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Phone number: 423-648-4908 is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Its exchange 648 is managed by ELECTRIC POWER BOARD OF CHATTA.
The number is currently on switch number CHTGTN48DS0.
Around 41% of people reported it as "Survey".
You are the 97th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 87 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Wilkins Res, Wilkins Res SE "

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David Callanan

In the last month, I've rec'd 6 calls from this number and am informed that its a survey I've been "randomly selected" for. Four callers hung up once I asked for a name, while the fifth smugly told that they were protected by survey collection laws and that there was nothing I could do to get myself removed. Yet tonight's caller told me I would be removed.

These people are lying human garbage, and I'm tired of their constant harrassment.

The caller was identified as Never given
Reported 29th, Feb. 2012. | Complain this number

I'm sick and tired of these survey calls. When will they ever stop?

Reported 2nd, Mar. 2012. | Complain this number

go to staples and using wilkins number as your return phone number fax them a picture of your a*s I did 423.894.0942

The caller was identified as wilkins research
Reported 3rd, Mar. 2012. | Complain this number

wilkins research firm

Reported 3rd, Mar. 2012. | Complain this number
Mad As h**l

The b******s called me at 12:00am PDT and woke me up. I am now mad as h**l. I will be giving them a piece of my mind next time they phone.

Reported 20th, Mar. 2012. | Complain this number

i live in Vancouver Canada..they call me at least three times a week and no one ever talks when i say hello

Reported 10th, Apr. 2012. | Complain this number

Sentry Insurance2221 Olan Mills Dr
Chattanooga, TN 37421
(423) 648-4908

They just called me at 8:20 PM, and I do not appreciate calls at night especially from people I do not know, I did not answer and they did not leave a message, but I tracked down the number to the above address, and I will call them tomorrow to find out why in the h**l they are calling me.

The caller was identified as not listed
Reported 19th, Apr. 2012. | Complain this number

Calls repeatedly and hangs up most of the time. Calls are coming in after 9pm! How do we stop these calls and how did they get my number!? I would love to leave a burning bag of poo on their doorstep!

Reported 7th, May. 2012. | Complain this number

423-648-4908 Just called again. My answering machine picked up. I could hear both male and female voices in the background, but could not tell what was being said. It sounded like a residence, to me, but I don't know for sure. It's 9PM, and I get panicked that it's an emergency when the phone rings that late.

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 11th, May. 2012. | Complain this number
Friendly Advice - Leave the Ringer Off

The phone number (423) 648-4908 is from Chattanooga, TN evidently (that's all it says on the Caller ID anyway). Anyhow, whoever it is; they usually will call only once during the day or evening and then will leave no message at all - just the hang up sound. I have my home phone (which is a land line) set not to ring at all and the answering machine picks up after six rings; leaving the light on the telephone blinking to let me know when someone has actually left a message.

Ever since I signed up for the national Do-Not-Call registry (1-888-382-1222) I have gotten far less calls; however I still get them occasionally so leaving the 'ringer' OFF is simply far more convenient and really works for me. If it is actually legitimate call I can always get back to them later on. And if it isn't they usually do not continue their call after 5-6 rings. I started using this "I'll get back to you later on" method when I found out that just picking up the phone and saying "

The caller was identified as Chattanooga, TN
Reported 22nd, Jul. 2012. | Complain this number

Number showed up on my call display as a missed call. I did not call back. Typed in (423) 648-4908 on this site page. By the sounds of it, it is a telemarketer or survey. How in the h**l did they find me way up here in Northern Canada. What ever they are selling or my input on a survey would be relevant to them. Desperate or what. Have a good day, ehh.

Reported 18th, Aug. 2012. | Complain this number
Comcast Customer

Comcast really should add more than 12 numbers we can block. Like 12 is great, but my cell phone can block unlimited numbers will the Call Control App.

Reported 9th, Sep. 2012. | Complain this number

Received call on Sunday, 1/3/13 at 5 PM (dinner time on Super Bowl Sunday). I refused to answer it and no message left.

The caller was identified as Wilkins Research
Reported 3rd, Feb. 2013. | Complain this number
M. B.

Did some reverse homework. If you dial them back, you simply get a recording about it being a survey. There is no option to talk to anyone or have you number removed. How unethical! I did, however, find our their actual information:

PH: 423.894.9478 | FX: 423.894.0942

I spoke with a supervisor (Alicia) how confirmed that the number (423-648-4908) is theirs. She said she was removing me immediately.

The caller was identified as No Name - Older Guy
Reported 23rd, Feb. 2013. | Complain this number


The caller was identified as WILKINS REASEACH
Reported 25th, Apr. 2013. | Complain this number
night shift

received a call form this number at 5:18 p.m. unfortunately I can't block calls on this particular call and leave the phone on for family members to contact me in an emergency! After working a stressful night shift and needing my sleep I normally don't leave this phone on which is a cell phone that is listed with the Do NOT CALL Registry! call the number list in previous post for Wilkins Research www.wilkinsresearch.net PH: 423.894.9478 | FX: 423.894.0942 at 6:54 p.m.with no answer

The caller was identified as wilkinsresearch.net
Reported 30th, Apr. 2013. | Complain this number

A survey call. I am fed up with these telemarketing calls.

Reported 18th, May. 2013. | Complain this number

These stupid b******s call as late as 9pm on Sunday evenings. I've told them repeatedly to take me off their marketing list to no avail. I'll see what sort of legal action can be taken if it continues.

The caller was identified as Wilkins Research Services
Reported 2nd, Jun. 2013. | Complain this number

They called and a woman identifying herself as Loquitia (spelling?) said they were doing a radio survey and asked if there was anyone 24-34 years of age in the house. I told her no. She immediately hung up.

I called the number back and got a recorded message telling me that it was "a national marketing research firm" (the exact words -- no actual name given) and they had called my house because a product had been used in my area recently and they wanted my opinion. I was then given the option to press '1' to repeat the message. That was it. No "remove me from your calling list", no "talk to an actual person".

Needless to say, that number has been blocked from calling me again. Of course, that doesn't stop them from calling from a different number.

The caller was identified as A National Marketing Research Firm
Reported 31st, Jul. 2013. | Complain this number

I just played Michael Jackson's Leave me alone....I assume they got the message

The caller was identified as Don't know for sure
Reported 29th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number
no need to know

I work for wilkins research and i literally hate the job... It is national surveys we do never no sells even if you are on the national do not call list that is only for telemarketers and not surveys when they call tell them to put u on their do not call list if u just hang up they will set it up to call u back tomnorow like i said i hate this job the pay is S****y but it helps pay bills til i find a better job

The caller was identified as wilkins research
Reported 4th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number

They called me Today about some survey.
I replied: this is the Lord's Day and I hang up!
Now they make these type of calls on Sundays?

Reported 8th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number

Called at 7:55 p.m. Sunday September 29. The name did come up in caller i.d. They didn't leave a message.

The caller was identified as Wilkins Research
Reported 29th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number
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