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Phone number: 503-278-8157 is located in Portland, Oregon.

Around 60% of people reported it as "Collection Agency".
You are the 1st person to search for it here.The number has a total of 5 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "2022410825, (972) 432-7445 and (972) 435-0006"

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"Ms. Benjamin" claimed that she was calling to collect for an outstanding payday loan from 2009. The original loan amount was $382 and she was calling to collect for $877 because collection fees had been attached. She had all my personal information, but I did not owe on a payday loan.

The caller was identified as Liaison International
Reported 23rd, Jul. 2012.

I also recieved a call saying I owed a payday loan wich I dont owe. She said They were getting ready to garnish my wages. When I told her I filed bankruptcy she pretty much hung up. She said the loan was for 461$ I never in my life got 461 from a payday loan place. Ms. Benjamin said the garnishment would be for 800. I think its a scam.

Reported 23rd, Jul. 2012.
Ed P

They leave a recording saying "they are calling from the law firm of liason international, and my file has been assigned to them for review and to call them back asap at 503-278-8157 for details and use ref#406128. I called back and this Miss benjamin stated if I knew a person by the name Laura P, and I said it was my aunt and that I had once called them telling them she was no longer in the country and they need to stop calling me about this to my cell and she just hung up on me. I called her back shortly after running their number online and I found several complaints about this same number today. I told her if this was about a payday loan and she claims a lawsuit had been filed againt my aunt for a payday loan. What she doesnt know is that I know everything there is to know about 3rd party collections practices and she had totally committed 3rd party diclosures by telling me the private business of my aunt's loan. i told her I found a list of complaints with her name and phone number today online about her trying to collect loans people claimed never to have even gotten any loans at all. I told she to stop calling me to my cell moving forward or I would be filing a law suit against them, she again just hung up on me!!! I HOPE THEY STOP CALLING ME!!!

The caller was identified as Miss Benjamin
Reported 23rd, Jul. 2012.

Received a call from a restricted number and noticed that there was a voice mail message after; the message was from a gentleman who did not leave his name or company that he was working for but did leave a case number to reference and told me to call 1-855-495-1506 so that he could have a recommendation on file or that the items he had would be used in discover and the matter would go to trial in my county ( he did state the county) I returned the call and spoke with a lady who did not give her name but had the last four of my social and my date of birth. She stated that she was calling about a debt that was owed back in 2009 to a company that was now seeking payment and was prepared to have my wages garnished or intercept my tax refund. I did not agree to anything or give any info over the phone. I told her that I would not discuss this over the phone and that if this was infact a attempt to collect a debt then they could notify me by mail; when I asked who the company was that was looking for the debt, she told me that she did not have that info; I told her that this made no since. I think this company has changed their name several times and number also. This seems to be a scam.

The caller was identified as " Vicky"
Reported 30th, Jan. 2014.

Man using the name Thomas Stern said he was calling from Advance Mediation Solution. This person had all my personal information including my SS# and advised me I have a warrant for my arrest of an account I closed and a loan was deposited into. Verified with my bank and advised it was a scam. I contacted the proper authorities in my country.

The caller was identified as (972) 432-7445 and (972) 435-0006
Reported 2nd, Jul. 2014.
K green

The caller was identified as 2022410825
Reported 16th, Jul. 2014.
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