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Phone number: 413-749-5006 is located in Adams, Massachusetts.

Its exchange 749 is managed by VERIZON NEW ENGLAND INC. DBA V.
The number is currently on switch number ADMSMAMADS0.
Around 33% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 8th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 9 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "???, Somebody Who Doesn't Like Extortionists"

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Called MY Private, UNPUBLISHED personal pre-paid cell today. Calle husband's work cell last month. Also a Private number.

This number(413-749-5006) is supposedly from Adams, MA; a small town in Berkshire County.

Suspect this is from an entity called "MEYER ASSOCIATES TELESERVICES." Other calls came in from 781-995-2211 (Boston) and 508-876-4968 (Worcester); and one with a Pittsfield, MA number: 413-329-6174. ALL are supposedly cell numbers and were traced to a TELEMARKETER/SPAMMING company known as "MEYER ASSOCIATES TELESERVICES", based in MICHIGAN, which is KNOWN for using ILLEGALLY SPOOFED LOCAL/IN STATE numbers to FOOL people into picking up calls from unrecognized but familiar-looking numbers. They also use the RUSE of doing "Political Surveys" BUT are REALLY in the DATA MINING business and ask all kinds of PERSONAL questions which they then RECORD and use to SELL to other TELEMARKETERS and BUSINESSES including BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, etc. This is basically FOR PROFIT BIG BROTHER.

Their M.O is to call and let it ring only 3.5 times, hanging up before answering machines and voicemail picks up, to avoid paying for 'dead' calls.

The DNC list needs to look into this so-called company: because FOUR calls on two different phones - ALL IN THE SAME DAY - even if using so-called 'different' numbers is HARASSMENT. And using the LOOPHOLES in the DNC List LAW of making FAKE, PHONY "Political" or "Survey" or "POLTICAL SURVEY" calls should NOT BE TOLERATED under these conditions and tactics.

The caller was identified as Suspected MEYER ASSOCIATES TELESERVICES
Reported 5th, Jun. 2013.

Although my phone is set to ring when I get a voice or phone call, my phone did not ring. Instead, I heard one long tone and saw I had missed a call. There was no message left.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 27th, Jul. 2013.
Reported 1st, Aug. 2013.

Called my private pre-paid cell AGAIN today. They call every three months, OVER AND OVER.

The caller was identified as Suspected MEYER ASSOCIATES TELESERVICES
Reported 2nd, Oct. 2013.

This number calls my pre-paid cell AFTER we ade more minutes to it. I called it back on my BLOCKED landline and it answers (with NO ring first) with a PRE-RECORDED message saying they were offering a 'rewards card' for 'local retailers' because we'd 'recently visited one of their affiliate websites.' Not sure if this is legit or not. Not sure HOW I'm going to verify that.

The caller was identified as "JULIE"
Reported 25th, Oct. 2013.

Called my private cell phone twice this afternoon, one at around 6pm and one about an hour later. Both times they hung up before I could so much as get the phone out of my pocket. The fact that it was an Adam's number (my town) made it all the more nerve-wracking; I thought it was one of my coworkers trying to get a hold of me.

Glad to see that it's just spam.

Reported 25th, Oct. 2013.

FEIN: 20-3431593

HINGHAM, MA 02043-1661
(561) 371-3689
(704) 941-7744

Alternative Mail Address
MATTHEWS, NC 28104-8064

The caller was identified as Somebody Who Doesn't Like Extortionists
Reported 4th, Nov. 2013.
Rosemary Ryan

I get calls from this number on a regular basis. It rings 3 times and if no answer, hangs up. No message. I am on a do not call list and would like these calls to stop!

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 11th, Nov. 2013.

Didn't leave a message

The caller was identified as ???
Reported 13th, Dec. 2013.

They hung up fast. I'm glad. Hope they don't call my cell phone again.

Reported 2nd, Jan. 2014.
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