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  Gomez Bin Laden
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  Prison/Jail Collect Call

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(650) 543-**** Phone Numbers

Near San Jose, California
Issued by U.s. Telepacific Corp. - Ca

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 1999.

While 6505434800 was originally issued with the info above, the owner of the phone number (650) 543-4800 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

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I know this person. Renante Asuncion Benito. Address 14 Banna Sinimar,. Llocos Norte Philippines...639275288150 is last number. reinbenito86@gmail.com is his email acct. This is on his WhatsApp .told me it's for business. My name is James 9123371707 if you need to talk to me.


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[Reply]   May 22, 2019

Caller name: gomez bin laden

Caller type: Prison/Jail Collect Call

Another ILLEGAL ALIEN SCUM - Are all 15 million "REPORTED" illegal ALIEN SCUM bags allowed to scam tax paying Americans? What is in it for you and me? Are you kidding me? It does not make any sense. Am i misunderstanding the word ILLEGAL ?? If i make one little tiny mistake driving on the roads it cost ME OVER $100 - Plus driver Lic points, plus increased insurance fees, ETC. I have seen road signs that say $500 fine for littering - Imagine entering ANY country Illegally and then try to compare that ILLEGAL act compared to other ILLEGAL acts like - littering - running a red light - fraud - passing a bad check - Driving with no Lic or insurance - ILLEGAL trespassing . It is certainly a worse crime than those so just where does this ILLEGAL act compare to the others like - breaking and entering - assault - hit and run - etc? Think about that and make your own list and see what you come up with. Get a couple of your friends and toss that idea around. The last report i heard is ILLEGAL ALIENS cost American tax payers $133 BILLION last year to handle their list of services provided and supervision.

Let's not forget what other things can and do happen once they are here .... ILLEGALLY. That is a very, VERY big list including crimes, using our hospitals, our schools, food stamps, having babies on our soil and using other services that OUR tax dollars SHOULD be used on TRUE American citizens who need that help. Our available tax dollars are being watered down big time. Who knows what other ILLEGAL ALIEN, terrorist type A-holes are doing. The 9-11 idiots and the Boston marathon bombers sure screwed us. Are these and other ILLEGAL ALIENS being allowed in by the MILLIONS just so that a certain political party can benefit from increased votes? Well, in my mind that is ** FREAKING TREASON. ** WTF ....Using our American tax dollars to enhance voting numbers and their agenda. Just where does this disgusting c**p stop? Keep your eyes and mind open !! Somebody is letting this stuff happen and i'm NOT seeing how this is a good thing for the REAL Americans who built this place. What is wrong with a VERY strict VISA and immigration system that simply benefits ALL true AMERICANS logically and financially. Come on .... if they want "IN" on a good thing then we should TWIST AND TWIST that WHOLE system to benefit YOU AND ME and our families. We could pick and choose quality applicants which makes total sense to me. Correct me if i'm wrong but last time i looked we had a national debt over 17 trillion dollars ( that's just cancer times 10).

Ok, think about this one. Basically without getting into details, It is the civic DUTY for all Americans to be available to be summoned by the courts for jury duty. If you never answer that summons you will be " in contempt of court" and have a warrant placed for your arrest. No American court will accept persons to serve for jury duty if you can't speak or write the English language. So, 99% of all the ILLEGAL ALIEN ROACHES are never chosen for court duty which means you and me have to carry THEIR load. ** LEGAL ** immigration citizens are required to pass an overall test for citizenship qualification .....and DON'T get citizenship ** UNTIL ** they pass it.

My next rant would be how money is being allowed to corrupt our political system....and it is getting worse every year. The answer is simple. Remove ALL the money OR at least equalize the playing field (for all candidates) just like any professional sporting system. You just can't expect a fair system if one team has MORE money so therefore they can tweak all the rules AND buy all the PLAYERS they choose. Pro sport leagues like baseball, football and basketball all realized this many yrs ago and implemented rules to SOLVE that problem. Somehow our political people (mostly slimy lawyers) have succeeded to keep control by organizing which means their big $$ pockets make the rules and twist the system in EVERY way they can get away with. Let's be real here. Most of the lawyers are money sucking scum and most politicians are lawyers so DON'T EVER FORGET THAT !! Donald Trump is NOT a lawyer and has NEVER been a politician so that is BIG in my book. I think Donald Trump is RIGHT and he will do something about it.

- may

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[Reply]   March 31, 2016

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