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Phone number: 727-216-3238 is located in Clearwater, Florida.

Its exchange 216 is managed by ALLEGIANCE TELECOM OF FLORIDA,.
The number is currently on switch number TAMSFLZKDS0.
Around 55% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 35th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 43 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Lewis, brian beaston"

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Received 2 calls yesterday and today. Did not pick up. No message. Caller ID says Lewis and 216-3238. Other phone watchdog websites have many reports from this number as well. Some report Brian Beaston and some report Lewis on the caller ID. Some call back and number is not in service and suspect Spoofed Number. Others say the caller has asked for homeowner and wants to come to house to evaluate their electric use. Sounds like a possible scam.

The caller was identified as Lewis
Reported 7th, Jan. 2014.

We've been getting about 9 calls a week from that # - 727-216-3238, ID Brian Beaston. A message is never left, & if I answer - he/they don't speak! I'd call this harassment - honestly - & it's been going on for over a month!

The caller was identified as Brian Beaston
Reported 10th, Jan. 2014.

Received a call (caller ID Lewis - 727-216-3238) asking about my electrial useage and telling me of a program for a free solar sytem for my home to save me money. Sounded very legit, asking about useage, types of appliances, etc. Then wanted to set up an appointment for a free 30 minute review in home. Though intersted in solar I did not want to set an appointment. I began asking more questions which he struggled to answer telling me the representative could answer all that. Then I asked who he actually represented and the phone went dead. I called back the number and it was out of service. Then I called the Sheriff's Office who referred me to the FBI and another number that reports scam information.

The caller was identified as Lewis
Reported 11th, Jan. 2014.

Caller left message on answering machine. "I want to talk to the home owner" then hung up. I called back using caller ID and received not in service recording. rude scam most likely.

The caller was identified as no identity
Reported 15th, Jan. 2014.

I didn't answer and they don't leave a message, but they call all day long!! Annoying. Every time I try to call it back I get "I'm sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed !" What is this all about ? How do they do this ??

The caller was identified as Brian Beaston
Reported 17th, Jan. 2014.

Just received a call from 727-216-3238 - asking to talk to home owner without providing name of home owner. When I asked who do you want to talk to gave some unknown name- I told him wrong number and he hung up.

The caller was identified as no name provided
Reported 20th, Jan. 2014.

Have had numerous calls from this number over the past week. Same story as others. No one speaks when I say hello EXCEPT for today. This time I picked it up and remained quiet for just a second. Heard the man say, "Oh God" in an annoyed voice. I said, "I can hear you." Then more silence until I hung up the phone. I tried to call back, call could not go through. That's when I googled his name and saw his address, his arrest charges and this website. I wondered if my boyfriend had been home and he had answered the phone instead, if he would have spoken to him because it's his name in the phone book. I bet he would have.

The caller was identified as Brian Beaston
Reported 22nd, Jan. 2014.

Man asked "are you the homeowner?" And when I said I rent he said thanks and hung up.

Reported 27th, Jan. 2014.

I answered phone and got no response. When i asked again the person said some jibberish and hung up.

The caller was identified as Brian Beaston
Reported 30th, Jan. 2014.

I have asked them repeatedly to take my name off their calling list. Each time I am told that they will, but yet they call me every day, sometimes twice a day.

Reported 4th, Feb. 2014.

wants to speak to the homeowner. only says its "tony". when asked from where and why he's calling - he continues to say 'its tony' is homeowner there.....

The caller was identified as tony
Reported 6th, Feb. 2014.


The caller was identified as LEWIS
Reported 7th, Feb. 2014.

Called today with number only, no caller ID. Called 2/10 with caller ID LEWIS. Did not answer either call.

The caller was identified as 2/10 Name LEWIS, 2/11 NO NAME
Reported 11th, Feb. 2014.

is this a scam I am on the do not call list how do u stop these people

The caller was identified as no name hang up
Reported 11th, Feb. 2014.

Brian Beaston, if he has middle name of Woodrow, has two arrest records in the State of FL. Never leaves a message, calls many times a day. When return the call, 'cannot be completed as dialed'

The caller was identified as Brain Beaston (caller ID)
Reported 13th, Feb. 2014.

I have had several calls from this number with a name of Brian Beaston and
when I answer no one replies. This is annoying and becoming scary. He
must be stopped.

The caller was identified as Brian Beaston
Reported 17th, Feb. 2014.

The caller was identified as Not given
Reported 19th, Feb. 2014.
Candis B

We have been receiving phone calls
From people we do not know.
I do not answer them due to the
Many SCAMS out there.
If you answer or call back this gives
Them sometimes a back door into
Much of your information.
It is possible for the numbers to be routed from Clearwater to New York or
California , but originate from:
To Africa or Asia.
I only know this because Chris Hanson from Dateline followed it to Africa one time to an Internet Café.
We think of these countries being
Poor and third World... They have
The means and the smarts to do this.
Be careful who you talk to
NEVER give info over the phone....
Stay safe....

The caller was identified as Brian Beaston
Reported 20th, Feb. 2014.

Well by the looks of this page I'm not the only one receiving calls from this number. I have NOT answered it and yet no message is ever left which is what prompted me to google this number. I receive this call at least once a day, sometimes twice so I will be contacting my phone company to see how to block it, if it's possible.

The caller was identified as Brian Beaston
Reported 24th, Feb. 2014.

Sane as all the above. He calls several times a day, doesn't leave a message.
Can't this be stopped. I don't answer & I don't call back.

The caller was identified as Bian Beaston
Reported 27th, Feb. 2014.

We have been getting multiple calls from this number and finally looked the number up on Google. Not only did we find this site full of complaints about the number, but we also found Brian Beaston of Florida in the Clearwater area on Mugshots.com. Not sure how we get the caller reported and stop it, but who ever gets a call from this number should likely not invite them to his home.

The caller was identified as Brian Beaston
Reported 1st, Mar. 2014.

Receiving numerous calls to ans mach over past few weeks w/no msg left! Caller ID shows 727-216-3238 Brian Beaston! Very annoying!

The caller was identified as Brian Beaston
Reported 12th, Mar. 2014.

recieved call from this person and the number 7272163238, no message left, googled it and found this page. hope this does not become another very annoying interruption in my home.

The caller was identified as Brian Beaston
Reported 26th, Mar. 2014.
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