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(234) 542-**** Phone Numbers

Near Akron, OH
Issued by Level 3 Communications, Llc - Oh

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2002.

While 2345421696 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (234) 542-1696 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 37% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 18th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 29 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "robert marshall , Mike Jones or Zack Austin".

User Complaints for 234-542-1696

Caller name: John Harris

Guy called me claiming to be " Captain John Harris". sounded like he was from Lahore or Bangladesh - could barely understand him. Asked for my employee who was not in the office at the time. He said it was an emergency concerning something in CASS County Louisiana, With the Sherrif's Dept. I said really ? then I put him on hold. Louisiana does not HAVE counties - they have Parishes - so I re-answered with my best Indian accent and kept him on the phone as long as I could, asking him his vest size, could he drive a large truck ? Did he ever experience suicidal tendencies ? He finally cursed me in hindi or whatever and hung up.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 6, 2011

Caller name: Chief Officer Robert Marshall

I received a call from 234-542-1696 this afternoon stating first that this was Junior Officer John Matthew and gave me a case number then he needed to have me talk to Chief Office Robert Marshall then whom he proceeded to transfer me to he said this Robert person got on the phone and said I would be arrested today at 4:30 pm for a loan I did not pay back from sometime in 2010 - 2011 but when I asked for specific dates he said he couldn't tell me that would be defimation of character! I said so you want me to pay for something to a company I don't even know whom they are? then he said do you know so and so and so and so? I said no and he said well I have them as references on your loan and I know that was a lie and then he started asking me to varify my bank, SS# and work information and then said since I will not take care of this I will be arressted fined $7000.00 or more and do 9 months or more in jail. I aam in the process of call anything tied to my credit, anyone I have written a check to and my bank as well as filing reports with any local, state and federal resource I have even if they cannot do anything. I have been told that all of this information was obtained from me buying things on the internet and paying bills on the internet and there is no way to have anything done about it all I can do is try to protect my information from here on out.

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] December 12, 2011

Caller name: Officer Daniel Carter

I received a massive amount of calls from this number at my work place. He said that his name was officer daniel carter from the law enforcement of federal crimes department. He told me that I needed to call him back immediately as there is a time sensitive law suit being filed against my name and ssn. I thought that this was funny as they claim that I took out a loan but would not give me dates or the company that supposedly gave me the loan. This of course scared me so I did my research and so glad that I found this site with so many messages with the exact same situation from the exact same number letting me know this is a scam! Be aware of these guys!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 6, 2011

Caller name: Mike Jones or Zack Austin

They had called my number several times but never left a message until today. They had told me they are from Federal Crime Division (FCD) and that hey were going to have me arrested if I did not pay them money for a online cash advance loan site from a year ago. He passed me on to his supervisor. His supervisor name is Zack Austin. And that if I do not pay it today that I will be locked up and spend 29 months in jail. They were very rude and threatening. They said that if I paid the loan off today that they will clear my ss and my name from any charges. I asked how much the loan was for and he said he needed to look it up. He came back saying that it would have been like $18,000.00 but they were willing to settle for $4892.00... I said I would settle and he passed off to another guy. This new guy said I would have to go to Walmart and get a green.moneypak and give them the authorization number. I had to look up what a green.moneypak was!! It is a visa card that you add money to. They said I would need to get 10 of them, with 9 being of $500.00 and the 10th one being $300.00... If my math is correct this only adds up to $4800.00... where does the $92 dollars go??? Since I did not know what a green.moneypak was to begin with this guy sent me back to Zack. He proceeded to tell me where to go to get them. This sounded funny since collections agencies will send certified letters to your home. They will not send it over an e-mail or tell you to buy green.moneypaks. He told me how long it would take to get the cards and I told him about an 1 1/2 hours. He said he would start on the paper work. In this time I had called the police and they said is sounded like they were phishing to get the money from me. Also in this time I continued to look up on other sites that also have this same number trying to phish from people. While I was looking to file a complaint as well as write this. [They (Sgt.Zack Austin) had called me again saying he was in the legal department from the police department, He said that he has my retention and now see what I am going to do. He said I will be retained within the next 24 hours from either my job or from my home.]
They had called my many times after I blocked this number (234-542-1696). This number shows it came out of Akron OH. Since this number was blocked they used a dummy number of 911 and left me the message above in [ ]... Then they called from number 205-985-6963 which showed up as a Birmingham AL. number. So far since I have wrote this they have called 6 times from 911 number without saying anything. Then they just left another message from Mike Jones. He told me that I should have taken care of this and now they will have legal charges. I had a hard time understanding this individual because of his heavy Indian accent. Since they are calling with a 911 emergency number I might have to change my phone number as well as my account from my bank. It also seems funny that they have American names but have heavy Indian accents!!??

- Wayne

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[Reply] December 14, 2011

Caller name: robert marshall

juss today gotta phone call from this dude said his name is robert marshall said he is a investigator and im being sued by bank for stealing 629.79 never heard of this mutha fucka said i gott 1 hour to pay this money or a warrant will be issued for my arrest hung the phone up and gotta emergency call unavailable number seriously some lady said u need to call robert marshall she supposely was suppose to at the sheriff office weird huh so if anyone knows who this dude is cuz he has my ss address everything let me know cuz im going to the authorities and to all of those that gott the same phone call from the so called people something needs to be done

- Anonymous

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[Reply] October 9, 2012

I just had a call from an officer called himself )( he said to call back otherwise i was going to get arrested i did not call because its a scam they call me from different numbers regarding the same thing these people are scam !!!!!!!!!

- luby

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[Reply] December 14, 2011

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