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Phone number: 513-830-9687 is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Its exchange 830 is managed by AT&T - LOCAL - OH.
The number is currently on switch number CNCNOHWSDS7.
Around 40% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 7th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 25 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Jen pac, Genpact Services"

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D Smith

Called 20x over 1 week period. Tod them 4x to stop calling and mail any communication continued to call even after 3rd warning.

The caller was identified as Gen pac services
Reported 17th, Mar. 2012.

I have decline each time. I do not recognize thing number. Ever time i do decline they call back and then another 800 number calls immediately after. the number will then have a +sign in front after a few times calling.

Reported 30th, Mar. 2012.

GenPact Services....collection agency

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 18th, Apr. 2012.

this number calls about 4 times a day to my cell and home number and never leaves a message when they do - when i have answered no one is there

Reported 29th, May. 2012.

Call early in the AM - 8:01 and late in the evening - 8:55 and leave no message - sometimes one can hear other conversations in the background; however, never a message. Same number - several different ID's.

The caller was identified as International
Reported 5th, Jul. 2012.

Calls repeatedly at least 6 to 7 times a day. Never leaves message.

Reported 6th, Jul. 2012.

Calls continually through the day as early as 8 in the morning and as late as 8 or 9 at night every day as well as saturdays and Sundays. Never leaves a message. When I don't recognize a number and caller ID does not identify, I don't answer it and 9 out of 10 times it ends up being a telemaker or some such. If it is really someone with business or who want me personally they will leave a message. No ID, No Message, No return call. Is there anything that can be done to stop these calls.

The caller was identified as Gen Pact
Reported 16th, Jul. 2012.
Eric Sebula

Keeps calling will not stop even on sundays

The caller was identified as N/a
Reported 28th, Aug. 2012.

they wanted personal info before they would even tell me why they were calling. i still don't know what they wanted, i finally hung up on them.

Reported 24th, Sep. 2012.

they keep calling, and i've asked them to send anything they have in the mail,but still keep getting calls all day long

The caller was identified as jack
Reported 12th, Nov. 2012.

repeated calls

The caller was identified as ??
Reported 17th, Nov. 2012.

calls 5-6 daily, morning to night
It is pure harrassment
My solution: Get a refere's whistle, and when they call pick up and BLOW THAT WHISTLE...will impact on caller's eardrums!

The caller was identified as GenPact
Reported 29th, Nov. 2012.

Calls 5-6X daily, even Saturdays and Sundays. Never leaves a message. Starts at 8 AM, calls through 8 PM.

Reported 27th, Dec. 2012.

I would be open to answering, or I would call them back if I knew what it was regarding? They never leave a message.

Reported 6th, Mar. 2013.

Recieved 11 calls from them today, starting at 8:17 A.M. If you use a smartphone I highly suggest going to your app store and search "blacklist". There are quite a few blacklist apps that work for cell phones that work wonderfully.

I use a free one on my Android that picks up the phone for a split second and hangs up each time they call so that they can't leave voicemails.

It also makes sure they stay off your call history. If it wasn't for that i'd had to have changed my number a while ago.

Reported 29th, Mar. 2013.

Annoying phone calls all the time, no messages

The caller was identified as Gen Pac Services
Reported 1st, May. 2013.

Call over & over but no one there when I answer. So now I just pick up & hang up.

Reported 9th, Sep. 2013.

They are calling me and then hang up and I spoke with the manager she give me her bus. name which was Karen and she sound Hindi from India

The caller was identified as karen
Reported 20th, Sep. 2013.

This number calls me starting at 7a and doesn't stop until 11pm there is no answer on the other end so I just ignore it.

Reported 9th, Oct. 2013.

this company also calls from 513-766-8438. we recently got with a number and this stupid agency begun to have its agents to call early in the morning and late at night. I have made a formal legal complaint and have all intentions of going forth with more legal action if they do not cease from calling our number when we have personally told them who we are and that we do not know what they want

The caller was identified as gen pac
Reported 8th, Dec. 2013.

I've picked up when they called and tried to talk to someone and there is no one on the other line. They call me several times a day and never leave a voicemail.

The caller was identified as I Don't Know!!!
Reported 23rd, Feb. 2014.

They never leave A message. Always dead silence if I answer. Calls about 6- 7 timesa day. How do I get them to stop!

The caller was identified as I Don't know
Reported 26th, Feb. 2014.

They call constantly speaking broken English.

Reported 8th, May. 2014.
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