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Phone number: 210-892-2188 is located in San Antonio, Texas.

Its exchange 892 is managed by TEX-LINK COMMUNICATIONS, INC..
The number is currently on switch number SNANTX91WMD.
Around 41% of people reported it as "Unknown".
You are the 48th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 84 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Someone sys it is Bank One ??, idk"

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called me and I didn't answer. I think it may be someone calling on behalf of Credit One Bank.

Anyone else got called?

The caller was identified as credit one bank
Reported 10th, Apr. 2011.

Collection agency claiming to represent Credit One. Rude Arab fellow on phone. Trying to collect full balance even though account is current.

The caller was identified as Credit One
Reported 23rd, Jul. 2011.

I don't know this number but they call many times a day

The caller was identified as ?
Reported 31st, Jul. 2011.
John Jones

Calls repeatedly back to back.
Every hour on the hour. Filing harassment complaints. I am in between jobs & I am working on paying off my $200 balance.

The caller was identified as Did not state it.
Reported 1st, Aug. 2011.
Alfred Thomas

I have received in just one day a total of 4 phone calls from this number. Every time I pick up the phone to talk to them or to see what this is about No one is on the other end of the line. I'm guessing this number is probably linked to Credit One, after reading some of the other complaints left since no one says anything on the phone, to offer me a "new" credit card deal, because it was just 2 days ago that Credit One did talk to me.

Reported 7th, Aug. 2011.


The caller was identified as UNKNOWN
Reported 30th, Aug. 2011.
Myles Marks

I receive calls from this number at least 4 times each day! When I answer the phone, they hang up!

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 21st, Sep. 2011.

Recieve calls, either no answer or they will connect me to someone else, then no one there. Have no clue who or what they want.

Reported 21st, Sep. 2011.

they've called of course many times, the first time i picked up the phone, there was nothing. the second time they called i said hello? a guy with an accent asked me if i was my father, i of course denied him any personal information, he didnt state his business so im assuming hes a scam of some sort.

The caller was identified as NA
Reported 1st, Oct. 2011.

also to mention theyve been calling my house for a period of a week to two weeks, i just answered the phone for the first time today, just some helpful advice, if you do decide to answer the phone to demand why they keep calling you (if they answer) do not give them any personal information, be firm and brief!

The caller was identified as NA
Reported 1st, Oct. 2011.

I refuse to answer them anymore.They call me at least 6 times a day; sometimes it shows up from San Antonio, TX and other times it shows up as unknown. I have been making payments every two weeks and they still call and harass me wanting the full balance up front. I am canceling this card as soon as I pay it off! This is not worth it!

The caller was identified as Credit One Bank
Reported 3rd, Oct. 2011.

This man call me this morning.
Ask me he is looking for Johnathan.
I till him I buy my phone from ATT.
I am not Johnathan, and he said he has business with him. He ask my name ruddly.

The caller was identified as Leo
Reported 30th, Oct. 2011.
Reported 9th, Nov. 2011.
April Brunner

I was just called. Googled the number since I didn't know it, found this. I have no credit cards, nor do I want one.

The caller was identified as no idea
Reported 21st, Nov. 2011.

Leave a blank message. Never anyone there. Or a weird fax sound if I try to call back. Been getting these several weeks.

Reported 26th, Nov. 2011.
Reported 30th, Nov. 2011.

A co-worker owes them. But they call EVERY HOUR AS OUR PLACE OF BUSINESS!!! Is it that serious? Can't they call her at home, or if the must call her place of employment (which by the way she can request they NOT call) at least have the decency to say something and not hang up. I really do not care to constantly see their number show on the called ID only to hang up. If I were her, I'd pay them SLOWLY and report them. These type of practices are wrong! If they owe and do not pay back, sue, but to harass hourly? Seriously? Thanks to her, I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH CREDIT ONE!!! I would catch a case if I dealt with them...

The caller was identified as David
Reported 9th, Dec. 2011.
Harassed by 210-892-2188

This morning at 10am, Pacific Standard Time my phone rang and caller ID registers: (210)-892-2188 San Antonio, Texas.

I say, "Hello"
Brief Pause
Called says, "Hello, may I speak to Ron?"
There is no Ron here sir. This is the 5th time that I have repeatedly told you that there is no one here by that name! If you don't take my phone number off your list, I plan to sue your company.
You are a scammer and you need to take my number off!!!
The caller aplogized for the call and told me to have a nice day.

F . . . You !!!

The caller was identified as Rude
Reported 14th, Dec. 2011.

Continue to receive calls from this number. After reading above I see it says "Credit One" I have no credit cards with them nor do I plan to.
How does one make these people stop ?

Reported 4th, Jan. 2012.

This phone number is harassing many people throughout the nation and the FCC should investigate them, period! They call twice a day and every day, do not leave a message. The best thing is to not pick up and answer them. Block them from the phone system.

Reported 7th, Jan. 2012.

I don't know why these people keep calling because our CC isn't past due and according to all these comments this is a collection agency. They call about 5 times a day on my phone and as many on my husband's phone. Not sure how to get them to stop.

The caller was identified as Call and hang up
Reported 11th, Jan. 2012.
Quote Originally Posted by Maria

called me and I didn't answer. I think it may be someone calling on behalf of Credit One Bank.

Anyone else got called?

the caller is from credit one

Reported 23rd, Jan. 2012.

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The caller was identified as befeshierse
Reported 6th, Feb. 2012.
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