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(518) 250-**** Phone Numbers

Near Colonie, NY
Issued by Paetec Communications, Inc. - Ny

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2000.

While 5182502364 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (518) 250-2364 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 58% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 13th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 24 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Andy Golderh, 1-876-788-3358".

User Complaints for 518-250-2364

Caller name: Andrew Goldberg

Left message on our voice mail to say he was from Publishers Clearing house and we'd won some money. We deleted the message

- Anonymous

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[Reply] February 2, 2012

Caller name: andy goldberg

said won 2.5 mil and mercedes benz new numer 518-872-3073-just said we won did not ask for money and he had our mailing address on file which was scary-we didnt give any information to him he already had it on file

- Anonymous

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[Reply] October 12, 2012

Caller name: Andrew Goldberg

Same Story, I was offered 12.5Mi and a 2012, 2 door Mercedes benz. accept this time i was told he is calling from Mega Million in NY. and asked me to go send $1000 to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

- Faheem

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[Reply] June 6, 2012

Caller name: Andy White, Andrew Goldberg

My 92 1/2 year old father got the calls from "Andy White" and "Andrew Goldberg" and called me to tell me of his winnings! I was there when the scammers called back saying it was Publishers Clearing House and asking if he had gotten to the bank yet. I then took the phone, said I was his daughter and "Andrew" Said " Mr. 's daughter huh? "and promptly hung up.

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply] May 21, 2013

Caller name: Andy Goldburg

Andy Goldburg called from Mega Millions stating I had won a Mercedes and a Million dollars. for delivery tomorrow I needed to get a Western union money receipt for $550.00

These people are totally terrible - they are conning old people from their money...

his contact number was 1 876 524 3511

- Gloria

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[Reply] June 17, 2013

Caller name: Andy Goldberg

Someone named Andy Goldberg stating he was from Publisher's Clearing House left me a message, but I checked here first before returning the call.

- Wanda Todd

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[Reply] May 30, 2012

Caller name: Andy Goldberg

Same thing mom in law received a call from "Andy Goldberg" stating she needed to send a 600.00 money gram within 24hrs to get her 12.5 mil!! I called Publisher Clearing house and reported it as well as everyone else should have they said that every report gets send to Fed trade bureau and it is all taken very seriously this man is out to get people BE AWARE

- Patty

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[Reply] May 31, 2012

haha, didn't take much to get "Andrew" off the phone

- Administrator of callercenter.com

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[Reply] January 31, 2012
In response to:

Stop texting

Caller name: don't know

I received this same call today offering $12.500,000. I called PCH hot line to report it.

- Homer

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[Reply] February 1, 2012

Caller name: Andy Goldbert

Said he could not deliver my prizes if I had my boyfriend with me

- Anonymous
North Carolina

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[Reply] June 18, 2012

Caller name: andy

called me and said I won 10.5 million and a mercedes.....he wanted me to send him $700....

- nicole

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[Reply] June 25, 2012

Caller name: Norman Gouse

This same number just called our house claiming to be Norman Gouse from UPS delivery. Said they were trying to deliver a package to our house from PCH for my BF's dad. He got on the phone for a few minutes and then started yelling about being expected to pay $1000 to have a package delivered from customs. This has been done on numerous occasions. Really wish there was a way to actually make them stop finally.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 21, 2013

Caller name: Andrew

Andrew called said he was from Publisher's Clearing House and I was selected first prize winner 3 1/2 million dollars and a 2012 Mercedes to be delivered by Federal Express in the next few hours. Asked me to get a money order for $1850.00 from Western Union and when I asked this sounds like a scam, they hung up.

- Susan

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[Reply] January 30, 2012

Caller name: Andrew Vanjoske

Wanted to deliver a check to our front door. Said we had to go to Walmart and purchase and ID card for $250. Then today another guy from the same number called said the fee was $1,000 through Western Union, and Fed-ex.

- Matt
United States

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[Reply] February 8, 2012

Caller name: no caller deliverd mail

Just to-day I received a letter stating that I had won us $5,6000.000.00
And that I had to call this number 1-647-745-2726.
so far have not done that I have been checking to see if any of this is true
Right now I can see this is a scam, even though I have not phoned, the letter
looks so much like pch.com. has the pch logo and a irs telephone number to call
.but at the bottom the CEO name is Andy Goldberg. so this letter has to be
false, gave me a reference number and a batch number , and I was to call
paying agent Jean McLaughlin (JNR) . May try for fun, I have been scammed once
in a differnt type of scam , so am very careful and check things out before I
lose any more money. from some skum bag, cheating old people like me

- Joan Ciccarelli

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[Reply] October 30, 2014

Caller name: Andy Goldberg

Andy called from Publishers Clearning House and left a message that my Mom won $12 Million, a Mercedes Benz, $5000 in cash. I called back, and his number says you have reached Andy Goldberg at Publishers Clearing House in NY. I told him to call back if it isn't a scam. Dang!

- Anonymous
South Carolina

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[Reply] May 17, 2012

Caller name: Andy Golderh

Mr Goldberh called and said I was a 7000 a month winner and I was a 7000 a month winner but didn't know my name and didn't know I was a Private Investigator and caught him at his scan I told him I got his address and would be there tomorrow morning Would love to go kick his a*s

- Charles Vaulner

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[Reply] October 5, 2016

Caller name: Andy

I got the same call from Andy from Publishers Clearing house stating I had won 12 Mil and other items. I called back to tell him that I knew it was a scam and not to call me back.

- Yvonne

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[Reply] July 4, 2012

This same guy have been swindling my grandmother for months she have sent money to him countless times he got so friendly with her and she was calling him her boyfriend he promised her a brand-new Mercedes-Benz and that she would receive some money. we finally got curious of what was going on because her car got a reprocessed , her water got shut off and she got behind on her rent we wasn't too sure about what was going on until he call on Thanksgiving threatening her telling her he was going to kill her if she did not send the money Westering union. Once we found out what was going on we told him to leave her alone and to never to call again! my grandmother is 80 years old please let your grandparents your parents know that this thief is out here and don't care who he hurts.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] November 29, 2016

Caller name: Andrew Venjouski (?)

Nearly carbon copy of Susan's call. Very broken up but something about having won 2 1/2 mil and a Mercedes. The call was for my wife, who wasn't registered with PCH at all, but we thought we'd play the game and she called them back. Oddly enough, the same broken up voice answered and attested to having just called.

My wife played along til the Fed Ex payment for 1000 came up. I'm sure he could hear us laughing as we hung up.


- Jim

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[Reply] February 1, 2012

Caller name: 1-876-788-3358

Same man named andrew goldburg only hes called me a grand total of 76 times . its been going on since may 11th and ive threatened him with calling the police and ive reported him to pch. Looks like im going to have to change my numbet. Oh yea i supposedly won $7 million and a navigator. He is relentless

- tina short

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[Reply] May 16, 2016

Caller name: Andy Goldberg

I'm on the phone with the guy now at 10pm he said I won 2.5 million and a Mercedes I think now he is trying to build a friendship with me. He no longer talking about the money I won

- Kimmy
South Carolina

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[Reply] December 3, 2014

Caller name: andy Goldberg

Said I won $450,000 and some change and then a new Mercedes Benz, then said something about taxes and that I needed to come up with $500 dollars. He told me to call 1-876-503-4825 and my prize number was 67425130 and a check number was 774033.Absolutely ridiculous.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] November 10, 2013

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