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Phone number: 800-355-5265 The number is a Toll Free number

Around 27% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 28th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 109 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Chase Fraud Department, CHASE"

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received a text message telling me to call this number because there seems to be a problem with my credit card. At first I was alarmed so I did that , only to find out that it was some criminal gang pretending to be my bank and trying to scare me into giving my CC # over the phone. I hang up right away and blocked the number from calling me back if ever..

Reported 10th, Mar. 2012.

The professional sounding recording claimed to be "Chase Debit Card Fraud Prevention" and I received a text which knew the exact amount I spent and where the day before. This was also my last debit charge. I called the Chase number given on my debit card, and they said this was a scam call. The scammer knew my name, address, work, home and cell numbers. What is going on? I went by my bank on the way home and they issued me a new debit card, they thought the scam was linked to my card and not my actual bank account, but they advised me to be diligent watching my account for unauthorized activity.

Reported 19th, Apr. 2012.
Veronica in NYC

I have received several calls from this number asking questions about my Chase account via an automated recording. I hung up and called Chase and they told me it was not them. I googled the number and A LOT of people have been getting similar calls from this number. Be careful!

The caller was identified as Chase Fraud
Reported 15th, May. 2012.

Received a text message asking if I had made a purchased which I did but found it strange so I google the number and now I see is a scam.

Reported 14th, Jun. 2012.

I received the text & got a call from this number. I called the number on the back of my card. This was actually Chase calling me. My cc number was being used in another state. All was stopped in time.

The caller was identified as Chase Fraud
Reported 18th, Jul. 2012.

Seems like the number MAY be legit, I got a call this morning. When I called back it took me to an automated system. I don't provide info to automated systems so I called the number on my card. After being transferred to Fraud Prevention, yes, they did flag some purchases on my account for possible fraud but couldn't or wouldn't tell me whether this was a legit number that called ME (800*355*5265). I recommend not calling the number but instead calling Chase directly using the number that's on your card. better safe than sorry.......

The caller was identified as Chase Fraud Prevention
Reported 23rd, Jul. 2012.

Called 6 times this morning... starting with a text at 4:30 am UGH!!!
I can't block anyone on this cell phone so I assigned it a "one bing" ringtone grrrr...

The caller was identified as Chase Fraud
Reported 25th, Jul. 2012.
Nobody you know

This number called me twice this morning. The second time they called I was standing in my local branch. When I told the caller that he hung up.

Chase will not leave an automated voicemail or send a text message. If you are in doubt about the legitimacy, always call the toll free number on the back of your card or call your local branch directly.

The caller was identified as Chase Bank
Reported 2nd, Aug. 2012.

Called and left an automated message to contact them about a card I destroyed over a year ago on an account that I am no longer actively affiliated with that has never had the phone number that was called. I contacted a former business partner who said they had been getting calls like that regarding another business partner. I am calling Chase to report it.

The caller was identified as automated
Reported 2nd, Aug. 2012.

THIS NUMBER IS LEGIT : Received an automated text message claiming to be from Chase Fraud Department regarding a suspicious transaction, and asking me to call this number immediately. Was suspicious of the message, so called Chase Customer Service, where a representative confirmed that my ATM card had been used for a series of fraudulent charges.

Reported 6th, Aug. 2012.

Just received a call and text at 10 pm on a Saturday, which I immediately found alarming. First thing I did was to google the number, leading me to this site. The text gave me the option to text back 1 if the charge was legit or 2 if fraudulent. I texted back 1, as it seemed innocuous enough to do so.

Reported 11th, Aug. 2012.

Received a text today claiming a large purchase on the Chase debit card and asked to reply with a 1 if we did make the purchase or a 2 if we did not. Unwittingly my wife replied 2. They then called her and left a message to call her back. I called Chase directly using the number on the back of my card. No such purchase attempt and no record of any attempt to notify us of a fraudulent purchase. If I did have a fraudulent purchase, I still wouldn't assume the number is legitimately from Chase. It may be that your account has been fraudulently accessed already.

Reported 12th, Aug. 2012.

Be careful!! This number called me 2 times and also recieved a text from a 95*** number. Contacted my personal banker in which they informed me that there texts comes from a 25** number and it could be a scam. I finally answered the call again and a lady told me to verify my zip and confirm a declined purchase. I knew it was a scam because the phone line was bad and she knew all my info but wanted me to verify info that shouldve been listed. Nevertheless, i have recieved phone calls from loan companies stated that I requested loans and other items. IT IS A SCAM> Chase means of contact is via email or letter.

Reported 15th, Aug. 2012.

800-365-5265 is a LEGIT Chase Fraud Number.

I did NOT call it because of some of the notes above... but I did call the number on the back of my debit instead. They identified suspicious charges and I confirmed their suspicions as fraud.

I then asked them to confirm whether or not the 800-355-5265 number was legit Chase or not -- it is.

That said, I would do what I did (call the known legit number on the card) all over again next time.... why? ya just never friggin know anymore!

Reported 18th, Aug. 2012.

This person called me saying that they were Chase Fraud Prevention and to have my debit card avaiable when returning their call.

These people are a fraud, themselves.

Report them immediately to the FBI and JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Reported 7th, Sep. 2012.

The number is legit. I too received a text message at 6:30am regarding a suspicious charge to my card. I texted back #2 to say no and reply text gave me this # to call. I did call the 5265 # and Chase fraud department answered. They then informed my card will be canceled etc..
Afterwards I googled the # and saw this forum...so I called the # on the back of the card and Chase did confirm that the Chase fraud department had canceled my card per my request earlier today. I think that possibly somehow some scammers are able to duplicate this phone number so all in all...the # on the back of your card would be the best bet. Hope this helps someone.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 9th, Sep. 2012.

Got a call from this number. Was hinkey so I called Chase from the number on the back of the card. There was in fact a fraud block on my account. And I confirmed the charge was not mine. So the robo call seems to have been legit but just to be safe, don't return the call to the number that called you. Go directly to the customer service of the bank. Same goes for e-mail. Never click through from an e-mail. Go to the internet and directly type in the address you need (bank etc). Any time you are entering credit card info the address should start with https:// - the s stands for "secure connection" if it's just http:// it's not secure.

The caller was identified as Robo Call
Reported 5th, Oct. 2012.
Good Citizen

I called Chase Bank back after I received a robo call from this number. They said that this is NOT A CHASE NUMBER! Do not call and give them any info!! The scammers themselves post that it's a legit number here on this website! JUST CALL THE NUMBER ON BACK OF YOUR CARD ONLY! I called the scam number back for the h**l of it to see how smooth they were. After hitting zero a hundred times I was transferred to an operator. Then they said they would only proceed if they had my entire Social Security number. Lol, I told them to suck it! They threatened to shut down my card if I didn't give them my info....Then Guess what....my card still works and its a month later. Chase never asks for your entire SS number unless your in a branch setting up an account or trying to get a loan. Be safe and only call the number on the back of your card.

The caller was identified as Robo Call
Reported 20th, Oct. 2012.


Received a call & they left a message about questionable purchases made with my chase debit card. I called back & purposefully answered wrong selections on my car loan while googling the phone number - seeing TONS of people and articles written about how it is a scam. Right when I was going to hang up a woman answered - she was professional sounding. I told her I just looked up the number online and it said it was a scam. She said they were looking into that as others had brought that to their attention & that they were in fact Chase Fraud Dept. and that if I was uncomfortable talking to her to call the number on the back of my chase card. I asked her her name - she said Jerry - then I hung up and called Chase. They said there were no flags or anything on my account and that that phone number is absolutely a scam & is not affiliated in any way with jp morgan chase. She also said I can forward the issue (or email ever if they send it to you via email) to [email protected] and they will look into it for you.


Reported 27th, Oct. 2012.

Definitely legit, but always call the bank directly. Chase confirmed this is ONE of their numbers for fraud prevention.

Reported 30th, Nov. 2012.

In my case, it was not a scam. Some of the reports here, I do think are a replication of the Fraud Prevention Service provided by Chase. I first received an email listing the last 4 transactions that I did indeed make. But the email wanted me to click links saying either 'yes, I did make these charges' or 'no, at least one of these charges are not legit'. I hovered over the link to see the site address, and while it did specify a chase.com/ beginning, I was still a little freaked out especially after reading some of these posts. I just called the number on the back of my card. The FIRST guy (yes, I ended up calling again) said that my account was fine at that there was no fraud alert, and to not click anything on the email or the text I received. He also had me forward the email to the [email protected] address for them to look into it. I was satisfied, but still really freaked out that a scammer was able to access my legitimate transactions. I then received a phone call from 800-355-5265. I listened to the voice mail - they gave me a reference number to specify when I called back. SO, I called the number on the back of my card again, and explained about my last call to Chase, and asked her to see if she could verify the number that just called. She said that it was indeed one of their Fraud Prevention numbers and that it was ok to call and verify whether or not I made specific transactions. Which I was about to freak out about someone having all my transaction information, so very glad she was able to verify the number. So I called the number. I did not provide the reference number they left in my voicemail, but automated system was able to identify me anyway, probably from the number I was calling from. The next question was to verify my zip code, out of 4 given options (one of which was correct, and all were similar to the real zip). Then the system listed the same last four transactions and asked me to press '1' if I truly made them (which I had) or '2' if I hadn't. Then the call was over, and a 3 question survey commenced about the Fraud Prevention Service. I imagine there is a scam out there that mimics this service, but in my case, it was fine. Though I'm not sure why people are saying that this number has been 'verified' to not be a chase number. It's the same number that I verified today, so not sure if some of the customer service reps just don't know what they're doing or what. I guess the first guy implied that it was a scam, but I didn't check the number with him the first time I called - only the second time. Hope this helps - just call the number on the back of your card... multiple times, if you have to!

The caller was identified as Chase Fraud Prevention Automated
Reported 8th, Dec. 2012.

It was legit for me! Like some others, just to be safe I called the number on my card first, and she said it was Chase, and she transferred me!

Reported 2nd, Jan. 2013.
Quote Originally Posted by Rafaela

received a text message telling me to call this number because there seems to be a problem with my credit card. At first I was alarmed so I did that , only to find out that it was some criminal gang pretending to be my bank and trying to scare me into giving my CC # over the phone. I hang up right away and blocked the number from calling me back if ever..

Legit Chase Fraud dept. verifying charges to my debit card. Most I had authorized, but there was one fraudulent charge in California, I live in Chicago. They cancelled the card and sent out a new one.

The caller was identified as Chase Fraud
Reported 3rd, Jan. 2013.
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