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Phone number: 727-286-8912 is located in Clearwater, Florida.

Around 27% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 10th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 11 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "They do not leave name or message , Reader's Dir"

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get anywhere from 2 to 5 calls from them DAILY. Before the caller ID used to read " Readers Dir" now it doesnt specify the name any longer. I regret very much answering the first time around, it looks like it gave them the green light to keep on harassing me . They are calling about their silly magazine subscriptions. I try to reason with them and plead to be taken off the list, nothing seems to work thus far. Sometimes they even get creative and say that my magazine "parcel was lost" and how they need my banking info to track it. Clearly, they are desperate to get my personal info - scammers without a doubt!

Reported 1st, Mar. 2012.

"It's about your reader's digest subscription." Don't have, don't plan to have, annoying! They try different numbers under 727 area code; I'm not sure why I bother answering, I get more peremptory with each call.

The caller was identified as Who knows?
Reported 15th, Mar. 2012.

The Readers Dir, whoever that is. They keep calling and calling and calling; had to add them to my call block list.

The caller was identified as The Readers Dir
Reported 28th, Mar. 2012.

They have started calling several times a day. I wait for their response to my answering machine, but they just hang up. I have not talked to them.

The caller was identified as The Readers Dir
Reported 14th, Aug. 2012.

The calls just started a few days ago, and I get several daily. (I screen callers with my answering machine, and haven't engaged them over the phone.)

The caller was identified as Readers Dir.
Reported 14th, Sep. 2012.

Call 4-5 times a day, 1 call right after the other. Do not leave a message. very annoying.

The caller was identified as Readers Direct
Reported 30th, Oct. 2012.

Every month they keep calling even though we have asked them to stop and put us the do not call list. My 89 year old father is taken every time and now the latest charge I am battling is for $199.99.

Reported 3rd, Apr. 2013.

Have had four calls in the 18 hours - no clue as to who or why - I have no current magazine subscriptions - so this comes out of the blue. But I never answer unknown calls.

The caller was identified as The Readers Dir
Reported 18th, May. 2013.

I am receiving over four calls per day. The caller I D identifies who it is but not what they are. I am unable to call this number as it goes to a fax machine noise or it is busy. I looked it up on the Internet and found out everything on this site. My answering machine picks up the call, however, no one ever leaves a message. I am on the do not disturb list and obviously they do not follow the rules. I have no intention of speaking to them.

The caller was identified as The Readers Dir
Reported 8th, Jun. 2013.

Calls frequently. I believe I asked them once to take my name off the list, but haven't engaged them since. Just ignore them.

The caller was identified as Reader's Dir
Reported 5th, Jul. 2013.

PLEASE BEWARE!!! This 727 number is coming from Florida. I have had numerous calls from this number, and I would guess it was a scam. I don't even want to bother answering it! They never leave a message. I have never seen so many scams in my life! They are everywhere!!! I have never seen so many out there preying on others!

The caller was identified as They do not leave name or message
Reported 18th, Feb. 2014.
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