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Caller ID for (720) 274-1786:

Omni Financial

(720) 274-**** Phone Numbers

Near Denver, Colorado
Issued by Mcleodusa Telecommunications Services, Inc.- Co

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2001.

While 7202741786 was originally issued with the info above, the owner of the phone number (720) 274-1786 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

User Complaints for (720) 274-1786

Caller type: Telemarketer

Nothing that you do will stop them from calling you. The major players behind this have made millions of dollars, which means that they are too big to fail.
One of the major players specializes in aiding the rich with tax evasion and shell corporations set up in Belize. You can bet that the well to do in this country are not getting lower your credit card interest rate calls and due to that fact our government just considers a few phone calls a minor annoyance.
The FCC has temporarily halted 5 of the minor unprofitable boiler rooms. They will receive a slap on the wrist and be back at it within a few days.
In the meantime the calls will continue since the major money is being made with what is called a CNAM revenue-sharing program through companies like http://www.telephonemanagement.net
In their own words: 'Every day your company makes thousands of outbound phone calls. Every one of those calls generates revenue for many companies, why not yours? Our CNAM revenue-sharing program helps you make money every time a Caller ID request is made by a phone carrier. A high-traffic call center can lose hundreds to thousands of dollars a day to phone carriers by allowing them to charge for access to your own data.'

You can now see why the criminals keep calling even though they know you won't fall for their scam. If someone does make the mistake of answering the phone and falling for their con then it is just icing on the cake for them. These people are the lowest form of filth on this planet. The only way to stop this is to contact the FBI and ask why this crime family is allowed to operate and facilitate the ongoing criminal operations. This is one of the reasons that the RICO act was put in place, so why aren't they using it. Is this because this isn't a high profile, news worthy operation or is the FBI too understaffed and busy with Homeland Security issues. Maybe if we were rich they would take this seriously, but then if we were rich we would be using that criminal organizations services and protecting them instead of trying to shut them down.
There is a blog site that has information on one of these operations: http://telemarketerspam.wordpress.com

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   December 13, 2012

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

A man called asking about burial plots and life insurance. After saying no he asked what hobbies am I into. I hung up immediately. Ridiculous.

- John

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[Reply]   January 17, 2018

Caller name: John

Caller type: Unknown

Repeated, annoying calls. Unwanted.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   March 16, 2016

Caller name: 720-274-1786/1769

Caller type: Telemarketer

I don't know who to believe here. They have called several times over the past few days to speak to "the owner" or "an officer" about Notice of State Tax. I'm just sick of the non-stop attempts. I forwarded two of the voicemails to someone on our Tax Team. message delivered, I won't pick up the phone for these calls anymore. MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!

- MT-Reception
New Jersey

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[Reply]   June 10, 2015

Caller name: Mr. Chank

Caller type: Unknown

I returned the call. Spoke about payment term options that my revenue officer NEVER told me. My Revenue Officer told me that there is nothing that they would do. IRS said that I had to pay half ($60000) and then pay $5000 per month for 12 months. I almost signed it even knowing that I cant pay it

Mr Chank?? at OMNI and his boss Allen Denke got me on a program for $1000 per month for 5 years. I researched the other companies and OMNI is the only company with positive reviews with the BBB


OMNI let me call the BBB and their references (I called 20 just to BE SURE) because the competitors who called me told me that they were a scam. OMNI is NOT a scam.

I feel that the COMPETITORS almost scammed me and claimed to be from the IRS and told my employees that I owed taxes.

I am happy with OMNI - PERIOD!


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[Reply]   March 27, 2014

Caller name: Shane

Caller type: Unknown

Legal group helped me with IRS tax lien and back taxes. They are legit. I am glad that I took the PROPOSAL because I needed them a month later when the state and IRS got really agressive and stole money from my account. I compared them to the others, these guys (omni) are really good compared to the others.

Take the proposal, you will need it. And it's free.

- Elliot

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[Reply]   October 17, 2013

Caller name: Shane

Caller type: Telemarketer

solicitor to help with IRS Back taxes. very professional. i get these calls all day but this guy was NOT RUDE like the others. I hired OMNI Financial. So far so good. They are straight forward and honest. i got transferred to Nick and he sent me a proposal to address my back taxes. these guys are good

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   September 20, 2013

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