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Phone number: 713-425-2194 is located in Houston, Texas.

Its exchange 425 is managed by BROOKS FIBER PROPERTIES OF TEX.
The number is currently on switch number HSTNTX27DS1.
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 13th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 22 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "MAXIHEALTHCARE, Telemarketer"

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Called six times in a row (I never answered). Luckily, I can block callers with my phone.

The caller was identified as Maxim Healthcare
Reported 18th, Dec. 2013.
Stop Calling Me

Why can't these people be stopped?

Reported 27th, Dec. 2013.

Called my cell 6x within a matter of a minute or two. Did not recognize the number, did not answer, no voice msg. left. I suspected it to be a telemarketer and once I looked up the number online, it seems whoever it is has been busy since this is only 1/4/2014 and they've already got quite a few complaints logged against them. So glad my android phone allows me to block the calls automatically!

Reported 4th, Jan. 2014.

Calls several times a day. Does not leave message. I got fed up and held the phone for about a minute - heard a garbled sound on the other end - another few seconds and then THEY hung up. I put it on call Block. Thanks, Suddenlink!

The caller was identified as Maxim Healthcare
Reported 8th, Jan. 2014.

They call every 2 minutes. The caller ID says Maxihealthcare.They answer " Energy Conservation Program". I spoke with them they said that they were setting up home energy audits because they have $5000 in the American Reinvestment and Recovery Grants. They said that electric rates would be increasing by 50% - which I knew was bogus. They said that they were calling from the Global Green Call Center. They said they were under contract with Global Auditing. When I questioned them and told them that in Texas electric rates are deregulated and not set by the PUCT, they said we will put you on our "do not call list". I told them they we deceiving the public by saying the the PUCT predicts rate increase. I also informed them that electric rates are tied to the wholesale price of electricity and that those prices are low because natural gas prices are low. THEY ARE A SCAM - be cautious- Do NOT let them in your HOME>

The caller was identified as Energy Conservation Program
Reported 10th, Jan. 2014.

Laughed when I answered and keep calling all day long

The caller was identified as Houston
Reported 14th, Jan. 2014.

The caller was identified as maxihealthcare
Reported 16th, Jan. 2014.

I say hello 1 time and wait. I wait, and hold the phone until they hang up. They never say anything, just hold the phone line until they get tired of waiting I guess.

The caller was identified as no name on CID
Reported 22nd, Jan. 2014.

Called. One night 13 times in a row, I never answered. Tonight on 3rd call I answered, I didn't speak, then a woman ask to speak with M/M .. I told her to quit calling here & she hung up Has been calling off & on for weeks. Hopefully this will be last!

The caller was identified as Maximhealth Care
Reported 28th, Jan. 2014.

They call to ask you questions about your home to see if you "qualify" for "free" home weathering. They are bad people who are trying to get your personal information. They sound like a younger group of people, who got together to scam people. You can always hear people talking and laughing in the background. There are too many dishonest people out there!

The caller was identified as Energy Conservation Program
Reported 29th, Jan. 2014.

Similar to other posts, this number called 6 times back to back. I did not answer, and they left no message.

The caller was identified as Maxim Health Care
Reported 1st, Feb. 2014.

Calling every minute, not leaving a msg. I finally just answered and hung up real fast. No more calls, at least for the last few minutes. Their machine must be programmed to keep calling until you answer. Can this be made illegal?

Reported 4th, Feb. 2014.

Called six times in 15 minutes.

Reported 5th, Feb. 2014.

Two back-to-back calls to my cell phone on Saturday morning at 11:30. No caller ID, so I didn't answer. No message was left. Added to blocked numbers.

Reported 8th, Feb. 2014.

they call multiple times in 15 minutes

The caller was identified as maxihealth
Reported 11th, Feb. 2014.

I missed the first call on my cell line from this number.
Looked it up on Google as I usually do with unknown numbers.

Found sites like this with multiple reports of abuse orginating from this number.

Did not answer subsequent calls of which were about 11 or so over a period
of 30 minutes. They seemed to hang up after the 3rd or 4th ring.

Pisses me off they are still in operation. I use pre-pay cell phone so was d**n
sure to put my number on Do Not Call registry years ago. Still valid register too.
I'm not plagued by calls like this often but these jerks take the cake.

I went ahead and reported their number and abuse tactics at DO NOT CALL
registry but I doubt that will do any good as I'm sure others have as well.
Still in operation after months. They probablyi have a presidential waver from
King Obama.

The caller was identified as Unknown Scam operators
Reported 12th, Feb. 2014.

They called 8 times last night after 8 o'clock. My husband answered after we were fed up and just wanted it to stop. She asked for Mr and Mrs 'our last name' and he tells her he's house sitting, they're not here...yadda, yadda. Got it to stop. So today the same number calls again, earlier, just after 5, and it continues, so...major scam whoever they are...

The caller was identified as woman voice
Reported 13th, Feb. 2014.
Tired of it

These are a group of black Africans trying to get people's information, DON'T ANSWER. YOU'LL GET A $40.00 BILL JUST FOR THE FIRST MINUTE AND $25.00 FOR EVERY MINUTE THEREAFTER.

The caller was identified as Maximhealthcare
Reported 19th, Feb. 2014.

This number called 6 times back to back. Absolute harassment!!

Reported 20th, Feb. 2014.

Hey NSA, do something about these guys..called our house 7 times in 20min. Something about energy audit, tax credit...blah blah.

The caller was identified as Maxim Healthcare
Reported 20th, Feb. 2014.

Called us on Saturday morning 4 times in a row till I answered and told them yo stop harassing us and to never call again. We shall see

The caller was identified as Telemarketer
Reported 22nd, Feb. 2014.

These people call every 2 minutes I wish they would stop calling I already received like 12 calls from them back to back for the past 30 minutes they have been calling my number for the past few months and this is getting ridiculous!!!

Reported 24th, Feb. 2014.

They have called at least 8 times straight in a row(and are continue to call as I write). This is annoying....I do NOT intend to answer....Please register my complaint immediately!!!

The caller was identified as MAXIHEALTHCARE
Reported 27th, Feb. 2014.
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