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Phone number: 402-220-1100 is located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Its exchange 220 is managed by QWEST CORPORATION - NE.
The number is currently on switch number OMAHNENWDS1.
Around 37% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 127th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 62 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "1-800-2891179, 405-220-1100"

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I get a call several times a week. I don't ever answer since I don't know the number. They never leave a message.

The caller was identified as ? never leaves a message
Reported 7th, Aug. 2012.
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This is prescription refill reminder service at Walgreens. Wish they'd leave a message so all the confusion would end.

Reported 12th, Aug. 2012.

Keeps calling my cell phone, will not answer as it is not local number and unknown, never leaves a message.

Reported 14th, Aug. 2012.


Reported 18th, Aug. 2012.

This is the number for Walgreens. I just got a call for a prescription reminder - but for some other guy. The results from a Google search of this number shows:

Prescription Refill Reminders
Your call will come from one of these numbers: 402-220-1100, 402-220-1106, 800-289-1179 or 800-224-1167. Enter your date of birth to ensure your privacy ...

Walgreens did say they are experiencing a glitch right now where the system is sending out random alerts/reminders. Hope this helps

Reported 11th, Oct. 2012.

Ask for person by name.
Given options, one of which was to leave a message.
The message was to call.

The caller was identified as Walgreen Refill
Reported 6th, Nov. 2012.

This number is for Walgreen's Refill reminder! If you call it back it looks up the info for the person that they were trying to reach and gives you the option to choose 1 as you are that person or number 2 as you are not that person. if you use Walgreen's for meds you might want to answer it or call it back so you can get your meds filled or your number removed!

The caller was identified as Walgreen's Refill reminder
Reported 13th, Dec. 2012.

this number calls several times a year, never leaves a message. i never answer unknown numbers, but it is a hassle.

The caller was identified as walgreens NB
Reported 28th, Dec. 2012.

Calls and asks for a person who does not live here, I called the number to tell them but get recording that refers to only the person who the was for. I received about 10 to 12 calls this week alone.

Reported 31st, Dec. 2012.

This number calls me daily, sometimes several times a day, and leaves a 'bot' message. If I call back, the recording requests my DOB, and I won't give it, and there is no menu to speak to a human being.

I've asked my local Walgreen's about it a number of times, including speaking to two pharmacists, and they have told me that it's either a scam or a telemarketer and claim no knowledge.

I'm on the no call list, how do I make these calls stop???????

The caller was identified as Walgreen's
Reported 14th, Jan. 2013.

Please do something about these annoying people that are calling. They want leave a message...don't stupid people know that we don't pick up the phone for numbers we don't recognize

The caller was identified as Chunchula Sara
Reported 17th, Jan. 2013.

Got a call this morning on this phone number. It's Walgreens about a prescription refill, but I don't have any prescriptions to refill. Weird.

The caller was identified as Walgreens
Reported 31st, Jan. 2013.

this number calls alot and leaves no message. Its annoying

The caller was identified as none given
Reported 7th, Feb. 2013.

I keep getting phones calls from 4002-220-1100 stateing that i have to call 1-800-289-1179 when 24 hrs for refills

The caller was identified as recording
Reported 24th, Feb. 2013.
Don W.

Just "RoboDoc" reminding you of an upcoming prescription refill...For a lot of people it's okay. I like it, but at times it's annoying. Some people really need their drugs but have minds like seives....If it bothers you that much, let the local Walgreens know and they'll take you off the robo list....Then If you run out of meds on the weekend or a major holiday because you did
n't want that service, no problem, just take a bunch on money you don't need down to the local hospital emergency room and they'll fix you right up

The caller was identified as Walgreens
Reported 25th, Feb. 2013.

These people really this stupid that I am gonna pick a up phone with a number I don't recognize, at this day and age don't these morons know how many people are gonna fall for their scam.

The caller was identified as automatic refill
Reported 30th, Mar. 2013.

Please quit calling me.

The caller was identified as Walgreens
Reported 31st, Mar. 2013.

this is the third call to-day (Sun. Apr.14 2013) A 'prescription reminder call' I am already on a 'DO NOT CALL' list. Why would a Walgreens in Omaha be calling a customer in Alameda CA. re" birthdate etc.?

The caller was identified as Walgreens
Reported 14th, Apr. 2013.

I don't want them calling again

The caller was identified as Walgreens
Reported 22nd, Apr. 2013.

have received multiple calls from walgreen's about medicine is ready to be picked up. don't shop there. don't have medicine there. tonight i noticed phone # is 402-220-1100. call was for billie hafford. i tried to call back, tell them they have wrong #. option 1 if i am him, option 2 if i am not. then option 2 says i cannot get information. press 8 to stop these messages. i pressed 8. tried to push 0 hoping for real person, that is not an option. i looked up this number online, it is a call center for walgreens in nebraska. we are in illinois.

Reported 29th, May. 2013.

I have gotten a few of these calls. Not recognizing the number I never answered. I Googled it, got all four numbers attached, and called all 4. Two are Duane Reade owned by Walgreens, and two are Walgreens. I know that if you get a reminder for a script, it comes from your local store with whom you do the business. Yes it is a recording, but only leaves a generic message that a script is ready. You do not give birth date or anything - EVER. I am definitely going to talk to our pharm mgr and maybe the pharm supervisor. This is too annoying and must stop!!!

The caller was identified as Walgreens Employee
Reported 7th, Jun. 2013.

The caller id indicates that it is from Omaha NE. This is the 2nd time today they have called. It is very annoying if it is important they should leave a message and I would call them back. I am so tired of all of these kinds of calls. We get 8 or 10 a day. My husband has health problems and I am currently in Chemo treatment we have enough calls that I have to deal with from hospitals and doctors. Surely something can be done about the calls if our elected officials would actually work for the people who elected them instead of thinking only of themselves.

The caller was identified as No Name Given
Reported 8th, Jun. 2013.
Tulsa OK

Rec'd a call from this number today. Research indicated it to be a reminder service to refill prescriptions (Walgreens). I called my local pharmacy and it is a valid number and service. They asked if I wanted removed from that service, I said yes. We'll see.....

The caller was identified as Omaha, NE (Walgreens)
Reported 13th, Jun. 2013.
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