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Name: Temnit E Jacob
##### Oneida Blvd
Oak Park, MI 48237

#### Po Box
Huntingtn Wds, MI 48070

Name: John M Frohne
#### S Ellis Ave
Chicago, IL 60653

#### E Anderson Dr
Palatine, IL 60074

(630) 318-**** Phone Numbers

Near Big Rock, IL
Issued by Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 1997.

While 6303184762 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (630) 318-4762 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 38% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 270th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 227 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Century link, who knows?".

User Complaints for 630-318-4762

Told me Federal Government has authorized me to receive a grant for $7000. When I asked how they got my name he hung up! He had a foreign accent.

- Anonymous
New Jersey

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[Reply] August 26, 2016

Caller name: richard white or Brsndon Gabriel

FBI, Telecommunications bureau, please catch these ILLEGAL criminals...They get thrills out of harassment! ..They are committing crimes posing as policeman, sheriffs, Attorney General of California by stating you have a federal crime against you and proceed to tell you all of your personal information....what DEMONS!!.WE HAVE TO STOP THESE VERMITS right in their tracks!!!...be aware of various numbers they call from, they are all connected... (illinous, Pa, tx, NY, RI, )

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply] September 10, 2014

Caller name: Unknown Name

Call was taken by another person in the house.

Asked if we had a security system.

Responded that was all taken care of and hung up.

Security system calls worry me because I beleive they could be surveys to determine which people they could rob and this was the second one I received in about three days but i beleive the other was from a different number.

However with this second call I took notice.

The other one said they were from "GE security
And wanted to know what kind of security system we had.

I responded i dont discuss that and hung up.

Clearly based on other reports this particulary number is used for various scams and has only a few oprrators who laugh and worse so it does seem like a group of criminals and not a professional telemarketing group .

- tn resident

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[Reply] February 4, 2015

Caller name: "Not Available"

A woman with an accent, maybe Indian, called me from this number. Said she was with Dell. Said that when I purchased my Dell computer I also purchased one of their extended service packages for $199, and that Dell has a new policy whereby they are refunding everyone their extended service package payments back...This is obviously a scam. Not to mention I don't buy those bullshit packages for a $300 computer. I figure if a $300 Dell lasts me a year I made out. Anyhow...She pretended to connect me to her "supervisor". The "supervisor" tried to get me to press some buttons on my computer (Windows button plus the letter R) that she said would allow her to create a secure link with my computer that would allow her to refund my money. I kept asking her how it works but she couldn't really tell me. Just kept saying that I should press the buttons and she would just show me how. This makes me nervous. They must already have some personal info on me to access my computer... She also wanted me to verify a number on my computer. It was either the Service Tag number or the Express Service Code, can't remember. When I lied and told her I couldn't find it that did not seem to deter her- She really wanted me to press the Windows button plus the letter R together. I told her a had customers and had to call her back. She seemed pissed and gave me some bogus number (I tried calling it and it was no longer in service) and hung up on me.

- Heather

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[Reply] August 30, 2016

called left no message

- gb

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[Reply] January 25, 2016

Caller name: Illinois Caller

There was nobody on the other line when I answered. Not even a sound.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] September 16, 2014

Caller wants to give me a 7000.00 govt grant. Said she can send it by western union or put it in checking acct or debit card. I knew it was a scam, but was curious.Told her I would choose western union, and she gave me phone number 253-218-1547 and code AK 405. I knew better than to call, because some scams con you into calling a number and several hundred dollars is charged to your phone bill.

- John

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[Reply] June 19, 2015

I got a call from this number by a recording claiming to be the IRS and that they were suing me. Then it recited a long "department number before hanging up". Maybe they were just hoping for a callback to validate the number.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 3, 2016

Caller name: IL, USA

After skimming a few of the messages, I want to report that these scammers have a new tactic. I just received a robocall telling me that my Direct Express debit card had been frozen and to press 1 for the Security Dept. Direct Express is the card for direct deposit federal benefits. Luckily I don't receive any benefits so I knew immediately that some thing us and hung up. Seems to me the govt should be able to shut this number down if they are trying to commit fraud in the govt's name???

- Ed

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[Reply] June 22, 2015

Caller name: ez finance you are eligible for 10 to 20000

My family has been woken up between 5am and 630am every day for 2 weks...not to mention I receive a proxy 12 calls a day. if I don't answer they keep calling one after another till I do. Man with thick Indian accent is the one calling. every time I say to take me off the no call list or ask why he I calling me at 5am or say I'm not interested and stop calling I get a hang up mid sentence followed by 3 to 4 unknown calls right after with as soon as you answer they hang up.....I am looking my mind with these aholes!!! There has to be some sort of legal action that can be taken...this is insane

- angela

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[Reply] February 6, 2015

Caller name: Big Rock, IL 603-3184762

Spanish (?) woman calls saying my computer has to be fixed. It has been hacked.
Same voice has calls about 2 times a week for several weeks. Keep telling her to not
call again, my computer is fine!!!! and hang up. Is there any way I can block this type of call??? I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST but doesn't seem to be helping !

- Saucier

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[Reply] September 5, 2016

My cellphone rang twice this afternoon. This phone number showed up on Caller ID each time. No message was left on VM the first time. I declined the call the second time. I blocked the number after the second call.

I used to report these calls to the FCC and no-call lists, but I stopped. These agencies are obviously powerless against spoofed phone numbers. That needs to change.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] June 24, 2015

Got this call from an male with Indian accent. He told me he is calling from Grants department in Washington DC. I immediately realized he is a defrauder, since his Phone ID showed from Big Rock, IL. I told him that I know he is a cheater and hang on the phone. Two hours later, I received a call without caller ID. I answered the phone, but other end was silent. About one hour later, my phone rang again, another Indian male talked with arrogance. "This is US government, grant department. you must answer my question". I told him "go to h**l". Then I called 630-318-4762. A voice said "That is a non-working phone number."

- BX
New Jersey

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[Reply] September 8, 2016

Indian male said it was a $10k grant. From the us grant department.. needed my account numbers. I said this call is being recoreded, what you're doing is illegal and I'm taking this to the fbi which is my brother. He hung up.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 17, 2016

Says he is calling on behalf of the well fitness for Seniors, I told him I am not a senior, he ask how old I was, I said 47, he said "Oh I'm sorry , you sound 67" Grrrrr I am on a do not call list, , told them do not call me, so next time they call I am cussing the rude ppl out!!

- Audrey Lopez

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[Reply] April 17, 2014

This number called me. The man had an Indian accent. He said he was from the Windows software department and that they've been receiving errors messages from my computer. And that my computer isn't running efficiently because of it. He said he wasn't authorized to go into my computer but he could help me locate the issue that was deep, deep inside my computer. I asked how did he even know I owned a computer? He said because of the error messages!. I then said that's strange, it's coming from Windows? He said yes. I said I'm not running Windows. He got very nervous and started stumbling over his words. I then started yelling that I consider the call harassment and not to call again.

I'm a Mac user.

- Denise S.
New Jersey

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[Reply] June 29, 2015

Caller name: Unavailable

This number calls constantly 3 to 4 times a day. I have reported it to Nomorobo and also to my Comcast phone. They call late at night early in the morning and I just ignore it.

New Jersey

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[Reply] September 10, 2016

Caller name: Big Rock, IL

I answered the phone and nobody responded.

- Zeke

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[Reply] February 19, 2016

When i answer w/ our standard business greeting female caller hung up.

- ruth stern

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[Reply] October 1, 2014

Keep calling claiming they are with MICROSOFT Technologies saying my computer has a virus and they need access to scan it. I keep telling them I will call the police if they don't stop calling me and harrassing me with these scams!!!!

- MAD AS h**l

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[Reply] September 15, 2016

I've been receiving 2 to 3 calls daily from an unknown number, for about the past week. I installed an app to reject unknown callers, and this morning it blocked an unknown number, then a private number, then they called back from 630-318-4762, all in the span of about 1 minute, and it blocked them again. Good app, but these clowns need a life.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 24, 2016

Caller name: eric

He is always nonsense keeps on talking

- jhuma

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[Reply] April 30, 2014

Caller name: IL, USA

This c**p is so annoying. I can't understand the heavy Indian accent these people have. The guy who kept calling was not nice to me at all said his name was Mike. Yea, ok. Today it was a woman. I can't even user stand who they say they are calling for. She said she was calling from Washington, D.C. Umm, no. With all of the computer techs we have in this world, why can't they stop this? And what is the point anyway? Morons.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] July 10, 2015

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