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Phone number: 402-935-7733 is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Its exchange 935 is managed by QWEST CORPORATION - NE.
The number is currently on switch number OMAHNE84DS0.
Around 33% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 100th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 57 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Jamie W Matti, Lisafred"

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Reported 24th, Oct. 2011.

if they call you should answer, it's Paypal calling about a charge on your card

Reported 4th, Dec. 2011.

Claims to be from PayPal's credit dept. THEY ARE NOT PAYPAL. THEY ARE SCAMMERS/THIEVES.

The caller was identified as no name
Reported 17th, Apr. 2013.

$21.00 appeared on our credit card. We did not charge this amount. It is not Legitimate. DO NOT PAY!!!!

The caller was identified as did not receive call
Reported 22nd, Jun. 2013.

charge showed up as "professional services" scam/fraud

The caller was identified as Imazarsky
Reported 29th, Jun. 2013.

Called our company about a charge to their PayPal account; claimed to have been a customer of ours...gave us this phone # to reach him at along with this email: [email protected]
Very suspicious!

Reported 2nd, Jul. 2013.
Maria Rosado

I receive an email saying that I authorize a paypal payment for the amount of $188.00. The only info that I got from payday is this email <[email protected]>. When I check my bank it show a transition to paypal and 402-935-7733. I call them twice and they told me that they use my paypal password to authorize this transaction and that I need to change the password. They told me that they will investigate. I call them and tell them that I contact my bank and the card involved and they said that this is a fraud and that they will investigate also. Any way they told me that they will deposit my money back to my bank account. This is a fraud and needs to be stop.

Reported 17th, Jul. 2013.

They called claiming to be the Fraud Department of Pay Pal but knowing Pay Pal a real person didn't call. They were asking for 957 dollars and if I spent it. DONT NOT AGREE TO THIS CALL WHAT SO EVER IT. IS. A. SCAM.

The caller was identified as Pay Pal
Reported 30th, Jul. 2013.

this was a legitimate charge from this number from paypal to something I bought!

Reported 28th, Aug. 2013.

Received multiple calls after making a pay pal purchase, checked the # here first- I didn't pick up or return the calls.

Reported 27th, Sep. 2013.

I contacted PayPal fraud department after receiving calls from this number, I was notified by PayPal that
- It is NOT affiliated with PayPal.

Reported 27th, Sep. 2013.

I noticed a charged on my bank account statement this morning. It was for Paypal/Ebay purchased with the 402-935-7733 as a reference number. I HAVE NEVER EVER HAD A PAYPAL OR EBAY ACCOUNT. I called the 402-935-7733 number and no one answered. So, I immediately called my bank and informed them of fraudulent activity on my account. I completed a dispute form and the bank cancelled my debit card. THIS IS FRAUD. CONSUMERS BE AWARE.

Reported 18th, Nov. 2013.
Blanket Jackson

This is from Paypal. If you purchased something online with a credit card, most likely Paypal was used by the merchant because they are a SECURE SIGHT. If you received a call, they are DOING THEIR JOBS verifying that you authorized the charge.

Reported 3rd, Dec. 2013.
Truth Sayer

Don't heed the entries here from people who write that PayPal is doing a good job by following up on possible fraud ... And that calls from this number are legitimate.

Just look at the way the entries are written, and you'll see they are also part of the scam. Check out the entry by "Blanket Jackson" on 3rd, Dec. 2013 ... who writes that eBay is a "SECURE 'SIGHT.'" Sure it is, (a Secure "SITE") but calls from this number are not!

Once you answer the call, you open yourself up to a claim you purchased something during your conversation. If you don't answer -- No Charge.

If you call this number it sounds legitimate; that's part of the scam too! PayPal doesn't have that kind of machine operated response. Paypal's is more complicated. You have to listen to a menu for choices to press. Think about it.

Be aware and beware.

The caller was identified as Left no message
Reported 12th, Dec. 2013.

just Paypal doing their job!!!!

Reported 22nd, Dec. 2013.

Just got a call from this number. I did not answer the phone, and there was not a message. I read all these posts, did a quick internet search and found that the number associated with PayPal is (402) 935-2050. So, same area code and first three digits but the rest don't match. I would think if this was legitimately PayPal calling to confirm a payment/charge they would have left me a message to call back??? Just my thoughts.

The caller was identified as Did not answer-no message
Reported 3rd, Jan. 2014.

This is a fraud company. f**k THEM IT SHOWS UP AS GOVERNMENT PAYMENT and charged my account $15.00 for no reason. I immediately reported these a******s that state the charge is in Texas, when the area code is in Omaha Nebraska

Reported 17th, Jan. 2014.

This phone number was associated with the use of my credit card to make fraudulent on-line purchases through PayPal on e-bay....

Reported 20th, Jan. 2014.

Received a charge on credit card for $10.91 and $6.99 designating PAYPAL and other company names. Phone number: 402-935-7733. Description: "Professional Sevice". (Service was misspelled.)

The caller was identified as Unknown - They pose as PayPal
Reported 30th, Jan. 2014.

Called saying they were a customer charged through our site using paypal. It seemed like a robot delayed call, where you have to wait 2 seconds for them to answer. I believe they are faking paypals number, and maybe trying to get you to send them money via paypal. It seems very fishy.

Reported 17th, Feb. 2014.

Made a purchase on eBay. Used paypal to pay for it. Even tracked the "package" with a usps tracking number. Said it was delivered but never was. Phone number comes up on credit card transaction as the merchant. $56.83 gone... Ugh.

Reported 4th, Mar. 2014.

Found a $45.08 charge on my Discover bill. Fraud Department wonderful about taking charge off and starting investigation... But I have to go thru the hassle of getting a new credit card number... I won't be using Paypal anymore - just one more system to be hacked into and compromised....

Reported 2nd, Apr. 2014.

They charge my PayPal account $15.57 w/o my knowledge.

The caller was identified as Pitneybowes
Reported 28th, Apr. 2014.
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