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Phone number: 416-640-3489 is located in Toronto, Ontario.

Its exchange 640 is managed by ALLSTREAM CORP..
The number is currently on switch number TOROONOBDS0.
Around 38% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 90th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 118 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "arsse phucker's anonymous, none"

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I questioned the caller about the nature of the call, about who commissioned the study, and about to whom the survey results would be reported.
The caller was confused and referred to someone in the background, who came online and tried to address my questions.
The original surveyor then came on and, when I refused to give my date of birth (instead, advising him that I was over 40 years old), he told me that their quota for this age group had already been met and that the survey could not continue.
DOB is personal information that is not necessary for a survey (usually they give age ranges from which to choose), which leads me to question whether if this is a legitimate business.

Reported 28th, Jan. 2012.

have never heard of anyone asking for DOB in a survey. Did they ask any other identifiable information? May be they figured out that you were too smart to get any private info from you and hung up!

Reported 29th, Jan. 2012.
Marcel Denis

They keep calling my home phone twice a day.. It's very annoying.
I answered once but nobody there..
How can we stop that?

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 11th, Mar. 2012.

I want these people to stop calling my house, they call and there is never anywhen there when I answer. They call late in the evenings when my kids are trying to sleep Why cant we do something about annoying telemarketers and survey people

Reported 15th, Mar. 2012.
T. Carpenter

I was called 5 times by this number yesterday. 6:51, 7:20, 8:07, 8:42 and 8:52. I informed the person that I was on the DO NOT CALL list and she replied (very snotty) that this is a survey so the DO NOT CALL list does not apply to them. I hung up and they called again, to which I told them I was going to report them to the better business bureau. They had the nerve to call one more time after that, I didn't answer.

Reported 16th, May. 2012.

This number called twice this evening but did not say anything even after the normal lengthy time of me saying hello, hello.

Reported 8th, Jun. 2012.

(250) 352-9679 called my number at 3:59 pm June 17, 2012. I didn't answer but I think they have called many times before. What a pain!

Reported 18th, Jun. 2012.
Marti Smith

They call here twice a day every day. No one ever answers.

The caller was identified as Don't know
Reported 24th, Jun. 2012.

This is like living in banana republic. They can call me twice a day and harrass me and without any consequences. WHO protects our privacy?????

Reported 28th, Jun. 2012.

there was nobody on the line when we answered
That Do not call list is a joke

Reported 29th, Jun. 2012.
Reported 13th, Jul. 2012.

these calls a a real pain no one answers. and they call at all hours they need to be stoped

Reported 16th, Jul. 2012.

Dead air. Did not leave message. Calls at least three days per week. Tonite 8:00pm pst

Reported 3rd, Aug. 2012.

I suggest the police and phone service providers be advised. When people call and sit there without speaking it could be classified as stalking!

Reported 3rd, Aug. 2012.
Optional. Will be shownJB

Claims to be doing survey for Alberta Ag. Phone number is spoofed(call display says it is an international call, although area code is Ontario). Suspect they are gathering info for something else (identity theft, Grandparent scam, etc.). Had same call from 416-640-4389 on alternate days.

The caller was identified as In Fact
Reported 14th, Oct. 2012.

This person/company is going to result in more strict controls being placed on our communications systems and in this case for good reason. They have called my number about 20 times in the past two weeks!!! I do not intend to answer this number however I hope there is a way that they can be found to be liable for breaking some rules and fined and/or banned from this harrassment.

This is unusually intrusive and seems like of a fraudulent/criminal nature from the level of desperation they are showing.
Maybe the authorities should be informed and we should not bother posting our complaints,,

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 4th, Dec. 2012.

Third time I have recieved a call from this number in the past 6 months

Reported 9th, Dec. 2012.

Keeps calling and calling never leaving a message. My caller id has already gone through batteries. If and when I pick up the call...I'm gonna go "crazy" on them! I alway pity the people on the other line...maybe one day they'll put me on that " don't call that a**hole cuz he's mean" list.

The caller was identified as crazy canuck
Reported 11th, Dec. 2012.

They called my business and when we answer, there is no one there or at least no one answers. We just hang up. Pretty hard to run a business when you constantly get calls like this and when we do not pick up, it records on our voicemail and there is nothing there but it blocks up our voicemails.

Reported 14th, Dec. 2012.

called and hung up!!! Very Annoying!!!!

The caller was identified as hung up
Reported 20th, Dec. 2012.
Mike (montreal Qc)

I am reporting the 2 numbers; 416-640-3489 and also 647-260-1736 to the Local Police.
I did also send it to my Provincial and Federal Deputy.
These ''marketing'' co. should be fine and their owner go to jail.

The caller was identified as do not identify themself
Reported 21st, Dec. 2012.

Calls me several times per day, sometimes very late or very early. The people responsible deserve to spend some time in prison. However, they likely aren't even located in North America and are probably untouchable.

This type of annoyance has gotten out of control.
It's time our phone services (that we pay for) step in and invest in tech that will prevent us from receiving any calls from known telephone stalkers/spammers.

The caller was identified as 1 416 640-3489
Reported 7th, Jan. 2013.

This number called and when we answered they did not respond. Voices and noise could be heard on their end but they did not acknowledge us. Our line was tied up even when we tried to disconnect. After a few minutes we were able to get a dial tone. We called the number back and their voicemail was full. A little while later we called it again and this time a recorded message answered to say that it was a legitimate business conducting surveys and they will call back again. Very fishy...another scam?!?!?!

Reported 8th, Jan. 2013.
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