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(716) 817-**** Phone Numbers

Near Buffalo, NY
Issued by Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 1999.

While 7168172842 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (716) 817-2842 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 63% of people reported it as "Collection Agency". You are the 18th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 11 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Angela Stuckeman, Admin Recovery ".

User Complaints for 716-817-2842

Caller name: Mr Bertozi

He was very ignorant and rude. He said he was a lawyer and I was being sued.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] June 13, 2014

Caller name: Lawrence Berozi


- Fel
North Carolina

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[Reply] July 9, 2014

I made arrangements to make payments, I use a bank located in Texas, which sometimes causes delay in getting deposits. I had to track down with the help of our HR department to find out what the problem was tried to explain this to Thomas Rogalski, whom I had asked several times NOT to call my work number (he continued any way). I explained I work for a law firm and it is illegal to continue calling when someone says stop calling WORK numbers, he said and I quote, "did you get your law degree from the university of phoenix".

I said wow, let me speak to your supervisor, who is Larry Bartosak ("we only call him Larry"), I was placed on hold for 12 minutes, until I finally hung up.

He said I hope you know the law on writing bad checks and your financial institution should know where the deposit is...I said wow you need to replay the tapes because you did not listen to what I said.

- B

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[Reply] March 6, 2015

Caller name: Lawrence Bertozi

He said he was a lawyer and I was being sued. But when I asked for a copy of the notice he never emailed it

- Anonymous

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[Reply] April 22, 2014

Caller name: MR. BERTOZI



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[Reply] August 22, 2013

Caller name: Mr. Johnson with Admin Recovery

He only said his name was Mr. Johnson with Admin Recovery and left an 855 for me to call his office. Didn't say why or what for.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 19, 2015
In response to:

I received a automated message that I managed to record, it was aggressive and when I pressed No 5 as asked and told the person not to phone again they hung up. I believe it was to do with money.

My machine did not pick up the name of who they are.

- Person

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[Reply] November 10, 2016

Caller name: Admin Recovery

Called my daughter on her private cell...no idea how this scum of the Earth obtained her number and told her to call me as he was a debt collector. Then he calls me and left a number to call him back. I have a attorney already retained to protect me. Firstly, it's a violation of federal law for these scums to call family and indicate the call is to collect a debt. Second, they are not supposed to leave messages to call them back. My attorney will file charges and sue if necessary. First and foremost anyone getting calls as such much call Admin Recovery and get their address and send a certified letter telling them not to call your cell, family, friends, and especially your employer...especially because he already knew my cell as evidenced by his call to me.

- David E

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[Reply] November 22, 2016

Caller name: Angela Stuckeman

Called my cell, I never answer numbers I don't know, I got a message from an 'Angela Stuckman' from Admin Recovery regarding my mom. She said she was calling in regards to 'complaint number ###' Not sure how they got my number, I don't live in the same state or have the same last name as my mom. Didn't bother calling back.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 14, 2016

Unknown caller from 716-817-2842. Did not answer call. Did not receive a message

- Anonymous

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[Reply] April 7, 2017

These people are saying I am a reference for some one I don't even know so and they wont' identify themselves.

- Anonymous
New Jersey

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[Reply] November 20, 2015

Caller name: Mr. Conn

Called on my cell phone and left a message asking for somebody else, not me. Asked for a return call and provided a case number and extension number. Said he was from Admin Recovery. Has left at least three messages, one time from another number, (716) 817-2842. I did not call back.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] May 3, 2016

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