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Phone number: 212-777-8457 is located in New York, New York.

Its exchange 777 is managed by VERIZON NEW YORK, INC. - NY.
The number is currently on switch number NYCMNY13DS0.
Around 50% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 31th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 18 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "New York, Unidentified"

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fed up w/ double f's

Calls and states I have a computer problem. When I state the BBB has a fraud warning against them and do not call me, they guy told me to get rid of my phone line. He then called me back 4 times. UGH!

The caller was identified as Microsoft Tech Dept
Reported 4th, Mar. 2014.

Just receive a call form 212-777-8457, woman with Indian accent
She was telling me she work for Microsoft and my computer was sending error message
I told her I contact myself Microsoft last week and find out it was a scam
Than I inform her I could complaint to the CRTC (for Canada only) and she hung up

Reported 14th, Mar. 2014.

don't answer callers I dont know, especialy with funny ID like this

The caller was identified as V3221925490004
Reported 22nd, Mar. 2014.

Yesterday the man with an indian accent call me to offer me a lifetime warranty for Microsoft .It is a fraud for sure.

Reported 28th, Mar. 2014.

received a call, April 2nd at 9:30 am from heavy accent lady calling from Microsoft and was quite insisting, told her I had no problem with my computer and hung up. dialed *69 for the number 212-777-8457

The caller was identified as indian accent lady
Reported 2nd, Apr. 2014.

Picked up to someone with an strong accent, telling me he was calling from Microsoft. I replied in fake fascination: "Really? Microsoft? Interesting!" and they hung up immediately.

It's a scam- they will tell you how your computer has been infetcted with a virus and how they need access to your computer to help you - this is a fraud, do not listen to them.... You see, the moment they gain control of your computer, you will loose everything and they will hack the living daylights out of you.

Reported 7th, Apr. 2014.

They called this morning , but i live in Quebec, Ca so i answered in french and the guy said "Talk in english!" With a very strong accent, Like if it was an order ! I heard kids in backgroud... Strange .. So i started to say that i know about thier scam and the guy said "Its your choice i am going to crash your comp. f**k you." And he put down the phone

Reported 25th, Apr. 2014.

They really scare me.

Reported 25th, Apr. 2014.

Heavy Indian accent...said he was calling from Microsoft...I told him I didn't have Windows...I use Linux...HA! Buh bye...

Reported 28th, Apr. 2014.

Received a call, may the 7 from heavy accent lady calling from Microsoft and was quite insisting, told her that Microsoft dos not call peoples at home cancel my phone number from their list

Reported 7th, May. 2014.
OptioWill be shown

He said I needed to go to my computer immediately and something was wrong with my motherboard. He said he worked for Microsoft . I did not believe him. I told him I was getting ready for work and to call me later. Thank goodness I checked this number on line. Hopefully he will not call again. It was a scam.

The caller was identified as Indian voice
Reported 8th, May. 2014.

The caller said he was from Microsoft and wanted to gain access to our computers because they were "sending out bad messages", Can't anyone shut down these people and deport them as they are immigrants and committing serious fraud being that it is between different states and countries which should open them up to a laundry list of State and Federal prosecutions.

The caller was identified as "Alex"
Reported 13th, May. 2014.

Yesterday, some guy with an indian accent telling me i had an error in my computer and told me to put some mumbo jumbo random letters in my run panel
he also claimed to be from microsoft, i said i did not trust him and i would call microsoft myself if a problem came up, so he threatened me and said "Since you do not trust our company we will disconnect microsoft from your computer"

I hope this guy calls again so i can mess with him.

The caller was identified as Unidentified
Reported 15th, May. 2014.

Idian woman pretending to work for Microsoft so I contact Microsoft directivly and they told me its not right DO NOT GIVE ANY INFOS

Reported 4th, Aug. 2014.
don't waist my time

please do not waist my precious time again. this is fraud and should be investigated. leave us alone!!!!!!

Reported 18th, Oct. 2014.
Seriously , Really? Microsoft? come on get a life

Just received a call from 212-777-8457 , this guy with a strong Indian accent was telling me he was calling for Microsoft and that my computer was sending them a bad virus. I said ohhhh and you want to sell me an antivirus? the guy did not reply, I told him that I already had an antivirus, he said this is very offensive and we will call the cops and send them to your place I said really? he then proceeded to ask me if I knew the RCMP? (canadian Mounted Police) I said well yes of course my bro is a RCMP wait a minute I'll call him , and made beleive that I had called my brother , while I'm on the phone with my bro and talking to him the guy said I have someone else here beside me that wants to speak to you and proceeded to put him on the phone, he tried to scare me by saying that the cops would show up at my place , and I said ok send them , I'm speaking with my RCMP brother now and he told me this would be the best thing , and he then said can I have the name of your brother? I said wait i'll ask him if he wants to give it to you , and they hung up.

Reported 19th, Dec. 2014.
wary of scams

Picked up the phone. Male with strong accent asking if he was speaking to a warped version of my name. I said NO, and hung up because this was obviously a scam call.

The caller was identified as New York
Reported 30th, Jan. 2015.
Scam for dummies

They try to get your personal infos...

Reported 18th, Feb. 2015.
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