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Caller type: Unknown

This is supposed to be some call center I assume for some government agency which is false. Any Govt company won't be calling a wrong number.
Recording stating the call is for Kimberly Zula & she has 2 charges pending. She can call them. Since they can't reach her by phone, they will reach her at work & once found, she waives her rights which is against her. Told a number to call her back at, which is this number. The initial false threat call came from 618-808-2022 & gave this number 406-998-1199 as their office.

I will be reporting my cell phone threat I received above to authorities as my number is not given to any business now am I this person they so call are seeking. My number is on the do not call list.

- dfgdfggfd

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[Reply]   November 30, 2017

Caller name: Not provided

Caller type: Unknown

I received the same message, but for a different person. Mine was for 'Erica Mitchell' with a calling number of 618-808-2022 and a callback number of 406-998-1199. It was to my desk phone, which is not widely published. I assume it was random.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   December 7, 2017

Caller type: Unknown

Used to get similar calls as the three I have just gotten. Same as the above report only the name they are looking for is my brother-in-law who has never lived in the state I live in now. When I researched this last time I learned it is a scam. They will try to get money out of you to drop the charges which are false. No process server will ever call you on the phone first.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   December 6, 2017

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