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Phone number: 407-515-2412 is located in Orlando, Florida.

Its exchange 515 is managed by SPRINT METROPOLITAN NETWORKS,.
The number is currently on switch number ORLDFLERDS0.
Around 30% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 29th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 85 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Kosmas group inc-407-515-2822, Did not say"

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This number calls my cell phone constantly. I never answer it and they never leave a message. I wish it would stop.

Reported 29th, Dec. 2012.

Calls alot but don't talk when I answer getting on my nerves!!!!!

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 17th, Jan. 2013.

This phone number has been calling my cell phone several times over the last few months. Can you please stop it?

Reported 18th, Jan. 2013.

I answered by mistake and apparently I gave them $400, not once in my life have I had $400. They also had all my house and email information, though I do NOT give my cell number out... How did they get it?

The caller was identified as 14075152412
Reported 24th, Jan. 2013.

They have called a number of times over the past month. I have only.answered once, the woman was so rude and wouldn't identify herself. Never left a message on all the missed calls. Getting annoyed.

Reported 11th, Feb. 2013.

This number called my cell phone at 8PM last night. I was already getting ready for bed so I didn't notice I had missed a call until this morning. I probably wouldn't have answered since I did not know that number. If they call again I will blow a whistle in the phone. I save numbers like that in my phone book and list them as whistle. If I receive them again I simply answer the phone and immediately blow a whistle into the phone. My husband used to be a basketball ref so I have plenty of really good and loud whistles. LOL

The caller was identified as Not sure
Reported 22nd, Feb. 2013.

I get calls from them every day 7 days a week at 0800 and and 0845 give or take 5 min. It's everyday and I've told them my numbers on the do not call list and they keep calling

Reported 10th, Mar. 2013.

Multiple calls from this number

Reported 3rd, Apr. 2013.

Calls have come into my unpublished VOIP phone with no name showing. They offer a free Orlando vacation. I have told them NOT to call, but they continue calling. Today, "Corey" did state his name, but when asked who he was with, he would not talk.

The caller was identified as Corey
Reported 6th, Apr. 2013.

I've been receiving at least two calls a day ffrom this number for two weeks now. I never answer it and they never leave leave a message.
It is so annoying. Can you please stop them?

Reported 12th, Apr. 2013.
call back on their dime

sells time shares, rents condos, tour packages, travel scams, etc

toll free number from your land line (they pay) 1-866-897-2755

The caller was identified as kosmos group
Reported 18th, Apr. 2013.
Sushamma Mathew

This people called and told me the website to get into and asked me to give the address information and then finally asked me to use my visa to put down payment to a vacation package they were selling. I felt weird so i decided to do research with the number and found they are scam. I hung up before i did the research and so i didn't give my financial information.

The caller was identified as Diane Stephen
Reported 23rd, Apr. 2013.

Official Settlement Site Deepwater Horizon Settlements. Official Court-Authorized website.
About Kosmas Group International Inc
Phone: (386) 427-6892 | Website: Information not found | Is this your company? Claim This Profile
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Travel Authority
Cruise N Time
Maritime Holdings Group Inc
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More Details for Kosmas Group International Inc
Kosmas Group International Inc in New Smyrna Beach, FL is a private company categorized underDeep Sea Passenger Transportation. Our records show it was established in 1997 and incorporated in Florida. Register for free to see additional information such as annual revenue and employment figures.

The caller was identified as Kosmas Group
Reported 1st, May. 2013.
call back on their dime

james at e-travel.com
said i won something
put phone by tv speaker and let him talk
after a while he disconnected

plays nice music after five pm
they pay for the call

The caller was identified as kosmas
Reported 6th, May. 2013.

just like some others who have complained, this number keeps calling my phone every day, sometimes twice to thrice a day. I have previously asked them to remove me from their calling list and they obviously have not done it. So today, I answered again and the guy tells me I registered with disney for some promotional offer, which I never did and frankly, disney has never been on my mind. When I tell the guy that, he tries to refute it and argues with me about why I should be interested in disney. All I wanted him to do was to take me off the call list. I am not sure if this was the last call I will receive from them, but clearly looks like some scammer/harrasser.

Reported 10th, May. 2013.

They call my business phone twice a day. Never leave a message.

Reported 31st, May. 2013.

Possibly a scam, the guy claims I was interested in going to Disney and has a vacation package I would be interested in. First I cannot afford a trip across the street let alone to Disney. I said, no I did not and he keeps insisting I did. I eventually hang up but still receive calls from that number.

The caller was identified as Disney Offer
Reported 4th, Jun. 2013.

They kept calling me daily (sometimes more than 2x a day) AFTER I told them to remove my number twice. They said it will takes 72 hours to remove the number and apparently it didn't happen. I'm very irritated with them...

The caller was identified as Kosmas Group
Reported 21st, Jun. 2013.

They kept calling me daily (sometimes more than 2x a day) AFTER I told them to remove my number twice. They said it will takes 72 hours to remove the number and apparently it didn't happen. I'm very irritated with them...

The caller was identified as Kosmas Group
Reported 21st, Jun. 2013.

They have called me twice a day, for about 2 weeks. I just called back and on the second ring I spoke with a very polite, yet persistent salesman. He said I had registered for a vacation package which I have not. I don't think pushy is the right word because he would very polite and respectful, yet it did take several attempts to get him to accept no. For example when I said I was a student and wouldn't be interested in a vacation package, he immediately jumped in with a story about his recent vacation even though he himself is a student. Then when I said I was a graduate student with infant twins a toddler and was definitely 100% not interested in a vacation package, he said the packages accommodate up to 5 people blah blah blah. He did say he would document that I was rejecting the offer and I wouldn't be contacted again. We will have to see if that is the case.

So again, Kosmas group selling vacation packages in FL. Very polite, but persistent salesman who said I would be removed from the contact list after a short conversation.

The caller was identified as KOSMAS
Reported 21st, Jun. 2013.

These people call me everyday at random times, normally when I am in a Dr's office.
Just now Sunday June 23@ 2:00pm they are calling me.
I am very sick right now and the last thing in the world I need is to be bothered by people I don't even know and they never leave a message.

Reported 23rd, Jun. 2013.

This number calls me at my office multiple times daily. I never answer and they have never left a message. I am tired of these continuous interruptions.

The caller was identified as Kosmos Group
Reported 27th, Jun. 2013.

They called me today 4times on a row I finally answered and they hung up and gOt my cell out and called the number back and the guy on the phone told me I was retarded and that nobody called me then he started yelling at me I told him I was calling his boss then he decided to tell me all calls we're recorded they r silo posed to say that at the beginning of the call not befor I hang up

The caller was identified as Jason
Reported 3rd, Jul. 2013.
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