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(630) 318-**** Phone Numbers

Near Big Rock, IL
Issued by Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 1997.

While 6303184762 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (630) 318-4762 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 38% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 187th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 213 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il, Big Rock IL".

User Complaints for 630-318-4762

Caller name: IL, USA

Claiming to be the IRS. Final attempt to reach me and a lawsuit is going to be filed. Call back number of (202)657-5797

- no name
United States

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[Reply] December 11, 2014

Caller name: Dip shit

When I ask to put my number on do not call he hung up. This time I was polite, usually I tell these a******s to just go f**k themselves. So much for the taxes we pay and the piss poor operation of govt agency's ....FCC , National Do not call.

- Dave Kent

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[Reply] December 11, 2014

They called and said they have $100 gift card and free healthy products for me. And then asked me to leave my address and ID number. I hanged up the phone. After that they keep calling me everyday. They are very very very annoying.

- Kaitlyn

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[Reply] December 13, 2014

Caller name: Didnt answer

this number keeps calling me. I finally blocked it this morning.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 16, 2014

They called about a credit card offer. When I said I was on the no-call list and they shouldn't be calling me, the jerk hung up on me. I tried to call them back and couldn't get through. I got a recording saying the number "is not assigned yet."

- Jane

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[Reply] December 30, 2014

This number keeps calling. Leaves no message. Very annoying and creepy.

- Naoki

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[Reply] January 6, 2015

Called asking about a credit card i used and insisted i give them the security pin and the expiration date on the card. Didn't give it to them, and hung up, they've called 3 times in 5 minutes

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 9, 2015

This number called me and told me I was randomly chosen to receive free government grant money. When I told him I didn't believe him, he said "why am I talking to you then?" I responded with "because you called my phone and I amswered it." He then proceeded to be very rude and inconsiderate. I wish they'd stop calling....

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 9, 2015

Caller name: anonymous

wanted to know exp. date on credit card to lower interest rate. didn't know which credit card bank it was issued from either. reported this to credit card fraud hot line and also to my local news tip hot line. BUSTED! Now it will go out on local news with info. to look out for. Word of mouth BOOM!!!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 9, 2015

Caller name: oops fu

yeah right on you stuppid s***s who answer to imbicilty...u deserve the pain... i am posting this bcause i waste fcking time am a COMMENT junky O FREAKING GOD DO THEY HAVE COMMENT POSTERS ANONYMOUS? i need fcking help

- goofy gangly jr.

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[Reply] January 12, 2015

To stop them, and so many others, I used the feature in my home phone provider company to "Exclusive call forwarding". I made this the phone number that other unwanted calls should forward to. Thus, I programmed other unwanted phone numbers to call to this number. In short, one spammer after another is calling that spammer!

- Kirameistert

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[Reply] January 20, 2015

Caller name: Out of Area


I called it back on blocked, muted line and got a message that was like a "mix tape" of official sounding c**p:
"You have reached 6303184762 that is not assigned yet...The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time please hang up and try your call again later.....(THEN THE NOT ACCEPTING CALLS THING AGAIN IN SPANISH).....Message 24 NY 01 UL" - - - then it disconnects.

Phone shows the number as dialed is in IL. THIS IS BAD NEWS.


- WTF!!!!!!!!
New York

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[Reply] January 23, 2015

Caller name: Big Rock, IL

Woman with an Indian accent called to tell me that I was eligible for free government grant money. Knew it had to be a scam and hung up.

- Alex
South Carolina

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[Reply] January 27, 2015

Caller name: Unknown Name

Call was taken by another person in the house.

Asked if we had a security system.

Responded that was all taken care of and hung up.

Security system calls worry me because I beleive they could be surveys to determine which people they could rob and this was the second one I received in about three days but i beleive the other was from a different number.

However with this second call I took notice.

The other one said they were from "GE security
And wanted to know what kind of security system we had.

I responded i dont discuss that and hung up.

Clearly based on other reports this particulary number is used for various scams and has only a few oprrators who laugh and worse so it does seem like a group of criminals and not a professional telemarketing group .

- tn resident

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[Reply] February 4, 2015

Caller name: ez finance you are eligible for 10 to 20000

My family has been woken up between 5am and 630am every day for 2 weks...not to mention I receive a proxy 12 calls a day. if I don't answer they keep calling one after another till I do. Man with thick Indian accent is the one calling. every time I say to take me off the no call list or ask why he I calling me at 5am or say I'm not interested and stop calling I get a hang up mid sentence followed by 3 to 4 unknown calls right after with as soon as you answer they hang up.....I am looking my mind with these aholes!!! There has to be some sort of legal action that can be taken...this is insane

- angela
United States

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[Reply] February 6, 2015

This call is from h**l and they are collecting your souls.

- Amon RA

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[Reply] February 12, 2015

Calls and says I've been approved for 5000 and told me to call him when it hits my account then hangs up

- M
United States

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[Reply] February 27, 2015

Caller name: Big rock

Keep calling

- charlie
New Jersey

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[Reply] March 6, 2015

Told us we need to get back to them or they will file charges against us And it could be very bad. I was on the cell phone at the time and could hear what they said.
Checked number on INTERNET, Prod.

- L Vigil

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[Reply] March 17, 2015

I got a call from this number initially telling me they were IRS and had a sheriff listening in on phone call. I was told they were currently downloading a warrant for my arrest. Man said two certified letters were sent to me and returned to them so they said clearly I'm on the run. They put me on hold and my son came in and I told him what was going on then man came back on line and told me I am not allowed to tell a anyone about this matter . He said if I speak or hang up warrant would be issued immediately. I shut up and waited for him to come back. He said I seem to not want trouble so he was going to direct me to his senior officer who I was instructed to be very kind to. He told me to get $500. cash in my hand and go to Wal-Mart for further instructions. I told him I only have $20. in cash so he told me to call my parents and tell them I need $500. but only tell them it's a family emergency. I told him my elderly mother will not give me 500. unless she thinks I'm getting arrested. He told me tell her I have a warrant but do not tell her for what. (hes still calling me now from private number making sure I'm on my way to mothers and Wal-Mart or ace .he identified himself as Craig Smith) I asked again to speak to sheriff listening but he would not let me. He told me reason I can't talk is due to fact he's taking care of warrant out of court system making me believe he's helping me. I was being treated very rudely and when I still believed police were coming to take me to jail for 6 months I started crying and he told me he's going to hang up on me and send arresting officer if I don't stop crying. I caught on after getting my daughter's phone to check this number. I couldn't use my phone being I was told officer would be sent immediately if she accidentally hung up. Thanks to you people the nightmare I was in ended. I recorded next two calls I took from him. He keeps calling thinking I'm on my way to my mom's to take 500 dollars off her to send to him. Thank you to all of you who took time to leave comment. Hopefully someone reads this. If someone can let me know if he broke any certain laws by originally identifying himself as IRS or for saying law inforcement is on line could you let me know. I didn't know it was a scam then so unfortunately I didn't get that part on tape but I'm writing this right after this happened so all of these details are accurate. Email me ktcj04@Gmail.com. Thanks again to everyone here.

- raegan guiste
United States

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[Reply] March 20, 2015

Caller name: Big Rock, Ill

A man with an Indian accent said their main computer system detected a lot of malware and had been hacked over 49,643 times. He told me what to type in a run box to show me this . It did appear, so I believed him; As the conversation went on, he said I needed to have the license of my windows Vista software instated since I didn't know to do that when I bought my new Dell computer. When I asked for a number that I could call, he said they woudnt be able to help me but refused to give me a number I could call to verify. He threatened to turn off my computer forever and the FBI would be sending me a letter and I would be fined $12,000 and possibly jailed for not paying for it. I finally hung up on him and my computer is still working fine!!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] March 24, 2015

This number keeps calling but does not answer when I answer the phone and then says goodbye and hangs up.

- Ernest Halican

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[Reply] March 26, 2015

Caller ID shows noted phone number and "Big Rock IL". Left msg saying that my computer was sending "warning signals" and that an unauthorized user was attempting to access my computer. Then it went on to say "Press 1 to be connected to a Microsoft representative". Out of curiosity I called the number and got an automated message saying that the number was "not assigned yet".

- Cat

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[Reply] April 1, 2015

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