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Chicago, IL

(224) 789-**** Phone Numbers

Cell Phone
Near Zion, Illinois
Issued by T-mobile Usa, Inc.

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2006.

While 2247893166 was originally issued with the info above, the owner of the phone number (224) 789-3166 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

User Complaints for (224) 789-3166

Caller name: Marilyn Haynns

Caller type: Email

Thank you all for posting this. I only so far have gotten an email wanting to contact me. I sent her an email back without giving anything other than my name which she already knew. The email didn't go through and was returned. So just out of curiosity I googled her name and I see all this mess you all have gone through over money. I know now that if money comes into the situation I will definitely stay away. One thing I don't get is why any of you would place an order from someone that is not local to you and take a check in todays time. Everyone has a credit or debit card or something is wrong, that is if you have a checking account then you have a debit card automatically. I would never even think about placing and order from an email, they either pay by debit or credit card or cash or no order is placed and I don't take it serious. This is crazy people. But thanks for posting to warn others. Glad I would not and will not fall victim to this type scam.

- Scentsy Consultant

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[Reply]   January 4, 2017

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster


I'm a Scentsy consultant. I was contacted by a Marilyn Hynes by email who wanted to order Scentsy. She didn't have a credit or debit card and offered to mail a check and that I didn't have to place her order until after the check cleared. Okay, sounded like that would work. A day after the check was in the mail she called and said that her secretary had 'mistakenly' mailed her traveling funds with the check that was being mailed for the Scentsy order. Odd, I know. I suggested that she have her secretary stop payment on the check in the mail and write a new one. She had no reply to my suggestion. Instead she instructed me to deposit the check and after it clears to place the Scentsy order and then send the remainder of the funds to her 'Travel Agent' Cynthialynn Duffy , via Money gram or Western Union.

I got the check in the mail. It looked like a cooperate check, had a water mark on the back. It was written for a significant amount of money $1900.89. Well, I figured that the bank would be able to identify a bad check. The check was accepted and was no longer 'pending' by the next day at my bank so I figured everything must be Okay. I found the JCI web site (where the check is written from) and then I googled the bank and that also seemed to be accurate.

The following day I proceed to figure out how to send a money gram. Thank God I had never filled out a form like this because I thought I needed further information from Marilynn. When she didn't respond to my text or voice message. I left the store without completing the transaction.

When she did get back to me she texted and said that the information I thought I. Needed was not required and she need the funds to get to her travel agent right away and that I should go back to the store and send the funds now.

I explained that I would not be driving back to town that evening, that she'd have to wait. The next day i went to a Western Uniom. As they were entering my information into the system I was asked if I knew this person personally. When I said no, I was instructed to call my back and ask if they could verify that the check had cleared the senders bank. He said they would only know if it was returned and that if that were to happen it could take up to a week.

I sent a text to Marilyn stating the above information. She was instantly demanding and stating that she needed those funds now and that I could trust her because she is a Christian. I explained that because I didn't know her I needed to wait the suggested period of time. I told her that I would be in touch.

With a more demanding tone " That is MY money and you need to send it now."

Then she texted that she had contacted her lawyer and he was not happy.

I again stated that I needed to wait and that I would be in touch.

By the next day the check was returned to my bank for no sufficient funds.

When I relayed the message that her check was returned and that my account was over drawer and that I would be rede positing the cash she said I was to send to her back into my account..


- Kathi

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[Reply]   June 27, 2015

Caller type: Text/SMS

Scam sending fraudulent check asking to order avon and send the rest of the money on to 3rd party. DO NOT fall for this!

- kathy

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[Reply]   October 11, 2014

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Fraud was contacted for avon order and sent fraudulent check

- Angela
North Carolina

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[Reply]   September 12, 2014

Caller name: Andrew Cole

Caller type: Unknown

Same that happened with - Kathi from Minnesota on above filed complaints.

- Dinesh Srinivasan

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[Reply]   August 6, 2019

Caller name: Mark Purvis

Caller type: Unknown

Our communication started via email. It who ever it may be cause we never had an actual voice conversation but they stated that their name is as follows:




ZIP CODE: 48174
I'm a independent sales consultant for Norwex so i'm not sure on how he found me because I reside in Florida. Due to this severe nature of this matter all communications via email makes me believe it is a scam. Its not adding up, first explanation in the email was " that his wife is pregnant and they are just moving to a new apartment in the area and he couldn't stress her ", then other emails changed to he was going to " inform his client ", but what happened to his wife, the next email was as follows "

mark purvis d
Dec 14, 2018, 1:21 AM (4 days ago)

to me

Good Morning. I am sending this E-mail to you to inform you that your payment has been sent out and would arrive via FedEx service today. I also want you to know that the amount which was sent to you by my Client is more than your asking price because she mistakenly sent my traveling fees along with the money for my expenses.Hope I can have trust in you that you will send the rest funds for my flights after deducting money for just the Norwex products.I would let you know the name and address which you would remit the rest of the funds to, I hope I can trust you with the rest of the funds for my flight ticket.Please let me know as soon as you get this text ".

Traveling fees ok there is people in his state that sells Norwex products not sure why you decided to pick me. But when I received the check I decided to google the phone number 1-224-789-3166 that he used and found this site and I read a similar story close to about and similar situation from the Scentsy sales consultant. Unfortunately for him i'm not the one to fall for it so the envelope and check were given to my local police department pending scam / fraudulent investigation. I had also informed him that If he chooses to give me a bad review by having a random person, fake account, or maybe by himself complaining about my services to go ahead cause it will just get Law Enforcement closer to catching him.

- Not the one

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[Reply]   December 18, 2018

Caller type: Text/SMS

Trying to get Avon for free

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   June 24, 2018

Caller name: Disabled Peoples Internation (DPI)

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!! This Marilyn Hyness texted me asking me if I wanted to earn extra money and it would not interfere with my full time job. So I said tell me more....She or IT said that I could earn $900.00 per month visiting disabled people and taking surveys. I called her out stating this sounds like a scam, what do you need from me? She sent a list --- name, address, phone numbers, email, next of kin, DOB, checking number or Credit card number - HA! I said HECK NO! Then she became irritated and asked if I was a Christian and said why wouldn't I want to help others in need. I said not interested. So then she stopped. Well the next day, she text me at 6 am saying Good Morning. Please send a $100 Walmart gift card to help our people. I said I'm reporting you to the police and my credit agency. Then she started talking about how horrible I was and that policemen were a part of her group..yada yada yada. She even said something about me dying and my beneficiaries...strange and scary. I stopped responding so then she EMAILED ME. It said send $100 Walmart gift card or else - or $50 if that's all you can send. HAHAHAHA - I ignored again. She hasn't said anything else but I am reporting to police just to be safe.

- Nikki

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[Reply]   April 14, 2017

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

Getting texts this morning... looks like "Marilyn" has changed her MO.
"My name is Marilyn saw your contact on norwex site, don't know if you like to do something like that for me as well and get paid every month
About the job.We use to get contract from large/small scale company and they ask me to send payroll check to their (Customer)(Client)(Workers) as a means of payment,So you will be responsible for that, you will be mailing the check out to those client via Fedex Or Usps ,You will be doing this job in your home
I think this job is a great opportunity for you,and it doesn't require any specific time, you can work any time you like in a day,you can also do this at night and drop the packages out off for shipping the next morning if you are busy during the day."
Responded with "not interested" and shes backed off. Apparently she needs more people to scam for her?

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   January 12, 2017
In response to: Anonymous

I forgot to mention - he would send a letter of confirmation???

Caller name: Marilyn Adams

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

I sell AVON and she did the same exact thing to me. She used the same name and excuse. As soon as she emailed me saying that her husband sent the wrong amount, i knew that something was fishy. How has she been doing this for so long and has not gotten caught yet.

- Charly

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[Reply]   December 1, 2016

Caller name: Marilyn Adams

Caller type: Text/SMS

Wanted to order avon and sent me a check for over 1.875.17 and claimed sent the event planners money by mistake and wanted me to deposit check but wait 24 hours and then get out the remaining money for my avon which would have been 198.00 for the avon.and money gram the rest of the money. Would only talk by texting. This is a scam and i didnt by it one bit.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   November 7, 2016

Caller name: Ellie Hynes

Caller type: Email

I work for Avon. I just got a check way too much for her order. I had an idea it was a scam when she would not answer any of my questions but said I need to hurry and make her mother's b-day. I am turning in the bad check to the police. She said her name is Ellie Hynes. Beware!

- Sandi

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[Reply]   September 1, 2016

Caller name: Jessica Tara

Caller type: Unknown

I am a Scentsy Consultant and this person sent me a check for over the amount of her purchase. She is now using the name Jessica Tara and is still stating she needs the rest of the money sent to her via Money Gram. I would not send nor order until it cleared from my bank account. I also informed of the amount was not cleared She would also be charged an additional fee and if not able to produce then legal actions would be taken. I will be filling a police report and report it to our company to ensure no one else will have to go through this.

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   May 11, 2016
In response to:

Wanted to review loans to identify if I was due money back due to miss-selling. When asked to take number off their list caller hung up. This call has been received a number of times and is very annoying.

Caller name: Marilyn Hynes/Mrs. Maine

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

I had the same order of events and, like you, I was responding because of getting email orders through my referral program and such. Because of how I am mentally wired though, I am now worried about safety since this scammer got my address from this ordeal. I normally catch on before I send my address but this one told me the check would be for more than the total AFTER confirming the total and asking for my address.

- Morgan

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[Reply]   December 7, 2015

Caller name: Marilyn Hynes/ Mrs Maine

Caller type: Unknown

This lady is working overtime and is still at it again. I was contacted for a large order of scentsy products and as stated by everyone she wanted to send a certified check via mail for her payment. I got the check and decided to do some research and here I am. I'm so happy that I found this website!! Her check was written for $1987.89 and she want me to immediately send her the difference. The check is from a company's closed account and the bank said they have been receiving several checks for this closed account. Smh

- Noli

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[Reply]   November 6, 2015
In response to:

Constantly getting recorded message that I have not claimed my free loft insulation etc. - same as previous complainants. These callers are a nuisance and should be banned. Why on earth cannot BT stop these calls?

Caller name: Mrs Maine AKA Marilyn Hyne

Caller type: Email

I got the same person. I've received many orders via email so I don't like to discredit them right away as scam. But after a few emails with this person, I started to question and decided to google her name and here I am reading all of these stories. I've already sent her an email with alternatives. Hopefully she doesn't get nasty.
Thank you for posting this!!

- Scentsy Consultant

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[Reply]   November 5, 2015

Caller name: Marilyn Hyness

Caller type: Unknown

I am a Scentsy Consultant and this lady "Marilyn Hyness" has contacted me via email. She was very adamant asking to place an order on a great amount of product. I knew from the initial email that it was a scam due to the wording, and urgency. I emailed her back letting her know that it seemed a little weird that she'd mail me a "personal check" from her bank yet she didn't have a debit card? Yeah, move a long sister!

- Anonymous

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[Reply]   October 26, 2015

Caller name: Mary Robertson

Caller type: Email

SCAM!! Fraudulent check scam!
I am a Scentsy Consultant. I recently received an email from this person asking to order $280 worth of product. She told me she did not have a credit card but that her nephew would be responsible for the payment since he owed her money. I thought nothing of it until a few days after she mailed the check she emailed me again and explain that her nephew accidentally added her travel funds into the check that was mailed to me. This immediately when the red mug for me. So I played along with her just to get more information. I waited for the check to come. & I called the bank that it was written out from. And confirmed that it was in fact a fraudulent check.

- Cathy

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[Reply]   August 14, 2015

Caller type: Scammer/Fraudster

was contacted by this number to place an Norwex order, gave me a BS long story on how her secretary wrote out check and mailed to me from the wrong amount and asked to deposit check ASAP and ASAP send her the money difference via MoneyGram!!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!! ITS A FRAUD.

- Norwex Consultant- GA
United States

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[Reply]   June 1, 2015

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