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Phone number: 714-607-6298 is located in Anaheim, California.

Its exchange 607 is managed by DIGITCOM SERVICES, INC..
The number is currently on switch number LSANCARCCMA.
Around 72% of people reported it as "Telemarketer".
You are the 26th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 11 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Unkown, Not Given, but Protect America"

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National "Do not Call" is useless as laws have changed. Some telemarketers allow you to call the number back and a recorded message informs you to press a specific number to remove your number from their database but many (probably illegal ones) come up with a message that the number is not registered or disconnected.
This call sell fire protection.

Reported 26th, Aug. 2013.

said the FBI has reported a high crime in your area, was a recording,call her a lot from different parts of USA

The caller was identified as anaheim ca
Reported 27th, Aug. 2013.
Dont treadonme

I actually picked up the phone when they called since I figured it was a telemarketer and I could F with them a little. It was. It was a company trying to get you to put a sign in your yard. Really? That was it. So I pressed 1 to "get more information" and a girl picked up asking if I wanted a sign in my yard. I said NO, I am on the do not call list and want to know whey they called me and that she is breaking the law. She read a script about how she only receives "incoming calls" and never made the outgoing call and Have a Nice Day.. and hung up on me. I assume that is supposed to be some sort of loophole by this company. At least I got to tell her that she sucked before she hung up on me!

The caller was identified as CA CALIFORNIA
Reported 28th, Aug. 2013.

They called non stop for two weeks, a couple times a day. One time, I told them I was on the do not call list, and the guy told me to F off! So, the next time they called, I played along (they were talking about home protection), and I stayed on long enough to find out the company was Protect America - they sell home alarm systems. Their phone number is 800-951-5111. Let them know how much you appreciate the calls!

The caller was identified as Cell Phone CA
Reported 29th, Aug. 2013.

Do not answer out state calls

Reported 5th, Sep. 2013.

I called this number back and got a message to press 1 to be removed from their list. So I did.I then call back about 20 more time and pressed 1 each time. Maybe if more people did this they might get the message. 

Reported 19th, Sep. 2013.

Talked about high crime in area. They were offering alarm system.

The caller was identified as Unknon
Reported 19th, Sep. 2013.

My cell phone keeps getting calls from this number. Ever since I got the cell, I am constantly plagued by telemarketer calls from all over the US, even though I am on the Do Not Call list. Is there a secret on how to stop the calls??? You can't just block phone numbers on the cell phone I have.

The caller was identified as unknown cell phone
Reported 20th, Sep. 2013.
Doc Watson

Reviews from some happy Protect America customers.....


Their phone is 800-951-5197 and their address is
1500 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Here's what Consumer Affairs has to say about these nice folks...


And from

Protect America is a full service home security company located in Austin, Texas. With over 20 years in the business, and being one of the largest home security companies in the nation, Protect America continues to grow. As a company dedicated to customer care and satisfaction, Protect America is

The caller was identified as Not Given, but Protect America
Reported 20th, Sep. 2013.

These people are harassing us. My husband asked to be taken off the list, we are on the do not call list and the caller argued with him and said he would not stop calling. My husband hung up but they keep calling.

Reported 21st, Sep. 2013.

Receive several calls a month from them. The first one I picked up because I have family in that area of CA. Heard a partial message then line went dead. I no longer answer the calls, and they never leave a message. Just call ofter

The caller was identified as Unkown
Reported 27th, Sep. 2013.
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