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Phone number: 603-570-4415 is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Its exchange 570 is managed by BROOKS FIBER COMMUNICATIONS OF.
The number is currently on switch number MNCHNHACDS0.
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 25th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 30 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of " CCs companies, Portsmouth, NH , CCS Companies"

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keeps calling sometimes multiple times a day and dosent leave messages

The caller was identified as did not say
Reported 29th, Jan. 2013.
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keeps calling sometimes multiple times a day and dosent leave messages

I answered an no one is there. Called twice today and no message.

The caller was identified as no idea
Reported 8th, May. 2013.

The one time they did ask for someone I never heard of but, now they say nothing but call numerous times daily! I lay the phone down & wait until they hang...make them PAY! LOL

Reported 11th, Jun. 2013.

call and no one says anything.

Reported 26th, Jun. 2013.

Have received multiple calls from this number. Usually never leaves a message.
One time they left a message threatening service at my daughter's workplace. A part of that call also contained threats when they served the papers - there would be a provision for enforced mediation. They didn't tell what organization that they were representing.

The caller was identified as CCs companies
Reported 9th, Aug. 2013.

I've received several calls from CCS and they never leave a message. This morning they called so I answered, but no one was there....told them to stop calling and hung up.

I am going to file complaints against them with the FTC, FCC, BBB, my state Atty General and NH Atty General. The more complaints against them, the better chance of getting the calls to stop.

The caller was identified as CCS Companies
Reported 21st, Oct. 2013.

Calles twice a day...no one there. I called back..someone asked me for my callback number..WHAT YOU CALLED ME FIRST!!!!

The caller was identified as annonymous
Reported 22nd, Oct. 2013.

I would like them to stop calling at all hours. I get a number of these types of calls during the day from different people claiming they are collection agencies.
I only know that from entering the numbers on the computer.

We can send a man to the moon but we can't stop these harrasment calls.

The caller was identified as ccs communications
Reported 15th, Jan. 2014.
center city philli

Calls 4/5 daily, can't say anything, anymore, because i disconnected my answeing machine!!!!!

The caller was identified as ccs companies
Reported 25th, Jan. 2014.

Harrassment. The phone rings four or five times each day, early and late. Why do we have to put up with these clowns or machines? Can we stop it (them)?

Reported 27th, Jan. 2014.

Calls but leaves no message

Reported 5th, Feb. 2014.
C. Jones

They don't leave messages. They just call and hang up.

The caller was identified as CCS Companies
Reported 7th, Feb. 2014.

Calling my house daily, never leaves a message, want talk when I answer. I have told them to stop calling, saying this message will be recorded.

The caller was identified as CCS Companies
Reported 22nd, Mar. 2014.
Rang to death

Calls me daily. Doesn't leave a message when it rolls to answering machine, doesn't talk when I answer.

The caller was identified as CCS Companies shows on Caller ID
Reported 25th, Mar. 2014.
San Diego

Same, I answer the phone even on the first ring and no one answers. If I owed someone money it would be different but all my bills are paid!

Reported 28th, Mar. 2014.

They are a debt collector. They don't leave messages.

The caller was identified as CCS
Reported 11th, Apr. 2014.

1:02a.m. is the time they called and didn't leave a message. Of course I was in bed at that hour and didn't answer the phone. I don't care what company you are you don't call anybody at that hour. On the caller Id was ccs companies and the phone number was (603)570-4415

The caller was identified as ccs companies
Reported 27th, May. 2014.

May be a collection agency. Calling since March up to 4 x's a day and on Sundays. Think one time they left a message of debt. We have no debts. Blocking them. Will call Verizon nuisance call line tomorrow. Blocked earlier and now calling back.

The caller was identified as CCS Companies
Reported 3rd, Jun. 2014.

Calls constantly never leaves a message. Before 8 am after 9 pm...when I answer no one speaks. Ridiculous.

The caller was identified as Ccs swrvices
Reported 25th, Jun. 2014.
janice brown mchugh

they dont leave a message

Reported 22nd, Jul. 2014.

This number has called me three times today. They never leave a message. I don't answer numbers I don't know. If they want to talk to me they need to leave me a message as to what this is about. If they aren't going to leave a message then don't call me. Most debt collectors will leave a message.

The caller was identified as CCS companies
Reported 16th, Sep. 2014.

Not sure what it is but have been getting calls I think for those that get threatened is proof they aren't a real company every ligament collections agency will say who they are who they are calling for and were they can be reached at . idk who they are but ive been getting calls like this all the time I have no debts or atleast ones in collections as stated on my credit reports.

Reported 7th, Oct. 2014.

THIS NUMBER CALLS my landline 7 or 8 times every day. They never leave a message. And the few times that I answered there is never any one there. My wife is a third shift worker and these calls really annoy her. I hope that whom ever is calling burns in h**l for disturbing her..............

Reported 5th, Nov. 2014.
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