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Phone number: 773-492-6471 is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Its exchange 492 is managed by METROCALL.
The number is currently on switch number WSCHILANCM0.
Around 36% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 24th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 19 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Eric P (alleged), Chicago"

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I tell them to quit calling that I am registered on the do not call list.. They hang up and call back a couple minutes later... Been dealing with this for 3 weeks now... Tired of it... Put in a complaint.. They still call... I had to change my number that I have had for 3 years... UNREAL!!!

The caller was identified as IDK
Reported 28th, Feb. 2014.

Don't want these type of calls I just ignore them it is their time and money they are wasting

Reported 3rd, Mar. 2014.

This is an OBSCENE Phone call. It is continuous.

Reported 3rd, Mar. 2014.

This number has been calling me. I've already asked them to stop calling and they won't

Reported 4th, Mar. 2014.
Mrs. Ayala

I don't know how many times they called me in the past, but this time I called them back. An Indian accented guy answered and asked if I wanted a loan. NO and remove me from your list! He said ok and was about to hang up. When I asked him how come he didn't ask me for my number, he got real upset and was argumentative from that point on.

Reported 7th, Mar. 2014.

Asking to provide a loan, being inappropriate.

The caller was identified as Henry
Reported 18th, Mar. 2014.

I told the caller not to call my number again. He became very abusive and told me that he was going to have s*x with my wife and daughter. I told him that I would file a complaint and he laughed and stated that there was nothing that I could do to "them". He also stated that he would call me every F%$#@&% minute of every F%$#@&% day. This number has called me several times before today and each time I have told them not to call.

Reported 21st, Mar. 2014.

called 47 times using this number and numbers 333-333-3333 , 33033, etc saying if I send money on green dot card I can borrow up to $10,000. I am not looking for a loan especially from scumbags.

The caller was identified as cashnet
Reported 26th, Mar. 2014.

**In one day alone, you have cause for 29 violations of $16,000 each, totalling $464,000 in revenue for the Federal Trade Commission. GET THIS GUY!!** This company has called me thirty times just today, 3/28/2014. There have been other days where the same company has harassed me with the exact same volume of calls. During the main part of the day, the calls are sometimes no more than 2 minutes apart, but always showing different numbers. An equal number of times they call, they block the number entirely, showing "Unknown" in the caller ID field.

I know that it is the same scam organization because it is always the exact same guy on the phone, saying the exact same things with the same attitude. He has a very thick Indian accent. He refuses to identify his company unless pushed, in which case I usually get an evasive answer such as, "we are a loan company" or "we are a finance company." When I push for a name, it sounds as if he is making it up each time. Answers I have been given before are "American Finance," "Cash America," and "Cancer Bank". He also refuses to give any physical location, detail about the company, or why he is calling. In one call today, I dragged this address out of him- it may or may not be valid: 325 State Street Clayton, NY. He is very aggressive about trying to take control of the call and asks over and over if I am Adriane Truex and asserts that I am looking for a loan. I have NEVER searched for a loan, certainly I am not stupid enough to do it over the internet or phone, and would definitely NEVER consider giving any information to a person who is so obviously a) disrespectful and b) a complete scam.

Every time I pick up the phone, I tell them to stop calling me, put me on the do not call list, remove me from the list etc. The guy becomes very aggressive and belligerent. They claim I applied for a loan. Many times he repeats exactly what I say back to me while changing the pronouns, example: (me) "You need to put me on your do not call list now." (caller) "YOU need to put ME on your do not call list now." The conversation persists in this manner while the caller tries to insist that it is I who am harrassing him. Then the caller becomes even more aggressive by calling immediately back several times in a row, each time from a different number and after the fifth or sixth, while blocking the number. He is obviously in a very noisy environment, but it is always the same unidentified person calling me. When I push for identification he makes up an American name- this last time it was "Mark Anderson."

In one day alone, you have cause for 29 violations of $16,000 each, totalling $464,000 in revenue for the Federal Trade Commission. GET THIS JERK AND PUT HIM OUT OF EXISTENCE!!! Here are ALL of the phone numbers he has called me from:
333.333.3333 @ 7:52 PM
315.285.4102 @ 7:25 PM
682.200.6585 @ 6:35 PM
333.333.3333 @ 6:19 PM
504.662.1706 @ 6:13 PM
631.731.1700 @ 5:56 PM
847.607.1091 @ 5:55 PM
631.731.1700 @ 5:53 PM
682.200.6585 @ 5:12 PM
202.888.3512 @ 4:33 PM
202.888.3512 @ 4:32 PM
631.731.1700 @ 4:04 PM
847.607.1091 @ 4:01 PM
504.662.1706 @ 2:27 PM
631.731.1700 @ 2:22 PM
417.983.8520 @ 1:41 PM
401.648.7436 @ 1:16 PM
417.983.8520 @ 1:12 PM
UNKNOWN @ 12:58 PM
504.662.1706 @ 12:56 PM
631.731.1700 @ 12:27 PM
UNKNOWN @ 12:20 PM
417.983.8520 @ 11:41 AM
401.648.7436 @ 11:16 AM
417.983.8520 @ 11:12 AM

The caller was identified as REFUSED TO IDENTIFY
Reported 28th, Mar. 2014.

I missed the call and called back, knowing this was not for me (I still get calls for former owner of my number after a year). Told him to delete the number from the database, that I am not...and he hung up. So I called back and said I am not KxxxxC....and this # is in the do not call database and I will sue you if you call again. He hung up again. Can't even understand what he said when he answered, but something like Call Center.

Reported 31st, Mar. 2014.

Repeated calls...when I ask then to take my number off their list they just hang up on me before I finish..

The caller was identified as Loans
Reported 8th, Apr. 2014.
Rita Jansen

Call every day. I have repeatedly told them to take me off their list. This time they got rude and cussed me.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 22nd, Apr. 2014.

Please stop them from calling me

The caller was identified as don't know
Reported 23rd, Apr. 2014.

Please stop them from calling me

The caller was identified as don't know
Reported 23rd, Apr. 2014.
Arlene Brendle

We have been getting around 5 calls a day from this number and it needs to stop. We are on the do not call list, which evidently doesn't do any good!!!!

The caller was identified as Don't know (Chichago, Ill. number
Reported 13th, May. 2014.

Received this call today at 4:19 p.m. CST - have to turn the ringer off when I'm at work... never answer these weird number calls anyway... I'll report them to the FTC like I have all the others.

The caller was identified as UNKNOWN
Reported 19th, May. 2014.
Joyce Fuller

I continue to get calls from this number along with 773-492-2671. I am on the DO NOT CALL list but it does no good.

Reported 22nd, May. 2014.

This number called at least 4 times with a twenty minute time period. I asked them to take my name of the list and they continued to call 3 more times after my request. I am on the do not call, but these calls are getting very ridiculous. A couple times they called and didn't say another but just hung up.

The caller was identified as Chicago
Reported 26th, May. 2014.

This number called my landline this afternoon and first it was ignored. I picked up the second call and a man with a very heavy Indian accent who identified himself as Eric P (LOL) told me that I got approved for a loan of $5000. I don't need a loan, I don't want a loan, I never applied for a loan.

After exchanging a few words with him and him struggling to answer back, I told him that I wasn't having any of it and told him not to call back. DO NOT DO THAT. A few seconds after I hung up, he called again -- this time he was horribly rude and disgustingly vulgar. I stooped to his level and cussed him out, hanging up on him.

It has been three hours since the first call and I've received 26 calls from various places in the US. Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Woodstown, NJ and probably more to come... all from the same, heavily accented individual.

A few times I picked up and I could hear that there was more than one person since now when I pick up, nobody says anything on the other line but I can hear a few heavily accented individuals calling people in the background.

Whoever is behind these calls is an extreme harasser.

Don't pick up -- block if possible or call your company to block calls from these numbers (773-492-6471, 856-624-7211, 872-588-4390, 713-481-8134).

... and I received yet another call as I type this. I also am on the Do Not Call Registry.

The caller was identified as Eric P (alleged)
Reported 26th, May. 2014.
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