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Phone number: 800-725-6518 The number is a Toll Free number

Around 76% of people reported it as "Collection Agency".
You are the 11th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 13 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "erc, kerc "

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Continually getting calls about a Charles Onea have no idea who this person is and would like the phone calls to stop. The phone calls about this Charles Onea started about three years ago and then stop after 2 year and now they have started again.

Reported 8th, Jan. 2014.
Vancouver Man

Enhanced Recovery with website KERC.com called and referenced a number to use when contacting them. No reference name mentioned in message but message said to delete if not you???? I'd rather not connect to a website and get some kind of "spyware" download on my computer. Like others, I'll wait until I get something "official" in the mail. At least, that provides a record to follow up on and maybe even references a real name.

The caller was identified as Enhanced Recovery (A Debt Collector Service)
Reported 19th, Feb. 2014.


There are a lot of comments on Google saying this is a scam. Several complaints for a debt being one amount, then calling the next day with a different amount.

The caller was identified as None Given
Reported 25th, Mar. 2014.

This number keeps calling and leaving messages about a debt they need to collect. They reference claim # 75010215. We have only had this phone number a little over a month, so it must have been reassigned to us after the people the agency is looking for canceled use of this phone number. VERY ANNOYING!!!

Reported 31st, Mar. 2014.

keeps calling me for someone that once had my same phone number, have told them every time that this number is not thiers and to stop calling. they call once or twice every day.

The caller was identified as unlnown
Reported 25th, Apr. 2014.

They call me all the time asking for someone named Michael Barto so I call back they say my number is not on file that time not going to receive calls from them then a few days later I get the same call. I've had the same number for 10 years without any problems like this until a few months ago. The guy I talked to said his name was Tim Ash.

The caller was identified as Enhanced Recovery Company
Reported 5th, May. 2014.

Calls leaves no message

The caller was identified as Calls no message
Reported 8th, May. 2014.

Message to kerc: if you would put the name you are looking for in google with the city involved, you could read the ladies obituary.
the number they are calling from comes up "no number rcvd, private caller".on my caller id. In other words they are saying, we can bug you, but don't call us back at this number. And they don't give you time to get a pencil and jot down the numbers they are rattling off so you can get them off your back. The party 123they are asking for has been dead over two years.

The caller was identified as kerc
Reported 23rd, Jun. 2014.
natsu kitana

Stop f@$& calling me you call me 1more time I'm calling the police and put a warrent out and have you locked up every one all yall from the collection agency :)

The caller was identified as kerc
Reported 30th, Aug. 2014.
gray lucy happy laxus

Stop calling no wants to hear your bull$&*@ I'm so sick of it leave me The h**l alone it I'm going go get a warrent to

The caller was identified as kerc
Reported 30th, Aug. 2014.

They don't say who they are looking for just give you a reference number to call them back. They should tell you who they are looking for! I looked up on my credit report and there is nothing outstanding for me to worry about. So these phone calls are stupid.

Reported 14th, Jan. 2015.
they like drop in visitors!

Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC
8014 Bayberry Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(800) 942-0015

anyone up for a road trip?

The caller was identified as erc
Reported 7th, Dec. 2015.

Continually call me for a credit card debt. I have not had a credit card in 20 years! Just another con artist trying to steal your money.
Seems to be the fastest growing "profession" on the planet. Scary.

Reported 30th, Dec. 2015.
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