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(209) 753-**** Phone Numbers

Near Angels Camp, CA
Issued by Pacific Bell

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 1994.

While 2097534552 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (209) 753-4552 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 85% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 24th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 34 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "JEFF WATSON, who knows - hard to understand - so asked for number".

User Complaints for 209-753-4552

I just got a call from 253-802-0308, yesterday the number was 209 753-4552 they Said from Vancouver, and the day before from 613-905- 6811.

I told them i called Microsoft about "the issues", and that they are a scam. They told me to "shut up and listen", i told them to shut the He!! up and i could do whatever i wanted and hung up.

I talked to Samantha and Clement, Clement is the head person. They were Eastern from the accent, or southern Asian whatever you want to call them.

Toronto Canada

- CDNElmo

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[Reply] August 26, 2011

Caller name: "Mathew"

Same as the others. "Mathew" said he was calling from "Windows Service" and wanted me to look up some sort of security code from my computer.

Can only imagine how many folks have been caught with this one...

Vancouver BC
Aug. 31, 2011

- Russ

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[Reply] August 31, 2011
In response to: User


Caller name: Clement

Received a call about malware infecting the computer. User was scammed into buying software with visa card. Asked to give a number to call back. This was the number they used. The website they were affiliated with was fullpcsupport.com

- Anonymous

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[Reply] August 15, 2011

Caller name: unable to understand

Caller told me I had malicious files on my computer. Told me he was from "Windows Service Station"! Asked how he got my tel. #. Says from my computer ID. His English was so poor, I couldn't understand his answer when I asked him what computer # he was referring to. all dispay showed Private number. Told him monitoring my computer was illegal and I didn't believe him. He kept trying to convince me I had a problem so I told him that he'd have to give me a # to call him back if he wanted my co-operation. He gave me 209-753-4552. When I called back to see if it was a real number/company, he answered but stumbled on his words as if he forgot what company name to use. Definitely a scammer. Beware!!

- Linda

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[Reply] August 8, 2011

Caller name: Rick

I received a call from "Rick", stating he was calling from Microsoft. Said my computer was sending a notification to Microsoft that my backup files were malfunctioning.

I told him I didn't run Window's software and that I didn't own a PC ( even though I do). I asked him for a return phone number and was give 209-753-4552. [the call was from (253-802-0308)] I asked for his extension and he said his name was RICK. When I asked if there is only one Rick that works for Microsoft, he responded yes. I told him to kiss my a*s and hung up.

- Kal

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[Reply] September 2, 2011

Caller name: Rocky Anderson???

Windows service helpline. Wanted me to go to www.logmein123.com . Very suspicious calls. I'll talk to my computer buddies first before I login.

- Ken

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[Reply] October 29, 2011

Caller name: Rick

The same story: it was a call from “Rick”, “Windows Tech Department”, located “in California”. He offered me to access my PC (I use four computers simultaneously, by the way) remotely to remove some malicious soft... He informed me that his Department can see “a yellow message: your computer is under attack of an intruder” 8-(… Holly #$%^&!!! He provided me the same phone #: 2097-534-552. This Rick has a verrry strong Chinese accent and barely speaks English. Many calls go to Canada.

- Walt

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[Reply] September 11, 2011

"Windows Center" called and told me about my malicous software virus's and to buy their product for $229.00 US or my computer would shut down in 35 minutes and won't turn back on. Immediatly after i hung up someone started controlling my mouse and i was like WTF.

- Michael

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[Reply] October 11, 2011

Caller name: James willson (try ??singh)

Please be very aware that this scam is being perpetrated on even the elderly. I just happened to be visiting a dear friend 93 years young that received this type of call and after a few frustrating moments of trying to understand what was clearly an East Indian accent, passed it over to me. Early in the conversation I knew it was a scam. Being in the business for many years, I was curious where this would lead. I played along asking technical questions which tripped him up several times. At this point I felt I had heard enough. When I asked how to reach him, I got the same bogus callback # 209 753-4552.
My main concern is these Weasels are calling innocent elderly naive computers users , even at "Care Centers"
To make it appear more legitimate they use a relative or friend as referring them. They probably got this info from web sites like "Facebook" So pass the word along to either hang up or tell them they need to talk to someone else and they're not available.
I hope this is of some help.
It looks like India can join Countries like Nigeria topping the list as the worst for portraying scams
Lets bring support back to North America !

- KEJA (Ken)

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[Reply] December 5, 2011

Caller name: David

I received a phone call today from a gentleman stating he was from "Windows"? well, I was suspect, but played along and went to my computer and followed his instructions. But once we got to the part where he was asking from some code or #'s, I said no, that isn't right. I then asked what names to you have on the error message; he said my father's name. I said he passed away three years ago and that computer hasn't been used in over a year. I stated that he MUST be a SCAM! And that his call is originating from somewhere outside the US, he didn't take to kindly to that. So we went rounds about this and that and told him I had to go and that he wasn't getting any info out of me. I did ask for a call back # and he gave me 209-753-4599, which I called back, twice someone answered (sounds like the same guy, saying only Technical Support) and once I got an answering machine with a generic VM. DO you due diligence! NEVER give out any information from your computer....

- Katz

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[Reply] January 11, 2014

Caller name: JEFF WATSON

He's still at it. received a call today. Says he from Windows PC Service and that my computer running windows has been hacked. I asked him for a call back number and he gave me 209 753-4599. I didn't call him back but went on line using that number and discovered the scam. BEWARE He's still THERE.

North Carolina

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[Reply] August 18, 2014

Caller name: Yvan Drago and Thomas

Same story. Windows Service Centre. They can take control of your computer through logmein. I am not sure what they would do, but likely know how to access banking info or other info to use for a bad purpose. I have had this call twice, my husband once, my mother once. I know not to do it, but someone like my aging mother who is very unfamiliar with computers could be taken in.
Stop these people! I will report to http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm

- Laurel

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[Reply] October 25, 2011

Caller name:

I received a similar call yesterday and went along not thinking straight. I was eventually asked to go to www.secure.me not realising it was logmein allowing remote access. I did go as far as keying in the 6 digit pin but as soon as a connection was established I closed the chat box and hung up.

Now my question is whether my information has been compromised since I did not allow them to take control? I have disabled anything doing with lmi.exe on my firewall an disabled remote access.

Please help! Appreciate it..

- Anonymous

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[Reply] March 16, 2012

Caller name: Can't remember

Same story. Windows Service Centre. Poor English. My husband, the one who actually took the call is a Software Developer...he decided to have some fun with them. He pretended to go along with what they wanted him to do and that we seem to have lots of viruses on our computer. When our computer, running OSX is not even on. He wanted us to go to www.logmeon123.com! Which would have given him accessed to our computer. Eventually, my husband got tired of playing with them and told him that he got a Blue Screen of Death, and blaming the caller along the way. This guy being totally ballsy, try to get The Husband to reboot the computer and try again! The Husband had had enough and told him that it has been fun and hung up. Not 5 mins later, same guy call back and asked what happened? what happened? I pretended not to understand him and said that he had the wrong number.
BTW, the caller ID show some garbage number, The Husband, asked for a call back number to the 209-753-4552 number. BEWARE!!

- Pinkshoes

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[Reply] October 29, 2011

A friend of mine sent me an email about someone calling from this number tonight (she lives in Montreal, Canada). This is the 3rd time I have heard about this happening in the Montreal area, so these criminals are getting more organized or simply more numerous and searching for more territory to scam.

This is what she had to say:

"I got this call today from someone who claimed they were from Windows telling me that my Windows hardware security has expired and that they are getting messages from my computer every day that is telling them my computer is in trouble and that it is about to crash. He had me go on my computer and the page that came up was called "LogMeIn Rescue" and it said "Your desktop is being remotely conrolled by windows service". He put me through umpteen pages on my computer and finally wanted me to connect with www.pc2support.com where I had the choice of 3 or 4 versions of a windows security hardware for the price of $369.00 or so, U.S. probably and he wanted me to give him my visa and purchase right away. I refused, of course. Told him I was not prepared to do that and asked him for a phone number where I could call back, once I was ready to do so. He gave me a number for the Windows service department which he said was in California as 1-209-753-4552."

I hope that this helps someone avoid an unpleasant experience like hers.

- Greg

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[Reply] November 10, 2011

wanted me to turn on my PC and do some stuff to "eliminate a malicious program" ... I hung up because I've been told things like that are meant to scam you. I see Im not the only one

- Anonymous

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[Reply] August 25, 2011

Caller name: Alex

The caller told me I got some malicious file on my Window, but I'm Mac, no window.
He gived me this phone number 209-753-4552. He said he's from window in california.

- cArlo

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[Reply] September 7, 2011

Report them here : http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm

I know I did. The more ppl do that, quicker we`ll get rid of them!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] September 12, 2011
In response to: User


i know how that feels! those people never tire being nuisance! got a call like yours and said i have viruses on my PC and it's gonna blow if not fixed right away! ha ha ha! that dOrk! i slammed the phone down with a loud bang! hope it broke his eardrums...that should make him put me on DNC list!

- Unknown

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[Reply] September 25, 2011

Caller name: Peter

He said he is a software engineer with Windows and that my software license had expired. He said he had my computer IP number and I needed to turn on my computer right away and that he would tell me what to do to correct this.
I told him I don't know him and that I would have to look into this matter. He left me his number to call him back: 2097534552. I do hope something can be done to get rid of these scammers.!

- Joanne

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[Reply] September 30, 2011

Caller name: rick

I too was told rick was from microsoft and have infected files by the hundreds on my computer. He had a very strong Indian accent.almost had me fooled as he said my computer will shut down in 35 minutes but not quite Rick!!! hopefully we can get rid of these people

- carol

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[Reply] October 14, 2011

Caller name: Jack Dumbledore

This guy called me and told me that I had a problem with my backup software and he was calling from Microsoft.
I played along for a while and he told me to go to a web site www.logmein123.com, I didnt go to the site as I am sure it would have downloaded some malicious software. When he told me his name was Dumbledore and he was the manager of Microsoft software department, I asked him if he was going to use his wand to fix my computer, eventually I told him to take his wand and stick it up his but sideways, at that point he called me a M*!@$R F*!@#R I told him that was good customer service from Microsoft then put the phone down

- terry

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[Reply] October 21, 2011

Caller name: jack

Just received a call from Jack at 209-753-4552, saying wants to clean up my malicious files, beware?????

- anonymous

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[Reply] January 6, 2012

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