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Name: Carl Sobey
#### Exposition Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95815

###### Po Box
Sacramento, CA 95865

(714) 922-**** Phone Numbers

Near Orange, CA
Issued by Teleport Communications Group - Los Angeles

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 1996.

While 7149229489 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (714) 922-9489 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 43% of people reported it as "Collection Agency". You are the 41st person to search for it here. The number has a total of 53 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Ian Trent, premium receivables llc".

User Complaints for 714-922-9489

Caller name: Michael

They leave messages saying it important I call back but won't say what it's about. They leave rude and threatening messages . When I call them no one answers but a machine saying they are in a conference? Seems a little fishy !!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] July 3, 2013

This same number has called my house three or four times and finally left a message the last time he called. The recording asks my husband to get in touch with them saying that is imperative he calls because there's a complaint against him. Whoever called was very evasive at the time of leaving his name, he basically mumbled. The only word that I was able to understand was Associates. However, he pronounced my husband's name perfectly.

- Nayda

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[Reply] April 23, 2013

Caller name: Ellis Merritt with Premium Receivables

Claimed to have bought a debt that was never sold by the creditor. Threatening to sue me and extremely rude. They gave my husband my social security number and the account number to debt which were both correct. They also knew all of the dates on my account. Contacted the original creditor and the person who owns the debt and they say they do not know who these people are and have never sold my debt to anyone else.

- Laurie
United States

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[Reply] July 25, 2012

Caller name: World Wide recovery

Called for my daughter and didn't know why they called me. Sounds like a scam. She didn't owe anyone anyting and I don't either.
Wanted her to call 714 922 9481 different number than the on that called. I called original number from caller id and it was a fax machine. people try crazy ways to take your money.
Don't answer these type people you don't owe them anything.


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[Reply] November 6, 2012

Caller name: Josh

- anonymous

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[Reply] May 8, 2013

Caller name: Would not verify

I just got a very upset wife come through the door. Claiming a man called her and immediately asked for her to verify her identity.. i.e; First and Last Name. She says "Yes".. then it happens,the man becomes extremely rude. Tells her she NEEDS to give him her social security # or there would be consequences. She says she doesn't feel comfortable giving such sensitive info.. he then says this is part of the verification process. I thought the name would be proper verification enough.. even the birthday was verified.

I decided to call back the number that harassed her.. what can I say.. I am only half civilized and I jump at the chance to defend my family.

I called back.. told them that I too was recording the conversation. I gave them the run down staying as calm as is within my power. They then asked for the number called, her name etc etc. I told them.. this is only why I am calling and I have one question..."What Does Your Company Do?". They for some reason or other needed to verify my name, phone number and her name and number to answer this question... of course, I told them again, I do not have to give you any information to ask "What does your company do?" I got transferred to another male with the same voice.. I thought that was classic.

Apparently, these guys hate their own medicine. They talk over people and bully them to get information. If you talk over them, they lose their tempers and spine (apparently) and simply hang up.

I was told to look up Premium Receivables, LLC on the BBB. Funny, I am on the BBB right now... this number is not listed as being on their roster as a call line. This is the number the company does business with:

Premium Receivables LLC

(714) 969-88112
0422 Beach Blvd Ste 245,
Huntington Beach, CA 92648-4393

So, checkmate scammers. We're looking up security on our accounts.. changing passwords across the board and having everything monitored.

- J

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[Reply] January 21, 2014

Caller name: Michael from premier receivables

They called not saying they were calling about a debt. Called from this number and another one ending in 9479. Once I got on the phone they told me what they were really calling about. Said the debt was sold to them. Did a search and found a premiere receivables but they are in Florida not California. Sounds like a scam. At least this Michael guy was nice and not rude like others have dealt with.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] April 1, 2014

Caller name: 714-922-9484

I keep getting calls from an Ed Price. I have told them repeatedly that I have never had a credit card in my name but they don't care about that. These people are rude and break every federal collection law. They threaten you, call you names, treat you like total c**p. and If you try and talk - THATS NOT ALLOWED. Only they can talk. They even told me to "Shut my mouthpiece." And now I am in trouble at work because of these idiots.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] November 21, 2014

Caller name: Rick sanders

Has called several times left a message a couple of times asking me to call him back saying it's important we talk but yet leaves me a different number to call back than where he called from... Very harassing and rude calls me 4-6 times in a row.... Scam artists

- Anonymous

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[Reply] April 15, 2014

Continues to call. We won't answer. They have previously said someone had an outstanding debt. No such debt exists.

Told them to stop calling.....time will tell.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] June 14, 2013

Caller name: Lauren

A female named, Lauren called at 2:47pm on 2/6/2013. She left a voice mail requesting a call back regarding my stepson. He DIED on 1/14/2013. I can't tell you how upsetting this call was! This phone number has called here before and left rude and bold messages (male voice) telling us to call back immediately. I better never hear from them again.
Caller ID: World Wide Records

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 6, 2013

They left a voicemail - "this is Alex and I need you to call me back at 714-316-2729."
The voicemail system told me the originating number was 714-922-9489 which when I called it was answered by someone saying something about Premier Recovery Systems (or something LIKE that) -- when I pushed them on what they do it started to feel a little confrontational because they wanted me to give up MY name (you can ALWAYS create an alias for circumstances like this if you're paranoid like me) - and once I told him my name was Tracey, he was happy to ask me if I knew "So & So" which of course I did not since there ARE no new phone numbers anymore and so he said he would take my number out of their system. Which (should they call back) I have a record of having called and asked to be removed. Sorry so wordy but I like to be thorough.

- 5lita5

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[Reply] June 24, 2014

Caller name: Ian

Keeps calling for son who is ill and on disability. Debt is about 7 years old. They leave a number and say they have to get in touch with him. Fat chance of that. He has a condition that will someday probably kill him. They asked who I was and I refused to give them my name. I'm not going to let these scumbags near him.

- djs

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[Reply] April 18, 2014

Caller name: Merit

Keep receiving calls from this company. First and foremost I truly believe that the reasoning why they harass is due to the fact that get paid based on the amount of money they collect. It requires absolutely no skills nor an education to dial a number and start screaming at someone (monkeys and children can even do it). The types of people that this company has hired is bottom of the totem poll.
Everyone in this world has had their share of debt in one way or another. Maybe the employees at Premium receivables should take a course in customer service or possible fork out a little extra money and take a Dale Carnegie course (Google it, I know you wouldn't know what that is). While it is known that you getting your job was as easy as pie, maybe look into ways to keeping your job or improving your skills. By providing your "Customers" with more information and or "helpful" ways to improve their debt, you my low paid little friend might be able to splurge on the actual menu instead of the $1 one. Or you just need a job like this to compensate for your medical mystery sized unit.
Either way you are in no way better than the people that you call being how we can hang up and just ignore you. You on the other hand this is your life day in and day out harassing people that maybe just maybe you will get one person out of the many you call that might bite and pay their unpaid dues of $243.53, which you will receive your percentage of that and have made 5% commission ALL DAY.
Keep up the poor work and morals. Us Unpaid Debt Citizens will sleep well at night.!

- No Name

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[Reply] May 12, 2014

keep calling me the last 2 weeks about investigating some debts.

- Tony

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[Reply] December 18, 2013

Caller name: PR Associates/Premium Recievables

They have been harrassing me for over a month. They will leave me alone for a week or two then call me on my work line, my cell and my boyfriend's line. They say they are trying to collect on a debt they cannot prove they own and the amount is incorrect. I filed a complaint with the Consumer Reporting Agency, but they are still harrassing me. They are very aggressive. The "supervisor" called me, never verified it was me on the phone and began screaming at me. We need to stop them.

- Tim Franco

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[Reply] February 24, 2014

Caller name: Dan

Called me saying I owed money to a bank..... And gave me a account number saying I owe $1968 and if I pay now I can all they want is $434 lol I want some proof not just some phone call, told them my husband is currently deployed and they said they need the money now I said I'm not doing anything until I talk to my husband and they said they can't wait they called me by my maiden name not my married name lol I don't know what's going on but something is really strange about this

- Anonymous

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[Reply] March 18, 2013

Caller name: Jessica Roberts

I continue to get harassed by this company almost daily.for the last month. In the past they have called and I have spoken to a man but do not remember his name. This person was very rude and only wanted to talk over me making demands and threaten me. They usually call for a period of 3-4 weeks and wait till 3-6 months later before calling again. The message today March 11, 2014 stated.........................."My name is Jessica Roberts with Premium receivables this is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Please call 714-922-9472". Although the caller id showed 714-922-9489. I have ask them numerous times to quit calling me to no avail. Please help!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] March 12, 2014

Caller name: Michael with Premium Receivables

He wanted me to pass along a message, but he would only identify himself as "Michael" with Premium Receivables. He refused to tell me the reason for his call or what his company did. He kept talking over me when I tried to ask more questions. He was EXTREMELY rude. Never did find out what he was really after.

- Anonymous
District of Columbia

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[Reply] March 12, 2014

Caller name: 714-922-9471

This company has called almost everyone I know, now including my employers....I'm pissed!!!!!!!!!! My employers are about to tell them to stop calling.

Here's a tip everyone!!!!!! Tell them the Fair Debt Collection Practices (FDCPA) prohibits debt collection calls to your job if a debt collector has "reason to know".....
that your employer forbids it and if you and your employer haver told them to stop calling you at work.........you can sue them under the protection act. Tell them it isn't hard for you to get their address either. And tell them that you will sue them for disclosing 3rd party information about anything that is your privacy. Tell them to F---------- OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also.

- Brigette

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[Reply] November 10, 2014

Harassing my wife. So I call them back. Man on phone thinks he can punk me so I give back to him every rude can get any info why thier calling. Gets loud try's to talk over me can't and hangs up. I call back man try go insult me and hangs up. These scum bags need to be stoped.

- Taylor

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[Reply] November 11, 2014

Caller name: IdK-

A male keeps calling me and leaving rude messages, almost every other day. When I've called back they always hang up. They ask for someone of a different name. They are extremely rude saying I owe money and I owe nothing. I want them to stop harrasing me!

- Miranda

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[Reply] March 13, 2014

Caller name: ellis merrit

They are using a new number they change it and it is 714-922-9484
they called me extremely rude talking about they know my employment information and it is in my best interest to call them by the end of buisness day.
Total scam thinking of following through with a lawsuit.
Man name was ellis merrit, claims to be the manager

- tery

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[Reply] March 19, 2014

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