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(202) 738-**** Phone Numbers

Cell Phones
Near Washington, DC
Issued by Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless - Dc

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2010.

While 2027384837 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (202) 738-4837 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 55% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 12th person to search for it here. The number has a total of 27 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Michael Torres, Don't know".

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"united jugement and appeals" is just another silly debt collection agency. They try to sound all fancy and legit. You can put lipstick on a pig but - you know the rest!

- jedi power

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[Reply] November 2, 2011

Caller name: Steve Foster

Yes i also received a call from this number,The idiot on the other end told my wife that he was an Agent from a company called,
"United Judgement Appeals"
He said his name was Steve Foster and He was going to Arrest me,
He pretended to be a Government Agent?
I guess he doesn't realize pretending to be a Government Agent is
A Crime!!
he also stated he was going to put a hold on my Bank Account.
He asked my wife for my SS number and our Bank info,
My wife told him he was insane and that he should get some help.
He hung up?

- Terry
United States

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[Reply] November 11, 2011
In response to:

Received a call from this number at my workplace; it was a guy (African American) who answered me by saying 'Hey Baby hows it going?' to which he asked if I could read him the number off the copier and when I told him I couldn't do it he started verbally and sexually assaulting me over the phone. Copier toner scammer who lives alone in his parents basement no doubt.

Unbelievable! How is it that the government does nothing about this type of telephone fraud but works hard to pass a law for internet censorship and major loss of our "habitual internet rights" ?

Under the proposed E-PIRACY ACT, amateur karaoke singing would be infringing copy rights an practically all of youtube music content would be off limit unless its paid for by viewers..

WTF is this??

- Whatt?

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[Reply] November 12, 2011

http://dontcensorthenet.com/social-media-lobby-day join!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] November 12, 2011

Caller name: Steve Foster

A guy named Steve Foster called yesterday and left a message on my husband's cell phone for me while he was at work. Luckily, he saved the message for me (still can't figure out how he got his cell phone number, but not mine). This guy said almost the same exact, threatening things as he did to Terry. I KNOW I don't owe any old outstanding debts, but went straight to my bank this morning to ask them if this is for real. THEY told me it was a scam and that legally, if someone does happen to have an old debt that was never paid, the company must notify you via U.S. mail and provide all pertinent information such as the where/when/why and how you can correct it. No legitimate debt collecting service should be calling and harassing anyone over the phone, let alone pose as a "Government Agent". These people are POS's and it is a SCAM!

- Skye

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[Reply] November 15, 2011

Caller name: mr. austin

called my job and left his name as mr. austin from united jedgement appeals and a claim number and also call my neice stated that i need to call in twenty four hours if not he was going to put a judgement on me. for one i know that a professional comany dont call and if a message like that to another person. so the h**l with mr. austin

- mrs. moore
District of Columbia

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[Reply] November 17, 2011

Caller name: steven foster

"united jugement and appeals they have case# the phone was 202-738-4837

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 9, 2011

Caller name: Sherry

My daughter called me on a Sunday night and asked me, dad are you in some kind of legal trouble? I told her no why? She then we played a message from a lady named Sherry that stated she was a special agent and that I had 48 hours to contact an attorney or they will be filing a restraining order. The first thing, any legitimate company specifically the federal government or a state agency is not going to have one of their employees call you on a weekend especially at night regarding a legal issue. You must receive something in writing usually at the post office and it's usually certified mail. Well, low and behold I go on the Internet and I put in this phone number and sure enough, it's a scam. This frustrates me, because shouldn't there be a law against harassing people and threatening them with legal action when they have no idea of anything is happening?

- Anonymous

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[Reply] December 13, 2011

Caller name: steve foster

a guy called my husband claiming to be steve foster and gave some case number and this number to call back but wouldn't answer any questions my husband asked him. he wouldn't tell him what is pertained to and got irritated with my husband. he did say he was calling from Washington DC. my husband hung up on him earlier today. (12-29-11) he called again and left a message saying he was steve foster, left that same number and blurted out some case number real fast.

- Anonymous
North Carolina

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[Reply] December 29, 2011

Caller name: Steve Foster

They have the wrong number and wont stop calling my wifes cell phone..

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply] January 5, 2012

Caller name: Brooke

A guy called my parents from this number; looking for me. Said he was a detective that handled unclaimed money or something. He left his number and a "claim number". I googled the number and after seeing all this traffic I'm definitely not returning his call.

- Jeff

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[Reply] January 5, 2012

Caller name: Sheree B

A Steve Foster left a message saying he was a private investigator with Judgement and Appeals and a reastraing order was being held against me and an affadavit. filed I needed to call within 24-48 hours or a suit would be filed I called back and they said I owed money to payday loans and more in the sum of 2000.00 He would not give me their phone number or address I have never taken a payday loan out with this company and couldnt even locate them on line.When I told them this he said I could take this up with the judge I called back later for their address and they told me I owed 500.00and if I paid today the judgement would be stopped. I called the attorney generals office she said they were a scam and couldnt be traced. These people sounded so legit except for the restraining order phrase They Even had automated messages. They had even called my job and gave out this info which I thought illegal for a debt collector. Cant anything be done ? This is extortion and their scare tactics are convincing.They had all my information about me which is scarey. These are not Indian scammers.

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 10, 2012

- Anonymous

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[Reply] January 11, 2012

Caller name: John Wells

I was told the exact same thing. That I owed money for a loan I took out. I've never, ever had any kind of payday loan. But they are telling me that they have sent & will send another police out to my hous to serve me papers. I called my bank just to be sure. They are getting smarter, it's no longer a Indian man. This time it sounded like a black man. This is so annoying...

- Annoyed Caller

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[Reply] January 13, 2012

Caller name: steve foster

Leaves a message on our phone. I don't know where he calls from but requests we have our lawyer contact his lawyer at 202-738-4837. the claim is against a person named pat fox. case claim LOIY-4837. I have taken no action knowing its a hoax but it is a nusiance.

- Anonymous
North Carolina

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[Reply] January 16, 2012

Caller name: Steve Fostor

Mr. Foster called my job and asked to speak to my Supervisor. He continue to state that he was a private investigator and what was the policy on serving Ms. Reed with papers. He explained that charges had been pressed against me. I knew this was a scam, so I told him, if this was a personal matter, she is to be served at her place of residence. He replied that he did not have my address. Then I stated that she is no longer employed here. He replied I guess there is no reason for the call and hung up.

- Reed

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[Reply] October 31, 2013

Caller name: Dept. Of Health and Human Services

Told my loved on you have been selected for a grant, only put $200 on a money pak card and call me back to give the number and the amount of the grant will be deposited to you on the card. SCAM! No Santa, Easter Bunny, Toothfairy, or government agency coming to give you @#$! Don't call them back!

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] January 18, 2014

Caller name: steve ryan, anthony gordon

they tried to make me believe i qualified for 10 grand in grant money. then tried to get me to pay a fee...i called them out and they blocked me.


- mike

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[Reply] January 27, 2014

Caller name: "Alan Phillips/ Lewis

027384678 is auto wrap scam on the internet his name is Alan Phillips. On mail he sent me his last name was Lewis from Florida ,their check came out of San Bernardino, California where I got my express mailed check the check from ted britt ford sales Inc.in Virginia, the check Michigan and the bank was Comercia.

He has accent like Indian or Spanish. their is another person working with him i heard laughing on the other end of the phone.
if you here from these guy call the police , postal inspector, ftc and the department of justice and take em down their just scum bags. trying to rip you off period. I personally saw their ad on craigslist applied gave him a call he called me back then had craigslist give me a call and gave me a pin number then "Alan Phillips gives me a call and asks for that pin number(don't ever give out craigslist pin number personally I think thats how he does his advertising on multiple craglist sites) received my check today to it to the bank they said fraud they made a copy then I gave the orginal to postal office to send to postal inspectors.
marketing not telemarketer.

- wu

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[Reply] February 21, 2014

Caller name: Didnt say

Told me they were from the "US Federal Grant Department and I had been awarded a grant for "paying my bills on time for 13 years". Funny though I filed Bankruptcy in 2011. A clearly Philippine accent.

- Greg
United States

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[Reply] February 26, 2014

Caller name: Don't know

They said there server is getting a virus from my computer.

- Annette

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[Reply] March 22, 2014

So far I have gotten two calls from this guy with an Indian accent. He claims to be from "Windows Server" and says that my computer is sending a lot of data to their server and that means I have a virus. On the first call I questioned him on how Microsoft would have gotten my cell phone number and he eventually hung up. On the second call I played along and let them think I was going to let them help me fix my computer. He put me on hold and then patched me into a woman with an Indian accent claiming to be a Microsoft certified genius who would help me. When I wouldn't allow her access to my computer she hung up. I assume they are trying to remotely connect to computers to get personal data and bank account information. People like this should not be allowed to exist on this planet.

- Furious
New Hampshire

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[Reply] April 18, 2014

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- M.davis

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[Reply] April 24, 2014

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