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Phone number: 518-512-0190 is located in Albany, New York.

Its exchange 512 is managed by GLOBAL CROSSING LOCAL SERVICES.
The number is currently on switch number ALBYNYPSDS3.
Around 38% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 43th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 81 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "1-518-512-0190, Children's Cancer"

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Number owned by Level Three Comms, Out of Albany NY

The caller was identified as No idea
Reported 20th, Feb. 2013.

A children's cancer charity looking for donations. They get you to agree to send them a donation, then send you to "verification" who tries to get you to pay with a credit card. Say no and they'll just send you paper mail so you can donate that way.

Reported 6th, Mar. 2013.
Brooklyn Guy

This number just called our land line at 8:30am. My caller ID box just said ALBANY. We are on the DO NOT CALL LIST, but we continue to get calls from the likes of this number. We do not have a voice mail on this phone, so I did not pick up. Rather, I just let it ring until they eventually hung up (I've read that you shouldn't even answer one of these calls because then they know what time you are at home so they can keep calling at that time).

The caller was identified as Albany
Reported 5th, Apr. 2013.

Woman from children's charity looking for a pledge, but would not send any information or give out specifics. She actually hung up on me when I told her I was going to research the group.

Reported 18th, Apr. 2013.

scammer!!! hung up immediately when I questioned details of charity.
no listing for such a charity. SCAM BEWARE!!

The caller was identified as childrens cancer center
Reported 5th, May. 2013.

The call came at 10:08,on May9,2013. No message was lefted!

Reported 6th, Jun. 2013.

Very pushy caller asking for a donation. Originally told me they would send me a pledge card but then aggressively asked for my debit/credit card. REFUSE TO GIVE IT, and request the pledge card. I doubt it will come and will throw it away when it does. So sad that these people are out there and make it difficult for legitimate orginzations.

Reported 14th, Jun. 2013.
New York City Girl

This same woman called me on June 19, 2013. While she told me she represented a Charity for Children with Cancer, I was in the process of writing a letter about a similar scam. I told her, it is pathetic and shameful that scam artists, because of their bad ethics, deprive sick children in hospitals and legitimate organizations that can really help people. Really, I was writing the letter during the time she called and still wonder whether she is involved with the scam I am in process of reporting.

Reported 19th, Jun. 2013.

Caller said she was a professional fundraiser with Children's Cancer Center. Before she could continue, I told her that I already work for a major cancer center, which stopped her in her tracks. She was polite and thanked me for taking the call. However, she called at 8:40 AM. What fundraiser calls that early?

The caller was identified as Children's Cancer Center
Reported 20th, Jun. 2013.

Call in 6/24/2013 @7:41pm
Caller said she was a professional fundraiser with Children's Cancer Center. And ask me donate money by charge my credit card.

Reported 24th, Jun. 2013.

The caller was identified as children cancer
Reported 18th, Jul. 2013.

Seriously, 8:12 in the frigging morning? Woke me out of a sound sleep this morning. I tried to call the number back but could not leave a message because it was full. Maybe it is a good thing they are full!

The caller was identified as Children's Cancer Fundraiser
Reported 22nd, Aug. 2013.

She said she is from ACS (American Cancer Society) She knew my first name she was looking to send me a pledge card to support the little children in hospitals suffering from cancer. I told her I already support several ACS organizations but she insists that I pledge to her cause and wanted to send me a pledge card I said no and she hung up on me before I had a chance to explain.

Reported 28th, Aug. 2013.

Approx location in block surrounded by Hudson Ave, Green St, Division St, and Dallas St. Try as hard as they might, don't give personal info. They try to get you to use a credit card so they can go on a shopping spree. You won't get any material from them in the mail.

The caller was identified as Childrens Cancer
Reported 30th, Aug. 2013.

Lady called claiming to be raising money for children's cancer. Wanted me to pledge $40, then $25 and when I kept telling her to send me something by mail, she continued to talk over me and then hung up when I told her no legit fundraising company for children calls at 8:45 pm on a school night!

The caller was identified as Children's cancer
Reported 5th, Sep. 2013.

'Vanessa' called several days in a row and since I usually screen calls I finally picked up. She asked for my husband (she had the right first name). I asked her to please stop calling. She went on with her spiel in such a manner that I thought she was an automated message. I did not stand a chance of interjecting to tell her to save her breath because I will not give money to cold-callers. When I finally did tell her that she complimented my generosity to other causes and again went on a verbal tear that I could not stop. I told her she was a horrible representative for the charity and she told me she was still training. I have a feeling 'this ain't her first rodeo'. She was very well versed in a SUPER AGGRESIVE pitch. I imagine that may work on some older folks and that makes me sad. Bottom line, RUDE, ABNOXIOUS, CLEARLY MUST WORK ON SOME COMMISSION BASIS OR SOMETHING. Sounds like a scam to me.

The caller was identified as Vanessa
Reported 9th, Sep. 2013.

No more donations from me,my family, friends etc! This will slow down the harassment.......You Lose! Now, I pass YOUR number and info out!

Reported 12th, Sep. 2013.

calls starting after 8 am called multiple times during the day. Wanted me to make a $40 donation, then $25 when I said send me something in the mail to the address you have. She hung up. Still getting call I just don't answer anymore.

The caller was identified as Childrens Cancer
Reported 25th, Sep. 2013.

Caller looking for a donation for children with cancer. I told her my daughter has cancer. If she sent me information on her organization I would research it and then after I read about it I would send a donation. She hung up on me. I guess it was a scam!!

Reported 26th, Sep. 2013.

Calls frequently and doesn't leave a message. I just recently noticed I have a call block feature on my landline, which is the number they call. I now block numbers from these scammers. Phone rings once and that's it!

Reported 8th, Oct. 2013.

Illegal Scam Operation and caller ID says Childrens Cancer. I just called it and a recorded happy female voice said "we're sorry, the number you called is not a working number. Goodbye". I reported it to my state senator in New York ( the calls originate in Albany, NY ) My senator said he'll turn it over to the Attorney General's Office and I left the number with a TV station in Albany. Hopefully, we can get that number taken down permanently. It's sickening and deplorable that someone would ask for donations under the ruse of Childrens Cancer. What the h**l is WRONG with these people??? I wish I could nail down an address in Albany. I'd take a short ride and pay them a visit!

The caller was identified as Childrens Cancer
Reported 21st, Oct. 2013.

They just called again tonight from this number listed to Albany, NY,
several calls so far. I called the number back using *67 to block my
number but I find businesses can find out your number anyway. The
woman only had a message with a spiel to donate and leave your
name and no way to speak to anyone or delete your number from
their calls. My number is with cable voip and is not listed in a phone
book listing. Also had calls from HBW for auto insurance and Direct
Energy to select them for electricity instead of Con Edison which I did
get stopped. I never used to receive such telephone solicitation calls.

The caller was identified as Childrens Cancer
Reported 22nd, Oct. 2013.

Called looking for someone else.
Rude b***h.I asked what the call was in reference to and the female scammer slammed the phone.
I hate scammers like that.

The caller was identified as did not say
Reported 29th, Oct. 2013.
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