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Phone number: 202-697-7222 is located in Washington, District Of Columbia.

Around 47% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster".
You are the 137th person to search for it here.The number has a total of 259 complaints filed against it.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Unlisted, Wahington, DC April 22"

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Caller claims they have grant funds then asks your name. They are scammers and even called an unlisted number.

The caller was identified as Claims too be a 10000 grant
Reported 27th, Jul. 2013. | Complain this number
Francisco Verduzco

I gave him a gift card number but he already knew where I live.

The caller was identified as John Stevensons
Reported 29th, Jul. 2013. | Complain this number

I couldn't understand through his broken English and the loud noise in the background. All I could here was something muttered about grant $. He eventually hung up. I called the # back and was directed to voicemail.

Reported 30th, Jul. 2013. | Complain this number

This guy called, used my name and said I am eligible to receive $200 from the U.S. government because of a grant. I could barely understand him, as it was noisy in the background. I asked him to explain why I would receive grant money and all I could understand was that it is to be used anyway like and something to do with low income or whatever, but my demographic fits the profile. He then said I could get the money in 20-30 minutes by giving my bank info. I told him that sounds sketchy and why would the U.S government call me on a Saturday. He seemed to repeat the same info and said he could give me his supervisors name and pin number to verify its real. I then told him it seems weird the U.S government would ask for my bank info and if this is real, why can't they just send me a check? He then hung up.

Reported 3rd, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

called me this morning saying that I was eligable for $10,500 in grant money. My phone hung up on them so I called back but it just when to an answering machine. At first I thought it was for a scholarship I sign up for through my Union because I had to send it to Washington D.C., but now that I think about it, that was only for $8,000. Not sure if it was a scam or not, but it does seem weird to get a call.

The caller was identified as didnt get the name
Reported 5th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

202-697-7222 this number has called me 5 days in a row. 3-4 times per day. They hang up as soon as I answer. I called the number back and let it ring about 20 times, then an automated message says that the extension I'm trying to reach is unavailable and then gives an option to leave a message. Clearly a scam

Reported 9th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

So guy speaking in broken english, claiming to call on behalf of the us grant department offering me 10000 dollar grant , and asking from my bank information to send the money , I refused and told him to send me a check , he then stated that that was not an option, so I hung up on him.

Reported 12th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

This number, along with an array of other numbers with area codes from literally across the country, has called me 3 times today alone. Most of the calls I received I missed, but the few I did pick up it was extremely crackly on the other end and there seemed to be a drastic delay of my answers being received on the other end because the callers always answered my questions either minimally 10 seconds post my answer or seemed completely confused as to how to answer my question. The three people I spoke too all appeared to sound American- 2 were men, and 1 was a woman with a southern drawl. They all however claimed that I had been chosen by the US Government (no official office or bureau etc. name was given) to receive a $10,000 grant that was immune from tax collection and that I was free to use this money however I chose. I asked the woman with a southern drawl how she received my information and she replied, "Well, you should know, you're the one who has applied for a grant recently." This couldn't be further from the truth. The calls began at 9am this morning and have progressively increased, now twice every hour. The number 202-697-7222 in particular called me 3x today and is the only number of the lot that has repeated. I've received so far a total of 12 calls. CALL AND REPORT THIS RIGHT AWAY TO THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. They will give you a reference # for your report, and also provide you with the number for the Attorney General of the state you live in. You are instructed to call back both the federal and state numbers if you receive any further calls. DO NOT simply ignore these calls- you could be a victim of identity theft. Good luck everyone!

The caller was identified as Refused to give.
Reported 12th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

got a call from 202-697-7222 thought it could be from my interview but was not. it was a guy who said i won money and needed my information on where to send it. i told him what for and he hung up.

The caller was identified as n/a
Reported 15th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

I never participated in a grant but he claimed that I won some money for the government

The caller was identified as I never got it because of his accent
Reported 15th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

As with most of the comments here, caller sounded like a female with a heavy accent that I quite couldn't understand. I did hear something about $200, the government and also 10,000 grant. Before I could ask for further explanation, she hung up. This was the 2nd call within 24 hours. I will be reporting this number as it seems this is a pattern.

The caller was identified as Not Given
Reported 15th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

received a call from this "gentleman" claiming to have $10,200 grant from the Federal Government held for me New York Federal Reserve Bank. Then he proceeded to tell me he needed my checking account number or my credit card number. Immediately My suspicions were aroused and I refused to him my info. I told him that I was unemployed and the money would be great, send it to me in a check. Funny he needed my address and zip. How did he get my phone number? This was on August 9. Of course I am still "waiting" for the "check". LOL

The caller was identified as couldn't understand
Reported 20th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

I received a call from this number the caller spoke in broken English and couldn't be understood. When I asked him to speak up and speak clearly he hung up.

The caller was identified as not given
Reported 21st, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

Are they using an automated phone dialing service as well as a phone bank of people to switch to after we receive a call.

Reported 27th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

Called me asking for a Dawn and my last name, and I said "she's not here right now, can I take a message?" And they hung up. They called me 3 times, twice while I was sleeping and while I was eating breakfast. I believe they even called me yesterday too. This isn't the first time I've gotten scam calls, and each time I would hang up on them. How do I get them to stop calling me?

Reported 30th, Aug. 2013. | Complain this number

The number 202-697-7222 popped up, the guy told me I got $10,000 in grant money from the government and I knew right away this was a scam. It was noisy in the background and the guy had a very heavy, accent of some sort. When he asked for my bank info I hung up.

The caller was identified as unknown
Reported 7th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number

They call and hang up as soon as I answer, but I can here background noise and my own echo. I'm on every do not call list so it is unacceptable that I would get a call like this, much less 3 times in one day.

Reported 7th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number

I've gotten at least 5 calls in 2 days. I never answered and when I called back, it rang quite a few times and said the extension is not available. says its from Washington DC. I've also got other calls from Illinois (312-601-2615) and Kentucky (520-871-3596).

Reported 9th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number

Claims to be US grant fund. Calls repeatedly even after being told to stop./

The caller was identified as Ryuan
Reported 11th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number

For the last 2 days I have been receiving calls from this number. I have added them to the reject list on my phone. So now when they call it goes straight to my voicemail. Yesterday they left a message. It was just someone saying my name over and over and over again. They had an accent. I tried calling it back and it just rang and rang. They called me again this morning and there was just a bunch of noise on the message on my voicemail. This is just one of the many numbers that keep calling me. None of the others have left messages.

Reported 14th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number

I received a call from this number today. I picked it up as I was thinking it was a job interview or something. A guy answered. Sounded American this time. They asked for my name. I started to say that someone else called a little bit ago asking for the same name and then he hung up on me. A different number from CA called and asked for me and it was an Indian guy. He asked me why I sounded frustrated. I told him that people keep calling from all over about the same thing. He apologized and said they wouldn't call back but they do! The same company calls but different people and automatic machines do the calling. Even when you press to take you off the call list, they call back with a different number!

Reported 23rd, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number

Said I won a $10,000 grant and needed bank account number when I said it was a scam he started talking dirty using the f word and other nasty things please hang up.

Reported 24th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number

I recieved 8 phonecalls yesterday from 202-697-7222, i missed most of them b/c I was at work. I finally answered very aggrevated to take me off whatever list I am on. He started screaming at me and saying FILTHY things to me. He told me that he will call every day. It was an asian man with broken english.

I have also been recieving phone calls from 951-266-5507 CA and TX 210-598-5488

How do I make them Stop!?!?!?!?

Reported 27th, Sep. 2013. | Complain this number
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