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  Credit Adjustment Services
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Caller name: Credit Adjustment Services

Caller type: Debt Collector

They are a collection service... very rude one at that. They called my office multiple times, left messages via voice mail and at the front desk. I'll tell you, it's wonderful to get back after a week of business travel to have the receptionist tell you a debt collector is looking for me.

I immediately call them, the person that called is unavailable. The person answering asks for the last 4 numbers of my social security (since the original callers do not leave a case or reference number). I reluctantly give him the 4-digits and he states "you're not the right person" and hangs up.


- dasman

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[Reply]   March 18, 2016

Caller type: Debt Collector

Credit Adjustments, Inc. Caller is a bunch of worthless collectors who have a LOT of lawsuits filed against them for violating the fair debt collection practices act.

Their business address is some old warehouse in Ohio, I checked. Not great.

Don't talk to them at all. Block their calls. File a complaint against them. They are real bottom feeders and should be put out of business for violating laws over and over.

Oh, and another plus - if you look up the guy who is their Vice President of Business Development, he is an auto MECHANIC who graduated from an auto mechanic school.

These unqualified people are operating out of this warehouse garage and are harassing consumers. Stop them.

- Heb
North Carolina

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[Reply]   August 24, 2017

Caller name: Credit Adjustment Services

Caller type: Unknown

Called asking for my wife and wouldnt tell me why she was calling

- Don

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[Reply]   June 23, 2017

Caller type: Unknown

Started calling me a few months ago. Googled them and found out who they were and blocked them. Calling me again and I checked how many blocked calls I had, they called 12 times in one day. Stop calling!, if I need you I'll call you, how 'bout that.

- Glad you got blocked

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[Reply]   May 10, 2017

Caller type: Debt Collector

Male called me asking for either my son or husband, could not clarify and wanted both of them to call them because he could not tell me which one the call was for. Super rude when I told them to specify who they are referring to and asked for either one to call and find out if they are the correct person. Hint, he could have given an approximate age range, duhhh but then again, probably doesn't know how to add either.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   May 10, 2017

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