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Phone number: 702-900-0845 is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Around 30% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 3rd person to search for it here.The number has a total of 10 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "soheil, N/A"

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Ana G

Caller said I won some prize.......she asked for another person's name and wanted my name, which I didn't provide.

Reported 15th, Jan. 2014. | Complain this number
Phone call

2/12/14. I received a call for 2-3 weeks from (702) 900-0845 w/ no voice messages. I went to a bridal convention in Vegas & they got my # somehow! They start asking personal questions right away so I stopped them & cut to the chase. They ask you to attend a 120 minute meeting about timeshares & they say you're not obligated to buy. I've attended 1 timeshare meeting & the experience was bad. They are pushy & aggressive! They will give you a gift in the end. This one said a round trip flight for 2 in the US blah blah. I said I wasn't interested & asked to be taken off all lists.

The caller was identified as Not sure
Reported 12th, Feb. 2014. | Complain this number

I can tell you exactly what this is...i entered my name to win a trip to disney at a chinese food store. This number called me weeks later telling me i won. I was excited... they asked me questions and it just weird. I told my friend i was with and she told me exactly what it was because she got suckered into working at one when she was younger they scammed her out of her check and moved the office. Leaving a group of employees with waisted time and no pay check and moving on to a new set of free labor. Anyways, thats not it is that is just how i know this.... It is a thing where u do get the free hotel ext you just have to see the time share presentation. Which iis a lie that you won they call everyone. They ask if your married, own or rent a house, and if you are over twenty five to see if you are statictically someone who would buy a time share. I wasnt so they said they would call back ans never did. so unless yu want to stay in a raggy hotel down the street from your house and be pressured to buy a time share just dont even answer!! Youre welcome lol.

The caller was identified as megan
Reported 25th, Mar. 2014. | Complain this number

"You won a prize, come to a timeshare presentation." Enough said.

The caller was identified as Not Sure
Reported 7th, Apr. 2014. | Complain this number

They called my house several times. I was transferred to a "supervisor" . I was told that there are 50 people in office and she didnt know who i was talking to. Got a call back again today and the same person Ray was on the other line. HUUUGE ATTITUDE SCAAAAAAAm

The caller was identified as RAY
Reported 19th, Apr. 2014. | Complain this number

I keep getting calls from this number. They never leave voicemails and when I do answer they hang up immediately before I even get a chance to say hello.

Reported 22nd, Apr. 2014. | Complain this number

From 702-900-0845, A woman called me yesterday 4/28/14 at 7pm exactly like you guys. my english is not well but i understood that i won some prize of $1000. She had my Email. and my name, of course, she did not know how to pronounce it well Also she asked me if I am single or married and My wife and me were invited to something, But my wife is on holiday in other country so she will try to call me again. I asked her send me all information to my Email but she has not sent still anything.

Reported 29th, Apr. 2014. | Complain this number

Same thing as Above. You won a trip to somewhere in US except hawaii. Are you married? Over 25?

Reported 21st, Jul. 2014. | Complain this number

One word: scam!!! Phone call 7/23/2014 . The guy on the phone, dillen said you won $ 2,000 for a trip. I was confused because I did not recall entering a contest. So I asked him how is it that I won this prize. This guy then asked if I was over 25 and happily married because the requirements to get this prize was to be over 25 and married. I Quickly reply I am 21 and no, I am not married. Then at this point i have a feeling that this is scam. I was about to hang up my phone but I wanted to investigate more. I then asked, how is it that I won this prize when I don't meet the requirements. As soon as I asked this question he began to studder like a little girl. He responds, " I don't know how you won. My job is only to inform individuals about their prizes. Someone probably enter your name into this contest. But you can send someone that meets the requirements to pick up your prize". At this point, I am like seriously. I continued with his little game and I asked where should they pick up the prize. He responds at the jockey club on 3700 Las Vegas blvd 89109. After that, I gave him bs and I hung up. So people don't fall for this.

Reported 23rd, Jul. 2014. | Complain this number

does any one applied for car in medows mall ?
I did sign for car and I received call from those guys with same questions

The caller was identified as soheil
Reported 1st, Jan. 2015. | Complain this number
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