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Around 57% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 11th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 7 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "jennifer from Caribbean Cruise Line".

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James called me from Heartland Communications Inc. congratulating me on winning a free cruise. The catch is that I gotta pay for food on the cruise- which comes at an astronomical price. " Free" is a rather scammer way to put it. Don't get think this is a good deal, cause its not!

- Samantha

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[Reply] October 28, 2011

I told him to f**k this self

- Garcia

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[Reply] January 23, 2014

I got a call from a female and I didn't hear her name on my voicemail, but she said she was calling from Caribbean Cruise. Her message just sounds like a scam. I wouldn't even want to go on Caribbean Cruise for $500.

- Christie

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[Reply] July 9, 2013

cruis line

- Anonymous

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[Reply] October 1, 2014

Caller name: jennifer from Caribbean Cruise Line

I receive about 6 calls a week . The call stems from 800-529-9866 and it is usually a different person......each time saying I won a cruise and to call back at 800-619-0592 OR to "push #1" to discontinue the calls. I have done neither but sure is annoying!

- Gary

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[Reply] February 16, 2014

This was the most hurtful, condescending conversation I've EVER had with a stranger. Diagnosed with a life-threatening illness 3 years ago & treatment basically leaving me incapable of living my normal, once-active life I was left w/plenty time to think about stuff (even about the strangers who never stop calling calling calling calling my private# to share the exciting news of my FREE CRUISE!!...) While bedridden I began to have a bit of empathy for the strangers on the opposite side of my phone excitedly sharing the news of my big WINS:) cruises, all inclusive resorts, timeshares... Amazing all the opportunities I won while fighting cancer!! But while sick, I realized some people have no other way to put food on their table and these people are just doing their job. Irritating? Yes. Do I like it? No. Their dream? Doubtful. (nor do I judge how anyone chooses to react when their#'s passed around w/out permission.Anyhow, Ive tried harder to be nice, explain my health crisis, and six-figure $$(give or take a $ w/a big fat NEGATIVE in the front) yadayada, & listen amused as they squeal w/delight &inform me "Today your luck is changing, how does that work for you? sound good!?!" Today a lady called from Carnival Caribbean Cruise (800) 619-0592 SUPER nice lady, I respectfully cut her off to not waste her time, I wasn't interested. She then asked that she be allowed to finish, I obliged. I then told her again "no thank you, not to mention the port is 26 hours drive time away from me." She then became hateful, condescending,mean, verrrrrrrry hurtful informing me "HER JOB DID NOT ENTAIL MOVING THE PORT TO OKLAHOMA TO MAKE IT MORE CONVENIENT FOR ME JUST BECAUSE OF MY ISSUES", I reminded her that if politely declined and she'd insisted on finishing her script. After reiterating I had "WASTED HER TIME, SHE HAD THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WAITING", she hung up on me.

Just wish the "BIG" top cruise CEO gave a c**p.Thank God I want trapped in a boat with this despicable person!!!Now I'm on a mission to put my story out there thru every avenue possible. I've never written a formal complaint, but It was the most disturbing, hurtful thing to have someone intrude into my life in that way.

- Angela

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[Reply] October 21, 2015

I Recieved Maybe 5 or 6 Calls Saying I WON a Cruise to The Bahamas that I Entered on the Internet, I Have been out of Town for the Past Month, Pulling this Phone # is Saying it is Carribean Cruise Lines, And alot about this Being a Scam and or Fraud. So What is True Scam or Cruise Line Saying I WON a Free Cruise, If True Won Cruise what Would My Amount of Money Needed for Cruise and When We Get to the Bahamas We do Stay on Ship or do We Stay at a Hotel on the Island. Send a E Mail Answering My If,s, Please. Thank You Pete

- Peter R Mazzeo

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[Reply] August 29, 2015

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