpTech24/7
Reported 20th, Sep. 2013.

Received a call that something was wrong with my computer. Caller said when I sent email it was picking up bad stuff & loading it in my computer. If you get a call from this number 88-935-0714 DO NOT give him access to your computer. THIS IS A SCAMN!!!!!!!

The caller was identified as Talked with a accent
Reported 25th, Sep. 2013.

Hello, I just received a phone call that came up as Private Caller. I was informed that there are unsecure programs on my computer that are affecting its performance and they could help fix that. First was a woman who then handed the phone to her supervisor, he accused me of speaking to him as a kid because I was suspicious of this call and that he was asking me to perform commands on my computer.

I know in my gut this is a scam, but it still freaked me out.

The caller was identified as Steve Gordon, Indian Accent
Reported 26th, Sep. 2013.

Mike from Help Tech wants too much information and can barely speak English. RUN!

The caller was identified as Mike
Reported 1st, Oct. 2013.

This is the number I was given to call back for HelpTech. He claimed that damaging files from Microsoft had been downloaded to my computer. Very hard to understand because of accent. Caller ID displayed Private Number/Private Name. Also reported to National Do Not Call Registry.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 18th, Oct. 2013.

how do we stop these people? could they have done something to my computer if i refused to click "allow" for them to continue?

The caller was identified as Rick Knight
Reported 29th, Nov. 2013.

My sister got talked into purchasing this service. When she told me about it I knew it was a scam. I called stating the fact that my sister knows nothing about computers and they scammed her into the service and I want to cancel it. He stated that you can only cancel if there is a problem with your computer that they can not fix. Proof would have to be for them to connect to your coputer and not be able to fix an issue. Does anyone know the legal procedures to follow to get her money back?

The caller was identified as Alex
Reported 18th, Dec. 2013.

Recieved a call from Helptech 247 (as he told) on the 6th of December 2013. Voice and accent of the man (DONALD BOWMAN) was too polite. It seemed to be genuine, the man had an american accent and was calling from New York(as my caller id implied) and everything he explained about my computer was almost true. He also told that it involves in monetary terms when i asked how to sort out the problems which he helped me to check. Told him that i will call back.

Is Helptech 247 a scam?

The caller was identified as Donald Bowman
Reported 2nd, Jan. 2014.
received call

My elderly mother-in-law received a call from this number 1-800-935-0714. The caller identified himself as Patrick Sanders and asked my mother-in-law for information from her computer. When I called back the number (*67 first), they answered "Health Tech." Apparently they were trying to sell her service for her computer.

The caller was identified as Patrick Sanders
Reported 18th, Jan. 2014.
Lloyd Sober

Yes I fell for for the scam.
Called the # 800-935-0714 they said leave a message.
I am going to dispute the charge on my credit card.

The caller was identified as Mark Nelson #1369
Reported 27th, Jan. 2014.

got a call from this guy that had such a heavy accent I couldn't understand him. From reading other posts I now understand he was saying he was from "Help.... 24/7" He wanted me to turn my pc on and go to MS Management Console. Said they are the "IT Dept" for Windows operating systems. Said their headquarters were in Las Vegas, S. Cimmaron Rd. I talked to 2 guys. They both had strong Indian accents. "A local technician cannot help." He was going to help me fix my pc which was in danger of losing data. My pc had been sending errors and warnings. I kept them on the line 10 minutes or so. We finally got disconnected. Is there something we can do to catch these guys?

The caller was identified as reported as Sam Kiger
Reported 31st, Jan. 2014.
Anne Onyomous

Got a call for the same reasons mentioned above. Guy said his name was John Harvey and he was from Help Tech 24/7. I asked if I could call him back and he hung up.

The caller was identified as John Harvey
Reported 3rd, Feb. 2014.

talked to two India speaking guys about how my computer was getting a lot of errors from unwarranted downloads from the internet and would ruin my pc . He got into my computer to show me the errors. Once he asked for money to clean up my computer I told him no. He immediately exited my pc and said he'd call back later. I won't speak to them again. Hope he didn't s***w up my computer doing this.so. definitely a scam.

The caller was identified as Eric Rosen and Tyson watson
Reported 11th, Feb. 2014.

They'd called me before, sometime last year, February. This time I fooled them, I TOLD THEM I DIDN'T HAVE A COMPUTER. SO THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS, "I DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER", AND THEY'LL GO AWAY. HA HA FIXED THEM BY GOSH!!!

The caller was identified as Johnny
Reported 15th, May. 2015.
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