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Phone number: 800-921-6800 The number is a Toll Free number

Around 46% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 7th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 13 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "numsvc.com, 18007462936"

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I never signed up to receive any text messages from this number, yet I already received 4 and a 10 $ charge appeared on my phone bill!

Reported 23rd, Jun. 2011.

Today, 12:25PM I received a recorded call from this number. It intructed me to text " Y" to the following SMS recipient : 25434. I did, what's next?

Reported 23rd, Jun. 2011.
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Today, 12:25PM I received a recorded call from this number. It intructed me to text " Y" to the following SMS recipient : 25434. I did, what's next?

by sending them " Y " you agree to their services ( Y = Yes ). I know they never explained that on their recorded messaged, but that's how they proceed and have been doing so for more than 3 years. What you need to do is text them the word
"STOP" to no longer receive their junk messages and contact your telephone provider to explain the situation, and see if you can be refunded for their charges ( which will be applied, have no doubt)

Reported 23rd, Jun. 2011.

d**n scammers

Reported 23rd, Jun. 2011.

i dont understand how this is legal. This is pure fraud! Reporting them to the Fcc. right now.

Reported 23rd, Jun. 2011.

This is the "locator service" directory assistance. They sent me a text message urging me to renew the service, although I never subsribed to it to begin with. I will be getting in touch with my cellphone provider monday morning to make sure these maggots haven't charged me since I did reply to their message initially before I googled it and came to this website. Im afraid that was enough for them to charge me

Reported 26th, Jun. 2011.

Theyn sent me a text that said they would renew my account. I never order this service.

The caller was identified as numsvc
Reported 8th, Sep. 2011.

This text is what I receive: "The # Info Svc will renew tomorrow. $9.99/month Msg&data rates may apply Send STOP to cancel the service. Support? www,numsvc.com"

I have never nor never will need this service nor will anyone else. I have att for all my phone services. This is a total lie and scam. I am calling att to block these criminals. They should be stopped and charged by the government for all the fraud and theft they are doing.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 15th, Oct. 2011.

Ditto on all complaints above. I am also going to report them to AT&T and will demand a refund. I am sick of scammers like this. Does anyone know how to block ph numbers and mrkt'g ads for AT&T iPhone 4's? Thx.

Reported 15th, Mar. 2012.

Sent me a text message and said I was signed up for a $9.99/ month service. it told me if I did not want to service to reply with stop I replied with stop and it said it was unable to send the text message. I don't know yet if I am going to get a bill yet or not I cant seem to get out of the service.

Reported 20th, Apr. 2012.
dacron williams


The caller was identified as 18007462936
Reported 30th, May. 2012.

Hvae been renewed? Never signed up!!!! This kind of s**+* has to stop!!!!!

The caller was identified as numsvc.com
Reported 2nd, Jun. 2012.

How is it they can get away with charging $10 month to peoples!! Never signed up for anything! Tried texting stop and it did not work!

Reported 24th, Sep. 2012.
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