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Phone number: 657-202-6971 is located in Anaheim, California.

Around 45% of people reported it as "Telemarketer".
You are the 15th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 20 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Alliance, Jeffery health insurance"

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Location was identified as unavailable, so they must have something to hide.

Reported 23rd, Jul. 2012.

Received numerous calls from this number, no contact on the line, just dead air. No Not Call List apparently is not working with robo calling. Congress needs to stop robo calling- my number is even unlisted, and still getting calls.

Reported 27th, Jul. 2012.

Received numberous calls from this number, dead air. Do not Call - needs to stop robo calling. My number is unlisted .

Reported 27th, Jul. 2012.
Tim Harrington

Keeps calling answering machine and hangs up! Tired of being HARASSED by this robo calling!

The caller was identified as TIm Harrington
Reported 3rd, Aug. 2012.

Claim's I order medical supplies online told him i didn't keeps calling anyway?????

Reported 11th, Aug. 2012.

This number calls multiple times a night

Reported 18th, Oct. 2012.

Calls 3 times a day.

Business telephone.

The caller was identified as Diabetes Services
Reported 19th, Nov. 2012.

stop calling me while im at work

Reported 20th, Nov. 2012.

Still calling.......one of 6 numbers for this company using auto dial. Actually called THEM back and still could not get the calls to stop!

The caller was identified as Alliance Health
Reported 28th, Nov. 2012.

They call up to 5 times per day, starting at 8AM!
They say hello and then HANG UP!

The caller was identified as alliance health
Reported 6th, Dec. 2012.

They call me every day. Bout 6 times and never from the same # bout to get tired of it. STOP CALLING ME.

The caller was identified as Alliance health
Reported 12th, Dec. 2012.

Im getting the same calls fraid I responded to free Disneyland tickets on Facebook gave someone my info big mistake
No I did not get the free Disney tickets just endless calls from all over the nation

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 24th, Dec. 2012.

They call every day almost 3 times a day. I told them I am on a do not call list I will turn them into the FTC. They still keep calling.

The caller was identified as Allinace Health
Reported 27th, Dec. 2012.

I also get calls from this number multiple times every day. If you block the number it just calls you from another number. I am also on the do not call list, doesn't seem to be doing any good.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 11th, Jan. 2013.

Repeated calls to cell phone, will not leaave voice mail

The caller was identified as Alliance Health
Reported 31st, Jan. 2013.
Peter B

Called numerous times and never left message. Finally I answered and discovered was marketing call for "low or no cost medical supplies". I requested multiple times that they remove my number from their list and each time the response was "we will call back at a better time" to which I would reply there will never be a better time remove my number. This went on for ten minutes until they hung up on me.

The caller was identified as Alliance Health
Reported 7th, Feb. 2013.

Keep calling. Don't know who this is, but we are on DO NOT CALL list. Evidently they don't care. And gov is not enforcing the DNC.

The caller was identified as swcrafter
Reported 13th, Feb. 2013.
Steve G

Who is this and why do they keep calling? My phone number is on a do not call list and I have asked these people to put me on a do not call list. This is harassment.

The caller was identified as Alliance Health
Reported 15th, Feb. 2013.

The reason i ever got calls from this number, is when i did gpt sites. The guy's name is Jeffery, and of course is a robocaller. If you're at gpt sites, i advise you not to do artheritis connect or alliance health offers.
I tried to play a trick on him with a soundboard when he called, and his voice changed into an evil low toned low pitched voice, and he mean mouthed me, i couldn't understand what he said. Obviously this guy/robot has to be stopped. He also called me from a completed different number, which represented a completely different, unrelated company, i think it was education or something. Same guy, same introduction every time the machine or whatever calls.

The caller was identified as Jeffery health insurance
Reported 27th, Feb. 2013.

These fools have called me using numerous different phone numbers all week and will not stop. I was looking for health insurance and unfortunately, they learned of my interest. I have found some and no longer want to have anything to do with these idiots. Even if I liked what they had to offer, I would not do business with them and now I can't get rid of them. BE GONE!!!!!!

The caller was identified as Alliance
Reported 10th, Apr. 2013.
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