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Phone number: 443-853-6898 is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

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These people call me every day, but never leave a message. If only I knew who they are, it may be that they are someone I wish to speak with. They may be missing out on a satisfactory solicitation by not leaving me a message. Most sane people do NOT answer unknown numbers, but DO call back when the message is of importance or interest to them.

Reported 30th, Nov. 2013.

This number has been ringing every morning for at least two weeks. No one is there when you answer so I don't answer anymore. It is extremely annoying!!

The caller was identified as no one there
Reported 4th, Dec. 2013.
Chinga Tuu

...Otay kids and fellow elders, I've got the straight skinny on this number. After having been pummeled with 5-7 calls a day for the past three weeks - including weekends and after 9pm CST, ferchrissakes! - I decided to get to the bottom of the matter and share the results here on 800notes as this site has helped me numerous times in the past in determining whether or not to block the number. In this case, it turns out that HouseCalls is a legit service provider. Sort of. My research determined the following facts about HouseCalls and how they operate:

a) First off, HouseCalls is a legit service provided by Care Improvement Plus. It's offered once a year to their members free of charge - or so they claim - and that it's part of their efforts to "find new ways [CIP] can assist you with your medical issues."

b) It does involve a home visit by a "qualified medical practitioner", which for quite a number of people is an uncomfortable situation, as these days the only time a "qualified medical practitioner" comes to your door is when an EMS team has pulled up in an ambulance to take you to the ER. Or the morgue. In fact, most patients -prefer- to have their medical issues examined and addressed at an actual medical facility, especially if they don't want other family members involved, or even if they simply don't let strangers in their homes regardless of their credentials. Legitimacy of said notwithstanding.

Side Fact: Less than 3% of general practitioners make house calls, and that's only if the patient is a total invalid and is located within 1/2 of a mile from the doctor's place of practice. That number is expected to drop to less than 1% once Obamcare really starts fracking with the health industry.

c) Now, on the subject of credentials, here's where things get a bit sticky the CIP reps - five separate calls to verify the info the reps gave did not change from call to call - refused to confirm/deny/clarify whether this "qualified medical practitioner" was a licensed MD, and if so what specialty was he practicing in. This is *very* important for anyone who is under medical care for any reason, for while it's not a -bad- thing to seek a second opinion, those second opinions are only good if you're getting them from someone who's actually a *physician*, and one who has a good deal of experience with whatever conditions you have medical-wise. For all you know, this "practitioner" may just be a palm reader or a faith healer picking up a bit of side work for Christnukkah money. And as you'll see, "faith healer" might not be far off the mark.

d) After doing some further research - including calling my own Beloved Quack, my Pain Meds Specialist, and four other licensed and fully qualified physicians, one of whom I've known since we were in grade school together - I've found out why CIP won't clarify just what a "qualified medical practitioner" is. Turns out that whoever visits you isn't a licensed doctor with any experience. Who they send is either a registered nurse or a limited-license nurse practitioner - i.e., a nurse who can prescribe a certain range of medications and/or approve refills, but 3/4ths of them cannot prescribe any pain killers stronger than Tramadol, FYI. By most accounts whoever winds up knocking on your door are usually kids fresh out of med school, and who are trained more along the lines of foisting "medical educational agitprop" in an effort to convince you to get your regular physician/beloved quack to order up additional treatments that they can bilk Medicare for.

...Best example of this sort of brainwashing would be that of the average diabetes trainer, many of whom can be outright annoying and inflammatory in their attempts to shame you into changing your dietary habits based on some generic "one size fits all" diet plan, regardless of whether that plan is heavily centered on foods that you cannot eat due to documented medical diagnosis and prohibitions. And when you try to cut them off to explain these restrictions to them in an honest attempt to not waste either of your valuable time, they almost always take complete and total offense. Which only makes them push their agitprop attempts more vehemently, until either you cave in, shut your mouth and just nod your head in acceptance, or you do what I do: formally dismiss them and remember the next time you're in the hospital, make sure the quack on the floor covering your case knows that you do *not* want any visits from the DTs. Unless they want to give you a new blood sugar meter from Bayer, but that's your call.

e) Speaking of diabetes trainers...well, let me first add that my research showed that while some of the advice these HouseCalls workers have given has reportedly been valid - mostly where getting your home as "cripple-friendly" as possible under Medicare, which is the only advice/service I found no negative commentary - the most damning comments I've received about these "qualified medical practitioners" has to do with - you guessed it - diabetes "training". In almost all cases these actual quacks are pushing advice that is contrary to what the patient's doctor(s) have prescribed for them. Some of their suggestions - i.e., switch to a diet of nothing but greens and filtered tap water - come across as pure holistic bullshit. They have even told patients to alter their insulin regimen - especially telling them to *lower* their dosages?!? -without consulting with the patient's physician(s) first! That's like letting someone giving a drunk a flask of Jack to drink as they drive home well over the legal limit, ferchrissakes!

...So, to make a short story long and to hopefully put everyone's concerns to rest: the number's to a legit service by a legit company, but "legit" doesn't necessarily mean "in your best interests". My advice to you would be this: talk to your physician and any clinical specialists you're currently seeing for medical care. Explain to them who has been calling, and ask them if you should allow these "specialists" into your home for whatever voodoo and sleight-of-handwaving they want to foist on you. Odds are they'll tell you what my Beloved Quack advised me to do, and that's to speak to a Care Improvement Plus supervisor to make sure they're aware you're not interested in the service, and on the advice of your physician(s) they should cease with the incessant calls.

...On the other hand, should they tell you "go ahead, it's free. Whaddya gotta lose?", then under *no* circumstances do you act on any advice, suggestions, or alterations regarding your medical regimen until you've spoken again with your doctor(s) to verify whether or not you've been fed at least three lines of c**p. Especially where your prescription drugs are concerned, because you'd be far safer taking advice from a drug dealer and two of his best customers than someone who bought his shingle from a mail-order diploma factory.

,,,Anyway, I hope to God/Yahweh/Roddenberry that this settles the matter once and for all about this number, and that the advice I've given actually helps prevent someone from getting jerked around - especially if it keeps them from being anything other than *alive*. Feel free to quote and repost this wherever needed, and especially on this thread. Some people tend not to read all the comments on a complaint thread before posting their own, and tend to miss it when someone's already posted the answers to whatever questions they've posted in their angst. But that's the way online forums have worked for over 25 years now, and now as then the only thing we can do is reply "if you search through this thread, you'll find..."

Oh, and while it's on my mind, just to prove I've posted this in all honesty and in good faith and concern for all of you getting annoyed with the incessant calls from CIP, every single one of you have a Merry Christnukkah, Happy Hannukkah, Drunken Saturnalia, Modified-For-Parental-Survival Kwanzaa-With-Santa-and-Presents, Tasty Japanese Sponge Cake Exchange, Jul/Yule/Juleaften, Joyeux Noel, Weihnachten, Boxing Day, and/or a Festive Moons of Mepzor - yes, the Mepzor Moons are in alignment during Christnukkah this year, so everyone - especially those in France - rub your cones together in cosmic harmony, and consume mass quantities of fermented grain extracts and oil-immolated thin sliced starch tubers!

<B>And above all else</B>, whatever you're celebrating, whatever your beliefs - or lack thereof - have a <U>safe</U> one. Otherwise, you might wind up needing a visit from one of these "qualified medical practitioners", and from the look of things we may not want one of those sliding down the chimney!!

Side note: If you're a member of Care Improvement Plus, then these calls are immune to the Do Not Call List regulations, as the service is part of CIP, and as a member they have a right to contact you for any reason unless you specify what sort of calls/offers you do not wish to receive from them.

The caller was identified as HouseCalls
Reported 17th, Dec. 2013.

Is this maybe a number redirect to get into the phones information?

The caller was identified as none
Reported 13th, Jun. 2014.
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