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Phone number: 701-248-1374 is located in Minto, North Dakota.

Its exchange 248 is managed by QWEST CORPORATION - ND.
The number is currently on switch number MINTNDBARS2.
Around 40% of people reported it as "Telemarketer".
You are the 26th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 50 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "not available, Marketing Fraud"

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I have asked several times to be removed and am always hung up on by the rude workers here.

The caller was identified as Bill
Reported 1st, Jul. 2013.


This telephone number (along with many others) belongs to a public telecom utility named CallerId4u Inc. These telephone numbers are used for illegal telemarketing calls. In addition, CallerID4u profits from these calls by entering into revenue sharing agreements with the telemarketers who conduct these illegal calls.





The caller was identified as Minton, ND
Reported 9th, Jul. 2013.

This number calls me 4 to 5 times a day while at work....IT HAS TO STOP!!!! I am on the NO Call List...what can I do to stop this????

Reported 11th, Jul. 2013.


The caller was identified as Telemarketer
Reported 16th, Jul. 2013.


The caller was identified as MINTO MD
Reported 16th, Jul. 2013.

Number keeps calling doesn't leave a message

The caller was identified as insaccount
Reported 19th, Jul. 2013.
Busy Lady at work

filed complaint with FCC, keep calling work # which is on the do not call registry

The caller was identified as voice recording for Google?
Reported 24th, Jul. 2013.

They call us two or three times a day! No message left. What's the point?
If you don't make any money from me why keep calling?

The caller was identified as INSACCOUNT
Reported 24th, Jul. 2013.

Do Not Call Registry doesn't work properly anymore. I suggest Do Not Answer, which is what we do here. We have a business and 90% of our calls these days are junk.

The caller was identified as Insaccount
Reported 25th, Jul. 2013.

Called our work/office number. Automated message about low-cost health insurance from United Healthcare. Pressed the button to be removed from list- will see if it works.

The caller was identified as INSACCOUNT
Reported 30th, Jul. 2013.
pissed off over and over

Just f***ing stop already!
What is wrong with you 2-4 times a day calling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you get this at your house 24hrs a day for the rest of your life

Reported 30th, Jul. 2013.

please stop these people from calling they do not know what no means

The caller was identified as minto nd
Reported 30th, Jul. 2013.

You folks think the crooks read your complaints, or if they did, that they would give a *&%#$? If they call, don't answer, if you answer, don't speak with them, hang up immediately and NEVER call them back. That's what they want.

"The only trouble with common sense is that it's not very common."
-Mark Twain

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 2nd, Aug. 2013.

Continual calls after placing my business number on their DO NOT CALL LIST and being on the National Do Not Call List. None of which does any good.

The caller was identified as Unknown telemarketers
Reported 8th, Aug. 2013.
State Govt

I've been getting a call from a recorded system about insurance quotes. This is my office number, state agency.

The caller was identified as InsAcct
Reported 14th, Aug. 2013.

I have had numerous calls, and on previous occasions, I have selected the removal option. Which did not seem to work.

so today I pressed 1 to talk to an agent, they asked if I wanted a quote and I replied no, I would like to make a complaint.

The girl immediately hung up.

The caller was identified as United Health Care
Reported 22nd, Aug. 2013.

Blow a loud alarm or ear-piercing whistle and when they answer! They can't exactly file a complaint, since they are illegal.

The caller was identified as Kay
Reported 22nd, Aug. 2013.
AB in Santa Barbara

Easy Fix:

On your mobile, create a JUNK CALL contact.

With this new JUNK CALL contact, choose "send immediately to voice mail" option.

Then, highlight this number until the mobile asks if it should add it to existing. Add it to JUNK CALL contact.

Do it with every junk call. Always works. They give up.

The caller was identified as No Idea
Reported 22nd, Aug. 2013.
1 bad m**o

Paul Maduno President/CEO [email protected] 206-397-1801

Viviana Rameriz/ Complaint Dept. Viviana Rameriz [email protected] 206-397-1809

[email protected] or 206-792-9399 (call to complain)

The other numbers are their direct numbers to the corporate office. Call them as often as you can or want. See how they like it!!!! Smile and dial. Tell your friends and family to call their direct numbers also. Pass it!!!

The caller was identified as no one to me
Reported 23rd, Aug. 2013.

These people call 3-4 times a day and leave no message. We are
sick of it!! We are on the Do Not Call list; why does this come
through?? If they won't stop calling, can we block their number??
Please advise. We are seniors and do not have the time nor
inclination for all of this.
Thank you.

The caller was identified as Insaccount
Reported 27th, Aug. 2013.
kim troyer

I have called their compliant line and they assured me that they would remove my number. I am still getting calls

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 3rd, Sep. 2013.

maybe we all ought to keep calling the complaint line for revenge :-)

Reported 4th, Sep. 2013.

Keeps calling....we are on do not call registry. Cannot get off their call list.

The caller was identified as East Texas Spa
Reported 4th, Sep. 2013.
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