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Phone number: 800-644-9064 The number is a Toll Free number

Around 46% of people reported it as "Unknown".
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Latest people reported the number as that of "Unavailable, Unknown name"

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They have called me up to 6 times a day saying they are exempt from any "Do Not Call" regulations

The caller was identified as Wash DC Poller
Reported 10th, Mar. 2012.
f**k OFF


The caller was identified as WILL BE DEAD SOON
Reported 13th, Apr. 2012.

Call late hours & noone is there

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 17th, Apr. 2012.
Reported 8th, May. 2012.
Paul Hastings Law Firm

Caller from this number leaves a voicemail with dead air...occurs often and needs to stop

The caller was identified as Paul Hastings
Reported 10th, May. 2012.

this numbers calls constantly ; very annoying . i think it is a conservative political group called presidential something or another.

The caller was identified as na
Reported 15th, Jun. 2012.

This number calls me, and leaves a blank message mostly in the evening. I answered it once and then it started calling me several time a day.

Reported 30th, Jun. 2012.

They have been calling 3 or 4 times every day now asking for a MALE VOTER over the age of ID. EACH and every time, I request my number be removed but I am still getting these calls. By the 4th call, I asked nicely if I can have my number removed and the kid on the other end said MAYBE and hung up. Now this is harassment.

Reported 24th, Jul. 2012.

When u answer the caller says nothing...they call multiple times a day in spite of our being on the do not call list. If I do not pick up the phone, no voice mail message is left. They also call late at night, i.e. sometimes after 10 PM EST. Please make them stop

The caller was identified as Unidentified
Reported 6th, Aug. 2012.

This number calls my unlisted CELL phone number and doesn't leave a message. This is the second rather late phone call I have received from this number.

Reported 8th, Aug. 2012.

Just got a call from these a******s at 9:00 p.m., sounded like dead air on the other end of the line and when I repeatedly asked for someone to respond I heard nothing then they hung up. Who are these piece of s**t a******s and how can we bring a class action lawsuit against them when we find out who they are?

The caller was identified as none
Reported 9th, Aug. 2012.

This number "800-644-9064" amd "800-251-5850" are the same company. They won't take calls back on either number, you just get a recording saying that they are conducting surveys, etc. They have a real nerve saying to you, when we call and bother you again, you can tell us to remove your number at that time. This should NOT be allowed by Law. They even have a nerve to tell you that they are not governed by any one, etc. The have called here 9 times in the past 48 hours, even at 9:00pm at night. I am now in the process of contacting our Attorney General, and our State Senator. THIS HAS TO STOP. As far as we are concered, this now comes under the heading of "Crimial Harressment", period.

The caller was identified as Unknown Won't Tell You
Reported 10th, Aug. 2012.

This number is a pest, just ring, ring, ring. Never a voice mail. a******s. I'm on do not call register. How did get my cell number to robo-call. This has to stop. If it is political you automatically will get a NO VOTE from me.

Reported 14th, Aug. 2012.

I believe they got my number from my union hall as those are the only calls I get at home, and i am unlisted.

Reported 16th, Aug. 2012.

They called and asked for me personally. We hung up and I called back and it was a recording for a marketing company.

Reported 22nd, Aug. 2012.

keeps calling. no message

The caller was identified as unk
Reported 25th, Aug. 2012.

Called several times and always hang up when answering machine comes on.

Reported 30th, Aug. 2012.

I am sure these calls will stop once the election is over with. Most of the time it is dead air when I answered but a few times someone was actually on the line. Asked my age and if I am a registered voter then proceeded to ask me questions about the upcoming election and if our Pres is doing a good job etc..She did not like my answer and hung up on me.

Reported 6th, Sep. 2012.

These people never give up . call any hour any day.I am on the no call list but i still all kinds of political and marketing and credit card. unwanted calls

The caller was identified as 800 644 964
Reported 8th, Sep. 2012.

They called after 9 pm. They said they were Calmar conducting a political survey. When I tried to get info about them (i.e., why have the called me multiple times today?) the person on the phone did not have any answers and his responses became very vague. They could not answer, for example, how they got my number. They also immediately decided I wasn't who they wanted to survey. I am not sure if this is because I said I am a Democrat or because the whole thing is a scam.

The caller was identified as Calmar
Reported 12th, Sep. 2012.

I just got this telephone call. It could be a political call but most political calls ask for donations so it smells like a scam to me.

Reported 25th, Sep. 2012.
James Beal

Have received these dozens of times, I tell them to STOP wrong number etc... Its harrassment when I tell them to stop 3 times...hope to be prosecuting as we speak.

The caller was identified as political marketing
Reported 25th, Sep. 2012.
Kevan Pratt

This number has called 6 times today alone, 4 times yesterday evening. Calls come anywhere from 6am to 10:30pm. Is there anything that can be done to block or bring charges against them?

Reported 2nd, Oct. 2012.
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