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Owner Info for (630) 318-4762

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Name: Temnit E Jacob
##### Oneida Blvd
Oak Park, MI 48237

#### Po Box
Huntingtn Wds, MI 48070

Name: John M Frohne
#### S Ellis Ave
Chicago, IL 60653

#### E Anderson Dr
Palatine, IL 60074

(630) 318-**** Phone Numbers

Near Big Rock, IL
Issued by Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 1997.

While 6303184762 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (630) 318-4762 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 38% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 270th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 227 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Century link, who knows?".

User Complaints for 630-318-4762

Caller name: Dorothy

A lady called me on my cell phone and told me that something was wrong with my computer. Could not understand that as the computer was running fine and I was logging off. Thought something was fishy. I hung up. She called back immediately, I hung up. She kept calling back. Continuously. Originally my caller ID said anonymous. She must have switched phones and then called from 630-318-4762. A man spoke to me very rudely. I told him that I do not want anything he has and that I was shutting my phone. He said he was going to call me continuously. It sounded like a threat.

- Dorothy
New York

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[Reply] November 21, 2014

Call shows up as Illinois.
Caller asked for the owner of this phone number. I explained I don't know who this is and will not give him any information. Hung up. They called back and tried saying someones name almost sounded like mine but they couldn't pronounce it. Sound of heavy accent. This is sooo annoying.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] November 21, 2014

Caller name: Big Riock IL

About the 5th call in the last 4 days - 1st one was at 5:05am, so you know it is not a legitimate solicitation call. Only answered the last call at 8:30am today. Was soemthing about interest rates. Just wanted to know their spiel. This is a spoofed number that is being re-routed, As it back traced to an non-working number. Just hand up on these guys.

- S H

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[Reply] August 3, 2015

Caller name: Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il

No messages after several calls to my home

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 17, 2017

This number calls me 10 times a day. I would like this to stop

- rico
North Carolina

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[Reply] March 25, 2017

Caller name: IRS Collections

Got a 9:30am message saying that the IRS filed a lawsuit against me, that I need to call them asap. And the funny thing is the caller was a computer voice (BOT). We are tracking all you guys now.....

- Federal Agent in DC

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[Reply] November 22, 2014

Caller name: Big Rock, IL

Indian-type accent caller named "John Clark" saying he was from Microsoft. ----- I don't have time for this, I'm busy making cookies from the Nieman-Marcus cookie recipe I got for forwarding e-mails to 10 friends.

- Irritated

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[Reply] June 2, 2016

Caller name: Unknown

Left a message saying I was going to be arrested if I didn't call them back immediately. Voice was computer generated. Demanding $11,000 and said they work for the department of the treasury.
Called them back while I had my cars dashcam and Bluetooth speakers on. No answer. Generic voice-mail when calling back.
Too bad, I was going to waste so much of their time while going on a road trip today.

- Dee

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[Reply] February 27, 2017

These people call early in the morning and late at night. I got a call as late as 9:30 p.m. I never answer the phone. They never leave a message either.

- Alicia

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[Reply] November 26, 2014

Caller name: John

Initially got a call from India +911 and he said you will get a call from IRS. He said calling from IRS has filed a lawsuit against me. I told him and going to connect 911 and asked him tell where did i filed all my taxes. He disconnected the call immediately. Guys please beware this kind of calls.

- RM

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[Reply] June 10, 2016

Caller name: big rock IL

They called I answered it. No one talking I told them I was going to call the WV state police. They hung up

- paula
West Virginia

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[Reply] April 1, 2015

Today, I installed an app which blocks such trash calls and disconnect them, before they leave their MORONIC messages. These dolts today were actually perfect testing subjects for my new app!!! HAHAHA. The phone did not even ring, and they were disconnected at once. The very first time in a long while, I actually enjoyed having control over these MF.

- Anonymous
New Jersey

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[Reply] June 15, 2016

Some Indian (with a major accent) slimeball called me from Microsoft Tech Desk tellling me my computer is being hacked. He needed access to it to head it off and save me. I told him to go to h**l....that's where it started. He kept it up telling me it was important for me to save my computer. I really started letting him have it verbally but he wouldn't quit. I hung up. They called back. I hung up again. They've called back three times since then. Now, I'm getting calls from "name unknown" with noj phone number attached. These foul smelling Indians are crooks.

- Bill Smith

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[Reply] August 17, 2015

I got a call from this number from a man with a thick Indian accent who wanted access to my computer and tried to tell me he was from Microsoft and had found a virus on my computer. I'm sure it was a scam and he was NOT from Microsoft.

- Stacey

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[Reply] June 15, 2016

Caller name: Man with Indian accent claiming to be from Oregon health dept.

Claimed to be of the medical compensation dept of the state health department with "money available " because of my recent surgury. I said I had not had any recent surgery..and hadnt for years. Then he wanted to know when my surgery was and what it was for. I would not tell him . He asked for me by my nickname not my formal name. I asked him what state health dept? He said Oregon Health Dept.
I said then why does my caller ID say you are calling from Big Rock, Illinois? What is your phone number? He said it was confidential. Very funny since the number is on the ID as well! So I told him he was obviously a scammer and hung up on him.

Obviously was fishing for personal info..

- Mary

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[Reply] July 3, 2014

Just received a call from 6303184762 wanting to sign me up for free grant money from the US GOV.

- red

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[Reply] April 9, 2015

A very sweet girl called and advised I had qualified for a $9000 grant from the government in Washington DC and all I had to do was promise not to spent the money on gambling drugs or alcohol. Supposedly I have been awarded this grant because I have not claimed bankruptcy or been arrested in 6 months. Wanted me to call back with Grant Claim # WG1020 @315-636-0113 and then there was a security deposit I would need to put down one time for $248 I requested they take me off the call list and do not call me again

- Marilyn

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[Reply] April 14, 2015

Caller name: Big Rock, Il

Called twice in a row. Left no message.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 3, 2014

They keep calling me saying that they have free government grant money. Isn't that an oxymoron? Free and government? The red flag went up on that one.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 30, 2014

Caller name: Illinois call

No one ever says anything, but they call repeatedly. I have caller ID, so I no longer pick up. Calls come multiple times a day.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 4, 2014

Caller name: Big Rock, Ill

It was an a caller with an Indian (India) accent, telling me he was a windows employee and that my computer had contacted him and told him that it was infected. I told him he was a lying a*s and hung up on him. We get this call at least 3x a week, same guy but calling from a different number each time. So sick of the scams!

- Kate

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[Reply] December 4, 2014

Caller name: Couldnt understand her

Got a call from (630) 318-4762
The lady said that I was rabdomly selected to receive a $9000 grant that I do not have to pay back and that i can recieve this grant by cash-in-hand, direct deposit, or western union. And she asked me which methos I would like to receive it, which doesnt make much sense because she then proceeded to give me a Grant ID Number and the number to a Treasury office, (360) 562-9343, and told me to call them and give them my Grant ID number and tell them the method I would like to receive my free money.

I called this "Treasury office" number and he asked me my Grant ID, asked my First and Last name, and then told me the methods I could receive my grant, and I told him cash-in-hand... He asked me if i had the $260 registration fee and got an attitude when I said no and told me that I cannot receive the grant without paying the regostration fee and hung up.

Obviously a scam.

- Constance M

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[Reply] March 23, 2017

Caller name: Anonymous

It was 5:00 in the freaken morning here when this apparent sweetheart called me. I missed the call because my wife's phone alarms were going off the same time so I must have thought it was her phone. But I researched the number and found these comments, and am enlightened about this dumbass. So I am very impatiently anticipating the moment I get to answer his call with a "hello Clariceeeeeee..." I will proceed to harrass him. Or her..... Even better.

In all seriousness.. I have dealt with a guy in the past that called me from an unknown number 5 times a day for a week each month. It got very vile and life threatening and he found out my address late into our 8 month long phone relationship. You can't block a number you don't know, so I finally had to change my number. Who knows, maybe this guy you all talk about IS him, and he just found me again.

Be careful!

- Helen

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[Reply] February 3, 2014

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