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Phone number: 423-382-0076 is located in Sneedville, Tennessee.

Its exchange 382 is managed by ALEC, INC. - TN.
The number is currently on switch number KNVLTNMAX8Z.
Around 45% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 17th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 31 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Reverend chow, "H Co" managed by Alec Inc Sneedville TN"

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fed up with scum

Possible charity scam that calls daily sometimes multiple times and then hangs up. One time it claimed to be a disabled veterans group.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 20th, Mar. 2013.

it continues to call everyday! I usually answer w/"hola?" cause it makes them hang-up, but, lately it doesn't seem to do it! &wen I call back to as who, ALL I ever get is an answering machine! GETTING SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!

The caller was identified as john grumpy- mr.grumpy
Reported 3rd, Apr. 2013.
completely annoyed!

They call multiple times everyday even though we have told them to stop calling.

The caller was identified as Sneadville TN
Reported 9th, Apr. 2013.

they call several times a day and when you answer no one is there or they hand up. I called the number back and got an answering machine and told them to never call my number again. They called again about 2 hours later. PLEASE DO SOMETHING! OVER IT!

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 15th, Apr. 2013.
Mrs. Don't Call

Someone calls and won't answer when I say hello. They call about 3 times a week.

Reported 20th, Apr. 2013.

They call and then hang up. I may have talked to them 1 time on numerous calls received from this number and that time they were trying to make me think they were a charity company I had already donated to. They tried to get me to pledge additional money and I refused. I just made my 2nd do not call me to the answering machine and told them the next time I have to call I will record my request. I guess then I will try to find out who to report them to..

Reported 22nd, Apr. 2013.

People call 3or 4 times a week for donations for disabled American veterans. There scammers. They will not give you a call back number. I I Keep asking for a call back number and they seem very short and don't know where to go from there. I tell them, give me a call back number and I will call back and donate, they will not do it . There leeching scum scammers.......

The caller was identified as Donna Douglas
Reported 30th, Apr. 2013.

Starting to p me off

Reported 20th, Jun. 2013.

would like this number not to call me

Reported 16th, Jul. 2013.

Calls and lets it ring 2 or 3 rings and hangs up several times a day.

Reported 23rd, Jul. 2013.
Fed Up

I usually will not answer calls from numbers I do not know. This is one of them. I see it on my Caller ID almost every day. This is annoying and it's not the only number I see a lot. Can someone not corral these annoying people who call as late as 9:00 ( I go to bed before that time---get the picture?)

The caller was identified as Not GIven
Reported 30th, Jul. 2013.

Called this evening and my daughter answered and they called her an a__hole several times.

Reported 28th, Oct. 2013.

This number appears weekly on caller I.d. Answered (mistake) a paid solicitor and got huffy when I declined to donate. We have a VA hospital in my area. Why can't a local person call instead someone not even in area?

Reported 15th, Nov. 2013.

When I answer, there is total silence. I called the number back and it immediately asked for a message to be left. I am elderly and after 8 PM when I had already gone to bed. Only reason I got up to answer was because I had family on the road to a hospital and I was afraid something had happened to them.

The caller was identified as ????????
Reported 4th, Dec. 2013.

They call almost every night but never say anything and hang up. Will contact Centurylink to have them take care of this issue.

Reported 10th, Dec. 2013.

call every week. i hate them.

Reported 16th, Dec. 2013.
Roger Russell

Calls, when I answer, no one is there. I called back, got a machine, left the message that when this number shows on my caller id, it won't be answered.

The caller was identified as Who knows?
Reported 20th, Dec. 2013.

1:20 p.m., Saturday, 21 Dec 2013 - While out Christmas shopping, someone at this number called. Left the following message on my answering machine, after someone nearby whispers something to him, he says "Can I speak to (my real First Name)?" After no one here answers, nor picks up, the caller hangs up. After checking my personal database for this telephone number, I determined that I did not know anyone with this number. I suspect that this is a Telemarketer.

Reported 21st, Dec. 2013.

423-382-0076 shows on caller ID. Apparently many people getting calls frequently from this no. Some reporting hang-ups. Annoying

Reported 30th, Dec. 2013.

Called and asked to pledge, when refused, he was angry and starting saying mean things. Hung up. I am not sure who monitors this information we are entering- but does anyone do anything about it?

The caller was identified as Police protection agency apparently
Reported 27th, Jan. 2014.

Phone just rang twice a few minutes ago. I get these calls from this number several times a week and they always hang up before I answer or hang up when I answer, so I have never talked with anyone. It is very disturbing!

Reported 5th, Feb. 2014.

VERY irritating. Several calls a week, sometimes multiple calls a day. If I answer and speak with someone, they are rude. When I tell them that I only donate to local charities, I get berated by them or they say "whatever" and hang up on me.

The caller was identified as varies..also the organization they represent varies
Reported 20th, Feb. 2014.

When call is answered from this #, Person ask to speak to owner "using the Mr or Mrs. "last name". If you say you are not the people they are asking for , they want to know, who you are. If you say at that point " who is calling?" they get very rude , even telling you " its not any of your concern" and hanging up. They call many times in a week! I am sure its a donation scam , If you get this call from this #, best just to pick up phone and/or say "do not call this # again" and hang up before they say whatever, rude or horrible comments. If you can block this # t;hat would be great! Oh, yes! they like to call older people or retired folks. Be careful not to give them any information. Just say NO! and hang up. Mark on your phone Directory "as a SCAMMER /Fraudster CALL if you can.

The caller was identified as call center ,
Reported 24th, Feb. 2014.
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