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Owner Info for (416) 364-1111

Unlock 29 full addresses, 1 emails, 50 relatives, and more for $3.95
Name: Lindsey A Abbott
#### E Black Gold St
Boise, ID 83716

#### Psc 2
Apo, AE 09012

(416) 364-**** Phone Numbers

Near Toronto, ON
Issued by Bell Canada

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 1994.

While 4163641111 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (416) 364-1111 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 43% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 205th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 154 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "2123007666, Langara Invest".

User Complaints for 416-364-1111

Caller name: Canada

Some ding bat spamming and phishing. I wish they would all go away! If we want something we will call for it. REPORT AND FINE!!

- US Citizen

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[Reply] June 10, 2013

Caller name: unknow

This is just one of several numbers calling my home on a daily basis. I don't answer, but I'm SO sick of it. How can we put an end to these criminals calling numbers on DO NOT CALL lists?

- Cath
United States

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[Reply] June 28, 2013

Keeps calling my cell phone over and over . I picked up one time and a Mexican man Said to me A friend of yours said you are looking for a male gigolo

- Anonymous

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[Reply] July 3, 2013

I have received to my cell two calls from this number. I am pretty sure is the same telemarket that calls to my house but I set up my land line to fax mode starting today, and how coincidencialy I received a call from someone I do not know when I do not use my cell at all only for e-emergencies.

- Leticia

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[Reply] March 14, 2014

Caller name: no name given

Said he is from Microsoft (he had an Indian or Pakistani accent) and his Microsoft office has been receiving malware and viruses from my IP address. Then he asked me how many computers I had in my home.
I told him it was none of his business and a hung up. The phone number has an Ontario, Canada area code.

- Mandy

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[Reply] May 31, 2013
In response to: Pissedoff

Found me on Christian Mingle and told me a bunch of the same things mentioned here. Was fishy. Finally showed his true colours when he asked for $2000 and called me from this number. Was using a cell phone all along before. I kept pushing for more direct information, which pushed him to make his move. Beware. He's putting up his profile everywhere. I believe that there are several people working together. Pretends to be a man, woman, g*y, pretty much whatever. He pushes to move quickly in the relationship, isolating you. Then asks for money, most of the time large amounts.

the man call I don't his name is. I'm tired of he me on my cell phone, he think i DUE past the bills which is not my at. this scammed pick up no answer end . need to stopcall me. I signed up different different, I decided unsubscribed.

- mary Davidson

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[Reply] August 17, 2014

A man with a heavy Indian accent called reporting that he had received signs that Microsoft had been downloading spam. Hung up once and he calls me again twice. Not natural behavior from a high end business.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] August 28, 2013

Claimed to be from Microsoft - I stopped the guy before he could get his whole story out telling him right away that I was not on the Do Not Call List - to which he asked me how did I know I was on the list and how much did I pay to get on the list. Ummm.....red flags went flying as well as my irritability and told him that you do not have to pay to be on the call list and he kept on asking me about how did I get on the do not call list and how much I paid. I finally hung up but please be aware of this number.

- Valerie

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[Reply] September 4, 2013

Caller name: Scammer

Another call from "Microsoft technical support" scam. They told me that there was a problem with my computer, etc. I said nothing for a few seconds and they went away. Have had this call before.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] June 26, 2013

Caller name: Peter

Trying to con me about how my computer has problem and he was going to tell me how to fix it, so I asked really what operating system does the problem deal with and he replied the one you have. So I asked so Red Hat Linux? Which I do not have and he said Yes. So I said wonderful send someone right over, and hung up on him.

- A
South Dakota

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[Reply] November 14, 2014

calls late night hours waking my children

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] November 21, 2014

I live in the NE am on the Do Not Call List and these people
call us in the middle of the night.
last call at 4:34 a.m.

This is ABUSE,,,,, They should be FINED

- Darcy Nopper

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[Reply] May 18, 2013

Total SPAMMER/SCAMMER. Calls all hours - will not leave a voice mail. Hangs up on you if you answer. Caller ID has "Ontario, Canada"... who knows. Just stupid low paid spammers who can't get real jobs ....

- Jane
United States

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[Reply] May 28, 2013

Asked to speak with me about a loan I applied for, I said "I did not apply for a loan" the man said "are you sure?" Uh yeah dipstick I'm 100% sure I didnt apply for a loan. I asked to be removed from the list. I got a call again later from another agent but same number. Asked to be removed from the list a 2nd time. Got a 3rd call later in the day about a loan but completely different phone number. Non-english speaking

- C.C

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[Reply] July 30, 2014

I just got a call from this number and they said they were from the U.S. treasury and they want me to give them my card info so they could give me a large sum of money and I didn't give them any of my info this scamming needs to stop.

- Colby

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[Reply] August 13, 2014

Called stating they were from PC Trackers wanted me to do some things to find error messages on my computer then hung up. They also said they worked with Micro Soft as an agent.

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] January 8, 2014

Said he was calling from cyber support and was calling about my computer. Said his center was receiving multiple error101 from my computer and he was calling to show me them on my computer and help me fix the problem and clean up my computer. You know....I was born at night but not last night.

- Dodie
United States

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[Reply] January 17, 2014

Calling constantly on my cell phone.

- anonymous

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[Reply] August 21, 2013

August 26th. They called once and when answered no one was on the line. They called back again within a minute. She was trying to tell me that I had a virus on my computer and I needed to remove it.

Funny thing is that I do have anti virus software on my computer.

I told her that I did not have a computer but she still kept telling me that I did. She would not stopping talking after I repeatedly told her that I did not have a computer.

Must be a slow day at her office....

- No fool here
New Jersey

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[Reply] August 26, 2013

They asked for me by mispronouncing my name. I told them if they pronounced it correctly, I might let them talk to the person that they were calling. They asked me for the correct pronunciation; I refused. I told them that if they could not read the name correctly, no. And then I told them to F*** off. The guy then informed me that me would come to my house to do so. I told him go ahead that I would meet him at the door with my double barrel 20gauge. He said that he would bring his also. I said good luck getting that through all the airport terminals. Then I called him a term that is not nice to call people from India, a 'cow-kisser' [due to their worship of cows]. He got flustered and hung up. Saved the number in the cell with no ringtone.


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[Reply] June 19, 2013

Same as above. Same computer scam. Things went downhill really fast when I told him not to call my f'n house . He basically got very sexual talking about raping me. I Hung up, he called back 5 or 6 times. Report filed with police.

- anon
United States

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[Reply] June 22, 2013

Said they were Microsoft and that there was a problem with my computer. They needed my password to fix it. When i said i had no computer they hung up.

- jack

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[Reply] February 1, 2014


- Anonymous

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[Reply] June 24, 2013

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