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(202) 621-**** Phone Numbers

Near Washington, DC
Issued by Broadview Networks, Inc. - Dc

Numbers with this prefix were first introduced in 2008.

While 2026210436 was originally issued by the company above in the location mentioned, the owner of the phone number (202) 621-0436 may have transferred it through a process called porting.

Around 68% of people reported it as "Scammer/Fraudster". You are the 33rd person to search for it here. The number has a total of 48 complaints filed against it. The latest complaint reported the number as that of "Adam, couldn't understand".

User Complaints for 202-621-0436

Caller name: Kathern

This number202-621-0436, called me and said that I was to get 7000.00 in grant money, but first I had to pay 290.00. This is a scam. If the grant money was for me, then I would not have to pay anything for it. This is a scam!!!!!! please do not give any banking information to these people. They are just out to take your money. I ask her if this was scam and she got loud with me and hung up

- Erica

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[Reply] May 9, 2013

Caller name: Couldnt Understand

He said that i was approved from the IRS for 7000. i took the information he gave callled the 202-621-0436 they told me i needed to send them 250.00 for a security deposit. she said do u understand. i then told her she was a scam artist and so was the other people.. please do not giver them any information!!!!


- Unknown

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[Reply] July 25, 2012

Jester John was the man and they gave me vertify number for me to recive this money 7000 fedral fund... grant they asked me to go deposit 250.00 at any western Union.. but i decied to come and check it out in google.... they have my address and birthdate..I told them i did not have the money 250.00 they said as soon as i did it they would wire me the 7000 dallars.... from the federal bank...

- Anonymous

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[Reply] July 17, 2012

They same as above = my daughter was told would recieve 7000.00 and she gave me the number to call and I could not understand them and asked for all info to verify it and they hung up on me.

- Anonymous
South Carolina

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[Reply] October 24, 2012

I have just received a call from an unknown number which has directed me to (202)621-0436 and I spoke with Matthew Rogers(?), who asked me to Western Union $250 in order to claim my $7K grant in which I am "entitled." Well, I said that I would further check into this and get back with him, due to just being awakened with the phone call, and he was pretty cool about it...

Anyway, i Googled the phone number and found pages such as this, which has prompted me to call a legitimate US grant office, and I was told that NO grant office will solicit you- so please do not fall for it!

You should report these callers to the Office of Inspector General @ (800)447-8477.

You may be eligible for the same grant $, however, you can apply legitimately at www.benefits.gov for personal financial assistance or small business funding, etc. or @ www.grants.gov for charitable funding, such as starting a museum or hospital, for example. (I'm sure there are other similar sites to apply, but these were the only two sites I was informed of.)

According to grant.gov's customer service representative, "9 out of 10" agencies will NOT ask you for a fee of any sort.

So please take precaution & I hope this helped:)

- Diane

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[Reply] August 23, 2012

Caller name: Wendy

They wanted to give Gov. Grant $7000. but to Receive it I would have to a small fee $290.00
And also I provide this amount

- Raj sarki

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[Reply] March 13, 2013

Caller name: Alving Young

I received call from the same number, the story is same.
they told me that i am granted for usd7000 for my good conduct.
given 3 options to receive money given code as ke9874 to receive money.I knew he was it was a scam but i was listening to him to know what all he can tell me.



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[Reply] March 1, 2013

Caller name: Norman White

I received a call from a " claimed representative" with the government for U.S. Grants. The man stated, " That I was selected along with 700 other individuals to receive a $ 7000.00 U.S. Dollar Grant." He continued to ask me my name, address, age, which was to verify that I am the claimed person receiving the grant today. He continued to explain why I received the grant along with the other 699 individuals. Basically, we supposedly were chosen for being law abiding, tax paying citizens with clean records and it was important that this claimed grant was to be used for the betterment of our community example; ( for my business, home improvement, education etc.) Then this pseudo representative asked how I wanted to receive my Grant money? I had three choices which were; 1) Visa credit card 2) Master card or 3) Cash. He continued to inform me this money was not to be used for gambling, drug use (yes, he did say this) , and so on. Anyway, after verifying all information he then gave my a Grant number and a a Sr. Acct Mgr phone number which I was to call and give the Grant number in order for them to release my claimed Grant money. He wished me a great day congratulated me and then wished me a Merry Christmas and concluded the phone call stating he was calling from U.S. Grant in Washington D.C. I immediately went to Google and placed this number in pressed enter and yup... Low and behold it is as I suspected a SCAM. I must confess I was hoping it was true but deep within I knew otherwise. Oh POOH! Be careful folks and Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too:O)

- Patti

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[Reply] December 20, 2012

Caller name: Ricky Lee/Brittney

Same as the all of the others. Claiming that I had been given $7k for paying taxes on time, not filing bankruptcy, etc. Will send through Western Union, but will need to deposit $280 & will get it refunded with the $7k. It looks like as long as these people have been doing this, that they could be stopped by now.
Someone please take the time to STOP these lunatic's from trying to scam everyone. What does it take?

- Kim Phillips
North Carolina

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[Reply] May 14, 2013

They called me and told me I would receive a 7,000 free government grant. I couldn't understand the lady talking to me very well. I asked why I would be excepted for a grant when I haven't applied for one. She just kept telling me that I hadn't filed bankruptcy and do not have a criminal record so I qualified. They gave me a confirmation number and the telephone number above to call back to confirm... thought I'd check it out and found this sight.

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] November 9, 2012

Caller name: Chester Jones

He told me that I had to give a $250 processing fee to my nearest Western Union for my "US-Fed grant" and I would receive $7,250 back!

Scam !!

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply] July 4, 2012

Caller name: Catherine Jones

I received a call from 000-000-0000 and I was told that I had been chosen out of thousands to receive a grant of 7,000 dollars. The woman gave me an Identification Number and a phone #:202-621-0436 and said to call it to collect my money. I called and then I was told to pay a 290 dollar processing which I would get back after. I told her that I was sorry because I could not believe her, and that my gut was telling me this was a scam. She became furious and started to scream at me. She then hung up. I called again, the same lady answered and pretended not to know my voice and said to ask for a catherine jones that she was my processing agent. How did she know this if I did not give her any of my information. So I call again to mess with them and do as I was told. I told the woman I could not pay the 290 fee, and she hung up on me but before she did she said to call her when I did. Super Shady!!!!!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] May 3, 2013

Just received that call yesterday

- Anonymous
New York

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[Reply] May 8, 2013


- Anonymous

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[Reply] August 17, 2013

Caller name: 416-364-1111

I received a call from a gentleman from India most likely saying i had been selected to receive 7000 dollars in a federal grant based on a demographic study of my area along with 1500 other people. All I had to do was call (202)621-0436 with my approval id and speak to the manager then the manager would walk me through the process and even stay on the line with me until I received the grant plus the $280 processing fee that they wanted me to pay through Western Union and that the whole process would only take 10 minutes. Glad I didn't fall for that scam, no one gets something for nothing especially $7000.

- not scammed
North Carolina

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[Reply] July 30, 2013

Caller name: sharon/mary johnson

first i didnt understand what they were saying we didnt get to the fee part but I did call back first couple of times they hung up last time they said call tomorrow ishould of known I wasnt pick by random for filing my taxes on time I knew then they were lying I hadnt work for three in a row another hint was their names such common names with a foreign accent Thank you Im glad you have this website for people like me and others dont we have enough foreign owned businesses who wont even hire our own americans and now they are tryin to take the by stealing too much freedom in America land that I love God bless America

- d duck

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[Reply] January 29, 2013

Caller name: Lee

I ercieved the same call, the situations as the above victims. I was to call him from the parking lot of the western union so that he can tell me how to fill out the verification form. SCAM SCAM SCAM!

- Anonymous

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[Reply] June 13, 2013

Caller name: couldn't understand

Told me he was from the government. I (having received calls like this before) stopped him right there, and told him "yeah right, like i believe you...I looked up this number before, and I know about the scam" Stop Calling me!..." he said "ok" and hung up....lol

- smartcookie
New Jersey

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[Reply] November 5, 2013

Caller name: Veronica Stone

I had received multiple calls from DC, Canadian and unknown phone numbers. I had answered them a few times and they were foreigners and very hard to understand so I hung up on them. Finally the other day I had a woman "Veronica stone" she was a little easier to understand. She said that I had been awarded a $7000 grant because I had paid my taxes on time, had no criminal record and hasn't filed bankruptcy. She gave me a grant confirmation number and the accounting department phone number 202-621-0436. I called it a couple times and it just rang. I assumed this was a scam but thought I'd entertain the idea. Then today thought I'd google the number to see what I could find, glad I found this!

- Christina
United States

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[Reply] June 14, 2013

foreigner dude called from 000-000-0000 and said i was selected for paying taxes and not getting arrested in the last 6 months...gave me a id# and this 202-621-0436 # to call which didnt answer (i believe because when given the payment option i chose cash, of course, which makes absolutely no sense, for the gov. to pay me cash)...also they had my name misspelled same as a secret shopper scam i got in the mail from Goldman & Associates 1164 Broadway, Suite 204, NY,NY...oddly enough the check was mailed from Canada PO box 4056, Station A, Toronto, ON M5W1L8....and the check is from a Star Financial Bank in Ft. Wayne, IN routing# "-055548"- l:074901672l: "-510 15795"-.......so they are definitely connected somehow because they both have the exact misspelling of my name. I hope you can use this info.

- Anonymous
United States

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[Reply] July 7, 2012

Caller name: Clarence

Same as above stories. Why can't the government shut these guys down?

- Joe

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[Reply] August 9, 2013

Caller name: anthony garden

same as above

- am

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[Reply] June 15, 2013

I recieved phone call 202-155-7777 British Columbia, the caller stated he was a federal agent and that he was giving me $7000 dollars just for filing taxes on time. He asked if I had any questions I asked him If this was a scam he fumbled on his words a bit.and said no this is money for you. Call 2063171464 for your grant approval. I immediately called bullshitt. Seen this site.

- Bobbi Hafar

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[Reply] May 19, 2014

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