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Phone number: 321-710-1991 is located in Orlando, Florida.

Its exchange 710 is managed by KMC TELECOM III, INC. - FL.
The number is currently on switch number PLBYFLAO00A.
Around 47% of people reported it as "Telemarketer".
You are the 24th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 96 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Chris, Ace 76"

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Merchant processing, Calls at least once a day. Calls won't stop.

The caller was identified as Ace 76
Reported 24th, Oct. 2012.

This number called several times - usually when no one is here. Today I was. A man asked for the owner. When we said the owner was not around, and asked for a message, he said there was none and hung up.

Reported 26th, Nov. 2012.

Called asking for the "business owner." I said, "he's out of town, can I take a message?"

"No." Hung up.

The caller was identified as ACE
Reported 4th, Jan. 2013.

Caller asked for owner and when I said owner is not in can I help you/ the caller hung up. The caller her been doing this for the last two to three weeks.

The caller was identified as anonymous
Reported 23rd, Jan. 2013.

Rude prick. Just blocked the number..

The caller was identified as n/a
Reported 6th, Feb. 2013.
jonathan bowden

I have repeatedly asked them to stop calling my business and they continue to do so at least once a day.

The caller was identified as not identified
Reported 7th, Feb. 2013.

Rude!!!!!! Hung up on me for no reason. Called my restaurant in the middle of a shift. Who are these people??

The caller was identified as ace 76
Reported 25th, Feb. 2013.

Called and heard lots of background noise and the guy on the other end asked to speak to the owner of the business. I hung up on him because we at our furniture business get calls like this quite frequently. In the meantime I look up the # on my iPhone and notice all of these complaints on this #. He then calls back and asked me why I hung up on him and wanted to tell me that i woke up on the wrong side of the bed that he was on his way down to look at furniture and I said oh really then if that's the case why do I see sooooo many complaints about you and this number if you are who you say you are and that I don't believe you and if you call here again I will report you to the FCC
.he hung up. Dumbass thought I was obviously born yesterday. Sorry but he messed with the wrong person.

The caller was identified as Ace76
Reported 8th, Mar. 2013.

She was very nice and asked to speak to the owner. I told her that the owner was off site (he is, I'm the office manager) and she said that her company wants to make an appointment to sit with the owner and discuss saving up to 35% on his merchant services processing. I explained that in January, we renewed with our current company and she said that if we weren't happy with them, she would buy out our contract. I asked her why we would renew with them if we weren't happy with them?? I thanked her for her time and told her that we would not be interested. She thanked me, told me to have a nice day and hung up. I have not heard from her since.

The caller was identified as Chris
Reported 13th, Mar. 2013.

so rude. tons noise and laughing in background during the call. these people keep calling. can't get them to stop. finally told them the owner was not in and asked if i could leave a message, said no. i asked over and over if i could leave a message for the owner and the caller got super rude and hung up. tried to call back to have my number removed from their call list and got an automated message saying the number had been disconnected.

Reported 4th, Apr. 2013.

Some sort of scammer saying he was going to do something for the landlord blah blah. Then when asked for his name and number he hung up.

Reported 2nd, May. 2013.

Is calling daily, asked to be removed from Do Not Call List. I am still getting calls.

Reported 14th, May. 2013.

Have asked them to multiple times to stop calling our business lines and they continue to call twice or more times each day. After asking to be removed, they hang up or make a rude remark and then hang up. I have filed a complaint with Do not call registry as well.

The caller was identified as ACE 76
Reported 15th, May. 2013.
Game Gurus

asked for owner, told him the owner is not here, i asked him what i could do for him, he asked when the owner will be in. I repled that hte owner will never be in but i can help him, he then wanted the owners phone number. I laughed and said good luck with that and hung up. He called back 2 more time immediately with a fax tone in my ear then again hitting buttons on the keypad.

The caller was identified as did not identidy
Reported 16th, May. 2013.

321-710-1991 came up on the caller id as ACE 76 and they stated they wanted to speak to the f* owner and this was the f* processing company.
Caller used the F word several times in the call

The caller was identified as Did not leave one
Reported 24th, May. 2013.
robin lawrence

constanct calling about changing credit card processors, but will not stop calling

Reported 7th, Jun. 2013.

Ace 76 called my business, asked for owner, spoke, persistent on bringing people to store to "save me money", stated wasn't interested, hung up, called back. Went back and forth, hung up, and called back. A total of 6 times. Pictures taken of continuous phone calls 1 minuted apart, total of 6. He made me irate. Calls stopped that day, 1 week later called back. Picture taken. Told him if he wants to put his co-workers in danger, i dared him to send them to my store as I'll take it as a threat and they mean to do harm to my business and staff. I'll take immediate action. Hasn't called since, police report made if called again.

The caller was identified as Douchebag
Reported 18th, Jun. 2013.
Man at Leisure

They call almost daily. We ask them to stop every day.

The caller was identified as Ace 76
Reported 17th, Jul. 2013.

Caller wanted to speak to owner. said he'd been on tour and wanted to book another tour. told him this was the reservation line and I could take care of that. He demanded to speak to owner and "didn't feel comfortable" speaking to me. rude.

The caller was identified as Liar
Reported 19th, Jul. 2013.

I am on do not call list

Reported 22nd, Jul. 2013.

Kept calling and asked for owner, said, I am the owner, and he explaint a lots of thing and asking for my address and he will send somebody stop by at my restaurant to offer something, but i have to correct and give him the right address to put in GPS, funny!! you want to do the business with me but you don't even know my address and what type of my business are.

I wish someone who can stop them to insult poeple that would be wonderful.
the best way just say. me no speak english.

The caller was identified as ACE 76
Reported 23rd, Jul. 2013.

Won't stop calling. Has called several times a day looking for the owner. Won't leave a message. When I tell him the owner is not here, he gets an attitude and hangs up.

The caller was identified as ACE 76
Reported 14th, Aug. 2013.

These guys call my job everyday looking for my boss and when I tell them, he's not here they hang up on me. Very annoying

The caller was identified as Don't remember
Reported 14th, Aug. 2013.
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