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Phone number: 661-748-0241 is located in Bakersfield, California.

Around 35% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 53th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 104 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "+1 (661) 748-0240 Palmdale Area, 661-7487-0240"

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Terry B

When I answer the calls from this number no one is one the other end. When I call this number back I get the message that the call can't be completed because I am trying to reach a skype number.

The caller was identified as none
Reported 11th, Apr. 2013.
Jack T.

Cold called on behalf of Playboy to let me know that as such a good customer, I was going to receive several free things.
If they can get you to say yes and they confirm your address they will send you several things which will not be free. It plays upon the greed for free things at first and the embarrassment of the victim after the fact. A variation on this scam involves calling a business and trying to convince a shipping clerk to accept a "free" roll of tape. then sending a bill for $500 dollars to the business/manager and threatening to sue if not paid.

The caller was identified as Skype User
Reported 6th, May. 2013.

Say approved for gov grant frm army. Waitin on va to pay for part of my school. Need 285 to verify it me will b reinbursted so my money would be 7785 .then 609 to fix faults on credit. , 2 people maybe three. The other numbers r 2024079059. 2026979394. 661748 0241.

The caller was identified as michal tomasz, and shimrit cohen
Reported 10th, May. 2013.

i got a call at 17:06 for a total of 15 times, but i never picked up.... WTF..... Shows up as "Palmdale Area"....

The caller was identified as Nick
Reported 23rd, May. 2013.

I receive 3-4 calls a day from this number at my work, they never leave a message and I never answer.

Reported 30th, May. 2013.
Najeea smallwood

Calls me all hours of the night asking me to pay for upgrade in my laptop. Constant calling

The caller was identified as Brandon
Reported 30th, May. 2013.

From all the reports I see online about this number it does seem to be a Skype type number???

I made an order from overseas and it is being shipped through DHL. Checking their website I see the package arrived in the hub in Ohio and has been shipped to me. The call stated that the package would be here in two days and someone had to be here to sign.

So it doe make sense that this is a blank number showed by Skype or some type of service like that?? You would think that DHL would have their our number!!!!

The caller was identified as DHL
Reported 9th, Jul. 2013.

Sent me a fraudulent check for the amount of 1,280 dollars.. Told me to take 400 out of that as payment and send the rest to a person in DC.. This is the e-mail:[email protected]

Reported 16th, Jul. 2013.

(Name is as follows: itechsolution78 .... 661-748-0241)

Called 7:14 PM on July 12th. Some company from India making claims about Windows and anti-virus. My husband had trouble understanding the Indian's English language and still ended up downloading a program called "TeamViewer" (an .exe file, that also came from another computer, so not a bonafide company) onto our computer. Luckily I discovered what he had done and he didn't install it. They said they were subcontractors for Microsoft (a lie). Really? Where is their website? They don't have one or else they would direct you to it.

Even though TeamViewer is a bonafide program (see Wikipedia), you do not want to download it and have some company you don't even know take control of your computer remotely. See the problem?

They called back again from an earlier call to my husband. I caught them on the phone and told them to never call back again.

The caller was identified as itechsolution78
Reported 18th, Jul. 2013.

I was trying to purchase a Siberian husky off of breeders.net I found Laura's huskies located in New York New York. A few emails were sent back and forth and the person told me they relocated to Florida. I asked then to call me to speak about the puppy and the number that called me was 661-748-0241 and the guy sounded Indian. When I tried to call back it was a recording saying it was a Skype number. These people are supposedly shipping me a puppy and I'm to be contacted by the animal delivery agency to whom I need to pay the price for the puppy as well as the $100 delivery charge.

Reported 31st, Jul. 2013.

called no message or no answer

The caller was identified as Palmdale area
Reported 5th, Aug. 2013.

unwanted call

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 22nd, Aug. 2013.
John Judge

Called at 3:30AM, of course I did not pick up, but work the whole family. - This person needs to get a serious attitude adjustment with a large foot.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 26th, Aug. 2013.

several calls from number left no message when i attempted to call back it was a skype number

Reported 26th, Aug. 2013.

Said he was from Walmart. Asked me if I new who Walmart is. Told him he called a business line and he quickly hung up.

Reported 13th, Sep. 2013.

will not stop calling and hanging up on me keeps telling me he can not take me off of his call list I said bullshit.
they have been calling for over an hour. every 15 -30 seconds
661-748-0241 661748-0240 says he is with wells fargo credit card machine sales. told him i do not want one to stop.calling

he had the nerve to call back to say its me agian. I cant take you off my list. So I hung up. OMG I am not answering the phone letting the caller id come up before i do and its them. on all 3 lines they are keeping all other calls from getting thru. OMG

Reported 1st, Oct. 2013.

I just paid for a Skype phone service, I called my cell phone and the number that came up was 661-748-0240. I hung up and called a second time, the number changed to 661-748-0241. I tried to call the number, to see if I had my own phone number, and it said, it was a Skype user number.

Hope this helps

The caller was identified as mine
Reported 7th, Oct. 2013.

says they want to purchase our products wholesale

Reported 1st, Nov. 2013.

This number called our home and all I could hear was horrible static. I called this number back - got a recording THE NUMBER YOU HAVE DIALED IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE OR IS DISCONNECTED. IF YOU FEEL THIS IS AN ERROR CHECK THE NUMBER AND DIAL AGAIN. 0000000 - I hung up
Not sure who this is, I have read many reports ranging from CAR REPO company to SKYPE caller to Scammers from China and India. Seems somehow the scammers are making this number appear on caller ID yet that is not the real number they are calling from. How does a person make a call from a number the phone company says is disconnected?>>>

The caller was identified as NO PERSON THERE
Reported 9th, Nov. 2013.

This number has probably called me over 100 times in the last few months. Whenever I answer they hang up.

Reported 10th, Nov. 2013.
John B

They called for the person who previously had my phone number. After I explained that I am a Presbyterian Minister and have had the number for 3 months, along with never having met this individual - the caller (Asian) asked if could get a message to her. I then asked for someone who understood English.

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 14th, Nov. 2013.

I receive 3-4 calls a day from this number at my work and home, they never leave a message and I never answer.

Reported 20th, Nov. 2013.
Jimmy P.

Recorded call claiming I had inquired about transporting a car and they had trucks in my area. Identified as South Beach Transport. I didn't call them nor do I need those services.

The caller was identified as South Beach Transport
Reported 21st, Nov. 2013.
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