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Phone number: 702-998-3416 is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Around 46% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 10th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 13 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "American Express, Mastercard Locked"

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I call the number back and I get a recording that the number is no longer in service.

The caller was identified as Private
Reported 12th, Jul. 2013.

Called my cell and said t hat I was approved for a loan and to call back

Reported 13th, Nov. 2013.
Quote Originally Posted by

Called my cell and said t hat I was approved for a loan and to call back

They claimed to be from Microsoft alerting us of a virus on our computer.... They tried to get us to the point where they could access the computer...
Obviously they are not from Microsoft as MS won't help you and if they do they charge you.
The people on the phone could barely speak English and knew their way around a computer must have been ex-call center people from India.

Reported 3rd, Dec. 2013.

was in the middle of the night didn't answer but when to try to trace my Google account wouldn't load because there was strange activity on my computer i hope I'm not getting hacked into by this number.

Reported 11th, Mar. 2014.

The caller was a recording. It stated " Your Mastercard bank debit card has been frozen. If you wish to speak to a customer representative press 1, or press 2 to end this call."
I chose 1, and a recording asked me to enter my 16 digit debit card account #. I hung up and tried to dial the caller back, but a recording answered saying the that "the line was no longer in service" is what I got.

No company / bank name was stated. Phishing Scam. Beware.

The caller was identified as Recording no name
Reported 12th, Mar. 2014.

Answered the phone and a computer recording said that one of my accounts had been locked and to unlock the account I needed to start by entering the 16 digit account number, as soon as I heard that I hung up.

The caller was identified as Computer
Reported 25th, Mar. 2014.

Automated call asking to activate my new mastercard by entering the card number. I have a new credit card comming, but it is a Visa...I hung up without giving any info. Calling attorney general and giving them the number to investigate.

The caller was identified as don't recall
Reported 25th, Mar. 2014.

As soon as I heard the recording say something about a MasterCard (which I don't have), I hung up. Like other people, I called back but a recording told me the number was no longer in service. Complete scam.

Reported 25th, Mar. 2014.
Reported 30th, Mar. 2014.

**** SCAM or Tele-marketer*****

Saw new voice-mail on my cell. Message was:

" This is *mumble-mumble* reporting suspicious activity on your MASTERCARD account. It has been locked. To unlock it now please press1 ..."

Great news since I DON'T have a MASTERCARD.

Reported 31st, Mar. 2014.

As others have described, I received a call from an automated caller telling me that my Mastercard showed suspicious activity and that I must "press 1" to unlock my card. I don't have a Mastercard either!

The caller was identified as Mastercard Locked
Reported 31st, Mar. 2014.
Concerned from Las Vegas

Today, I got the call from this number. 702-998-3416

A female computer voice gave me a warning " We have noticed some activity on your MasterCard debit account and have restricted the card. To gain access have use of the card, please press "1", Now enter your 16 digit card number.

I entered 1111-1111-1111-1111, hoping to get the "Error in the number, please enter again or press * to a rep", nope never did and it kept asking for me to enter the card number.

Three things tipped me off to this being purely a scam to high-jack CC numbers.

1) no name of the Bank or CC company
2) No way to get to a representative
3) I don't have a MasterCard Debit card...SCAMMMMMMMMMM

Hope this helps others.

The caller was identified as UNKNOWN
Reported 1st, Apr. 2014.
Paul C.

recorded message says: "your MasterCard is locked". but then asks you to go to security department and enter your account number. there is no option to speak with a customer service rep when I call the number back it says the number has been changed or is no longer in working order.

Reported 4th, Apr. 2014.

I received a call from this number, an automated caller claiming they were from American Express - saying sorry to report that my card was compromised. I just disconnected the call.

The caller was identified as American Express
Reported 29th, Apr. 2014.
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